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Samut, Sister of Riku

Commander / EDH



Samut edh combo fun

Combo's -

Reveilark+ Karmic Guide + Goblin Bombardment = Infinite Damage

Restoration Angel+ Felidar Guardian+ Impact Tremors/Purphoros= Infinite damage

Restoration Angel/Midnight Guard/Great Oak Guardian/Village Bell-Ringer + Kiki-Jiki/ Splinter Twin + Impact

Tremors/Purphoros/Goblin Bombardment= Infinite creatures and Infinite Damage

Presence of Gond+ Midnight Guard+ Impact Tremors/Goblin bombardment/ Purphoros= Infinite Creatures/Infinite Damage

Restoration Angel + Felidar Guardian + Aura Shards= destroy every artifact and enchantment you don't control

Any of these + Soul Warden for infinite life

Combat Celebrant + Kiki Jiki= Infinite combat steps

Fiend Hunter + Sun Titan + Goblin Bombardment= Infinite Damage


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