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Jeleva, a heleva good Commander

Commander / EDH Budget Casual U/B/R (Grixis)



This is an inexpensive but solid upgrade to the Mind Seize pre-con. I'm aiming for a 75% build, high in flavor, with no tutors.

Thanks in advance for your comments and recommendations!

You can play this deck for around $100. Just get the pre-con from Amazon or your LGS, pull these cards, add these, and tweak the basic lands. You can get the cost down to about $80 if you stick with Swiftfoot Boots instead of upgrading to Lightning Greaves, use something besides Temple of Epiphany in your mana base, and swap an inexpensive recursion or artifact hate card for Kolaghan's Command.

Kudos to michael921 for playtesting and advice.

Inspiration for this deck came from Jason Alt at Gathering Magic; Jimmy Wong, Josh Lee Kwai, and Alex Kessler at The Command Zone podcast; Bennie Smith at Star City Games; and the collective wisdom of the Jeleva fans at EDHREC.com.

Finally, please check out my Naya decks sometime: Smashface Gardening with Rith and Sandbagging with Hazezon. I'd appreciate your comments there too!

Thanks again!
- Clay

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Updates Add

I've been playtesting some new spells, and added them to the sideboard.

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