This is a combo deck that focuses on aggressive ramp, draw power, and countermagic.

The main focus is a win via either an infinite turn combo or an infinite creature combo.

Creature Combos

These combos are the easiest to pull off, and only involve 2 cards. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker or Splinter Twin are necessary.

Pestermite, Bounding Krasis, and Deceiver Exarch are the other half of the combo. When you generate the first copy, they allow you to untap the creature that created the copy, which allows you to create another copy, repeat ad infinitum.

Birthing Pod, Green Sun's Zenith, and Chord of Calling all help enable these combos.

Turn Combos

Note: I've removed several of the pieces for infinite turn combos. Now I simply try to take a bunch of turns at once with copy spells and abilities, as well as graveyard recursion, which gives me plenty of time to safely set up an infinite creature combo.

The infinite turn combos are a little more effort to pull off, but much more satisfying (for you, nobody else).

They all require either Time Warp or Walk the Aeons, as well as Eternal Witness or Archaeomancer.

Deadeye Navigator + Eternal Witness: Keep flickering and grabbing Time Warp every turn.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor + Eternal Witness: E Wit to grab TW, Jace -1 to bounce E Wit. Cast TW. Repeat until Jace dies, Cast E Wit to grab and cast Jace, -1 to bounce E Wit. Repeat. (Removed Jace because he's not that great, but here's the combo if you want to use it)

E Wit on the battlefield, cast progenitor minic to copy it, grabbing your Time Warp out of the graveyard, and then again every upkeep thereafter. (Removed Mimic)

I don't think there's any more actual infinite turn combos, but there's plenty of ways to copy and recur Time Warp, then use those turns to dig for the last pieces of the combo.


Updates Add

I've made several tweaks since the last update.

I was running into issues with basic land count, so I removed Cultivate in favor of Gilded Lotus.

Remand generally feels bad in EDH, so I swapped it out for a delightful card I found called Cerebral Vortex . It allows me to draw 2 for 3 with minimal drawback, or I can outright kill someone if they get greedy with Con Sphinx. Also excellent against/with group hug decks.

Seeing as this deck has shifted away from infinite turns and more towards Kiki/Twin/Exarch combo, I added Birthing Pod to help pick out the right creatures.

The mana base has also been adjusted a bit, most notably adding in Alchemist's Refuge to allow for maximum flexibility.

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