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Welcome to Dredge!

General: Make sure our opponents know what phase we're in (e.g., saying "At the beginning of End Step" for Prized Amalgam triggers, and "At the end of your Second Main ..." for Shriekhorn activations).

Bloodghast :

  • Bloodghast's trigger is a 'may' effect, so we don't have to put it on the battlefield (e.g., if we're playing around an opponent's Gravehate or Anger of the Gods )
  • It's often good to play Lands in our Second Main, to return any Blooodghasts killed during an Attack.
  • Bloodghast's Haste effect can be very relevant though, so sometimes it's better to Dredge for Creeping Chill or target our opponent with Conflagrate to drop them below 10 Life, then play a Land during our First Main to recur a Bloodghast for extra damage.

Conflagrate : We can cast Conflagrate for 0 (targeting nothing) to get it into our graveyard.

Darkblast :

  • We can kill X/2 Creatures by casting Darkblast during our Upkeep, Dredging Darkblast for our Draw step, and then Darkblasting the Creature again.
  • If we have a Prized Amalgam stuck in the graveyard, sometimes the correct line is to Darkblast our own Bloodghast and then return it (and the Amalgam) with a land drop.


  • We can use Fetchlands to trigger a Bloodghast to avoid gravehate (e.g., in response to a Relic of Progenitus or Scavenging Ooze trigger). If we do this at the end of our opponent's Second Main we can play around Anger of the Gods and still return any Prized Amalgam in our graveyard (at the beginning of our opponent's End Step).
  • It kind of goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways: In the late game, we need to check the graveyard and make sure a relevant card is still in our deck before cracking that Fetch :-D

Golgari Thug : Can be used to chump-block and then put a Narcomoeba on top of our Library. Watch out though, because it's not a may effect.

Memory's Journey :

Narcomoeba :

  • Narco' triggers don't go on the stack until the spell (e.g., Faithless Looting ) or ability (e.g., Dredge 3) finishes resolving.
  • Narco's trigger is a 'may' effect, so we don't have to put it on the battlefield (e.g., if we're playing around an opponent's Anger of the Gods ).

Nature's Claim : We can target our own Shriekhorn if we need the life.

Prized Amalgam :

  • Amalgam's trigger is not a may effect, so be careful when choosing to return a Bloodghast or Narcomoeba to the battlefield.
  • An Amalgam returning at the end of our End Step will sometimes trigger another Amalgam, which will return at the end of our opponent's End Step.

Shriekhorn :

  • Sometimes (especially on the first use) it's best to activate it on an opponent's Second Main, so if we hit a Narcomoeba , it will return Prized Amalgam at the beginning of their End Step.
  • If we have a Dredger in the graveyard, it's generally best to Dredge first, and then activate the Shriekhorn in response to any Narcomoeba triggers.
  • If we have plenty of action in the graveyard post-board, it's often correct to leave a counter on Shriekhorn, so we can get started again if our opponent finds more graveyard hate.
  • It's a total edge-case, but sometimes the best line is to target our opponent. For example, after top-deck manipulation by UW Control, or to mill out our opponent if they're dangerously low on cards.

Stinkweed Imp :

  • It kind of goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways: Imp can be a VERY good blocker.
  • Imp doesn't have Deathtouch; it has a triggered ability that can be stifled (e.g., by Nimble Obstructionist ).
Why are we only running 1x Leyline of the Void ?

  • Verses the mirror and other graveyard decks, we need to kill their Gravehate more than we need to have Gravehate, so we need 4x Nature's Claim in Game 2. Bringing in 4x Claims and 4x Leylines just dilutes our deck too much.
  • Plus, even if we don't have it in the opener, they'll likely see it in our Graveyard, which will make them misboard in Game 3.

Is Mana Confluence or City of Brass better?

  • Mana Confluence is slightly better because of the (extreme) edge case where an opponent can ping us with a Tap effect (e.g., Deceiver Exarch ).

Why are we not running ...

  • Dakmor Salvage : Enters tapped and can't cast Red spells = Ugh.
  • Forest : A 'security blanket' for a Blood Moon -heavy meta, but the benefit is maginal and having to mul' more often (for a Turn 1 Red source) is a very real cost.
  • Ghost Quarter : A 'security blanket' for a Tron-heavy meta, but having to mul' more often is a very real cost.
  • Steam Vents : OK in a Gravehate-heavy meta, since we can fetch Blue to hard-cast Prized Amalgam and Narcomoeba . Finding a slot is the biggest challenge.

Thanks in advance for your questions and comments!

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Updates Add

Well, I was certainly not expecting to see Faithless Looting in today's ban announcement :-(
Especially when only 7 weeks ago, Wizards said ...

"Our goal is not to eliminate graveyard strategies from the Modern metagame ... In fact, we believe that targeting Bridge from Below specifically will still allow for other strategies in this style to continue to be a part of the metagame, like the Bridge-less Dredge decks that did well earlier this year at Mythic Championship II in London."

Ah well.

Insolent Neonate , maybe?
Or Tome Scour , with a different manabase?
We'll see ...



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