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Varina, Lich Queen descends upon her people, the dead and rotting to reclaim her throne from any who may challenge her as the One and ONLY proper zombie EDH general. She bears with her the plight of her people as she cycles and deck fixes you to victory! This is a Competitive Varina build that offers field control, infinite combo's as well as reanimation and is just a lot of fun to play!

Infinite Combos / Destructive Combos

  • Mikaeus, the Unhallowed+Solemnity This will offer your Zombino's a unique form of immortality like only Zombino's can have. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed gives your other non-human creatures Undying which allows them to return from the graveyard to the battlefield if they didn't already have a +1/+1 counter on them. Solemnity stops creatures from receiving counters. Congrats now your Zombies always rise from the dead!
  • Gravecrawler+Phyrexian Altar. You use Phyrexian Altar to sacrifice Gravecrawler producing and use said mana to recast Gravecrawler long as you control another Zombino. With either Diregraf Colossus, Desecrated Tomb, or Open the Graves on the field this combo will provide you w/ infinite creature tokens. If you have Grave Pact or Dictate of Erebos on the field this combo will board wipe all of your opponent's creatures. Vanquisher's Banner or Kindred Discovery with this combo will allow you to draw through your deck until you draw what you need or accidentally kill yourself or win w/ Laboratory Maniac. Finally if you have Zulaport Cutthroat, Wayward Servant, Vengeful Dead, Plague Belcher, Diregraf Captain, or Blood Artist on the field you will kill all your opponents by draining their life one point at a time. I know it combo's with a lot of Zombino funzies so thanks for bearing with me on that one.
  • Varina, Lich Queen+Archfiend of Ifnir This Combo works as a sort of one-sided board wipe if you attack w/ enough zombies. Varina makes you draw , discard and gain life where is the amount of Zombino's you attacked with said turn. While Archfiend of Ifnir is on the field when the discard triggers you would put that many -1/-1 counters on each creature your opponents' control. If this combo doesn't outright kill your opponents' creatures they will definitely be drastically weakened.
  • Varina, Lich Queen+Library of Leng This Combo works as a way to keep spells you don't want to discard and to rig the top card of your deck. When Varina, Lich Queen's ability activates, it does so in three different parts. Library of Leng help with the discard part of her ability by allowing you the option to place the discarded cards on top of your library instead of into the graveyard. This can be used to avoid cards like Duskmantle Seer and just as a general tactic to conserve resources. (certain cards you wouldn't want to discard like Phyrexian Altar and Approach of the Second Sun.)
  • Alhammarret's Archive+Varina, Lich Queen As you know when you enter combat to declare attack while Varina is on the field her ability will trigger forcing you to draw cards, then discard cards and finally to gain life where is the number of attacking Zombino's. Alhammarret's Archive will double the number of cards you draw and the amount of life you gain. This not only leaves you with a high card advantage but also pats your life total.
    1. Geralf's Messenger+Solemnity+ Any costless sac outlet. This combo works very similarly to the Mikaeus, the Unhallowed combo where you are abusing the ability Undying and its interaction with Solemnity. Whenever Geralf's Messenger ETB's he makes target opponents lose 2 life. the strat involves sacrificing Geralf's Messenger over and over again to your costless sac outlet (Phyrexian Altar, Ashnod's Altar, etc.) and it reviving itself over and over via Undying each time making target opponent lose 2 life. Since the +1/+1 counter can never be placed on him he can revive an unlimited number of times! This also works with any cards requiring zombie death triggers or Zombie ETB triggers.
  • Rooftop Storm+ any costless sac outlet + Gravecrawler This combo works the same as Gravecrawler+Phyrexian Altar but adds a card to get around the required to recast Gravecrawler via Rooftop Storm. This combo's with all the same cards that the original did and has the added benefit of giving infinite sac triggers to whichever sac outlet you were able to play. If you have Ashnod's Altar for you sac outlet it will provide infinite colorless mana, if you use Grimgrin as your sac outlet you can make him get +1/+1 counters until you feel like stopping. Every single costless sac outlet has its own unique benefit and as mentioned before triggers with any card that triggers off a Zombie death, Zombie ETB, or Zombie Cast.
  • Havengul Lich+Ashnod's Altar+Rooftop Storm This card combination will give you infinite colorless mana as well as infinite zombie death triggers, zombie ETB triggers, and zombie cast triggers. So with these cards on the field you pay 1 via mana source to pay for Havengul Lich's ability and cast the targeted Zombino for via Rooftop Storm. You sacrifice that Zombino to Ashnod's Altar producing colorless, then you re-target using Havengul Lich. Rinse and repeat.
  • Alternate Win Conditions

  • Approach of the Second Sun cast it twice and you win the game.
  • Laboratory Maniac If you would draw a card while there isn't any cards in your library, you win the game!
  • Thanks for reading!!!

    Any info or suggestions on what should or shouldn't be in the deck as well as replacements for said cards is more than welcomed and I look forward to hearing everyone's input on the matter at hand.


    Updates Add

  • Via suggestion in the comments from FLATSO99 and multimedia I removed the dual colored lands from the deck that ETB'ed tapped such as Orzhov Guildgate and Dimir Guildgate and put in more competitive options such as the dual type lands (Godless Shrine, Sunken Hollow, and Watery Grave) and the filter lands (Marsh Flats and Polluted Delta). Hopefully this helps with the mana ratio and staying ahead of the opponent whoever they may be! Wanna say thanks to beakedbard and DrkNinja for all your suggestions!


  • Life's Finale ----> Black Market
  • Army of the Damned ----> Orzhov Signet
  • Noxious Ghoul ----> Dimir Signet
  • Endless Ranks of Dead ----> Reconnaissance
  • Soulless One ----> Geralf's Messenger
  • Gravespawn Sovereign ----> Nantuko Husk
  • From Under the Floorboards ----> Liliana, the Last Hope
  • Austere Command ----> Cleansing Nova
  • Grave Betrayal ----> Graveyard Marshal
  • Necromancer's Covenant ----> Shepherd of Rot
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