Needlebite Trap


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar (ZEN) Uncommon

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Needlebite Trap

Instant — Trap

If an opponent gained life this turn, you may pay {{B}} rather than pay Needlebite Trap's mana cost.

Target player loses 5 life and you gain 5 life.

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Needlebite Trap Discussion

SecondRate on

5 months ago

- For as creature heavy as this deck is, you have them for your first line of defense and offense, having Aether Meltdown and Dampening Pulse isnt necessary to staying protected. Cutting them out frees up important room for mana ramp cards to get more creatures out faster.

- Needlebite Trap, really only good if youre going up a lifegain deck, and if thats your reason for running it you might as well just sideboard it and only put it in the deck when you need it.

- Drownyard Behemoth a very steep casting cost for a 5/7 that only has hexproof for one turn, which it probably wont even be targeted on. Even the emerge cost is steep.

- Vexing Scuttler another high casting eldrazi that does little in return. Youre better off hoping to drawing another instant/sorcery than having to spend 3 mana on this creature just to bounce one back to your hand.

- Grizzled Angler  Flip a decent early game blocker, but its transforming mills your own deck and depends on I feel youve lost a creature. For 3 mana why not cast a Dominator Drone? Its giving you more damage than the Anglers fish side because it hits the board a turn earlier. Id cut just one Grizzled Angler  Flip for now, its transformed Ability could be a good way to clear your opponents board of blockers, but you wouldnt need to of him in the field so.

Like I said, the ingest interaction can be a really good source of utility effects for an eldrazi deck, but you either need to focus more on this idea, or cut some of those cards so you have more room for aggro/ramp. Youre too creature heavy right now, and not enough ramp. For the most part your noncreature spells look fine, save the possible cuts I mentioned.
you should take the creatures you have picked out right now, and categorize them based on what they offer you during a game. Go through each stack of these and compare which creatures in their categories beat out each other. For example, Dominator Drone drops down for 3 mana and is dealing 2 dmg of the bat, not to mention its swinging for 3 dmg when you attack. Reaver Drone guarentees no Damage, is only swinging for 2 when you attack, can be chump blocked with a 1/1, and shoots you in the foot if you dont have another creature out.

kamarupa on Listerine

10 months ago

Thanks for the upvotes, skywatcher and cmsrDPM! And for the valuable suggestions, too, cmsrDPM. Needlebite Trap looks really good here.

cmsrDPM on Listerine

10 months ago

Perhaps Devour Flesh, and or Needlebite Trap. +1

Freezingfist on Fun decks?

1 year ago

How cheap, Ledian

In Standard, I've been brewing this janky Mono-.

Dumbo Combo

I used to have a Condemn Needlebite Trap deck that was a lot of fun... but I took it apart due to my playgroup getting really competitive.

Madhava on How To Make Alms Beast Usable!!!!

1 year ago

Love the concept. But is there no room for Needlebite Trap? Possibly as a one- or two-off?

Also... OOOOust could find a home in here, no?

solarbeam on Abzan Burn? Is That Even a Thing?

1 year ago

FloppySausage That looks like a fantastic card for your build! I would honestly consider replacing False Cure with some sort of tutor, like Enlightened Tutor, since in my experience it was never good enough.

As for your land question, since your curve is maxed out at 4, since Needlebite Trap should not be played for its cost, I would say 23-24 would be a good area for you to be in.

BlackjackHD on Burnie Vial Smasher

1 year ago

Drop: Price of Progress, Spin into Myth, Delver of Secrets, Talrand, Young Pyromancer, Portent. Price is OK, but low CMC. Spin isn't worth playing without Tunnel Vision. Delver is useless in commander. Talrand doesn't fit your strategy very well, same as Pyromancer. Portent is considerably weaker than other 1-drop blue draw fixers.

Consider adding: Preordain, Force of Will, Archive Trap, Curse of the Cabal, Deep-Sea Kraken, Fireblast, Mistvein Borderpost, Needlebite Trap, Phthisis, Pyrokinesis, Veinfire Borderpost, Whiplash Trap

TheHelvault on DeathClock

1 year ago

Hello! This deck screams for Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. It's a land that can be traded for or bought at a low price, Lowest I'm seeing is $7 each. This will make all your lands swamps, including Urborg, which also has Magus of the Coffers, Crypt Ghast, and Nirkana Revenant that much more powerful.

On that note, Cabal Coffers would be an ideal replacement for Magus of the Coffers, adding in 2 more Crypt Ghast and taking out 2 Scoured Barrens. While much more on the expensive side, Cabal Coffers makes for easier ramp while allowing you more slots for creatures and lifegain spells, specifically the Extort mechanic and Debt to the Deathless. If you're making all this black mana and struggling with getting white, I would add in one more Exsanguinate and take out one Debt to the Deathless. Once you get the money to purchase Coffers, you should do so immediately.

Not totally sure why Dragon Arch is in here, because the only creatures you can cheat out with it are small enough to be hardcasted anyway. I would drop both of them and add in 1 Ob Nixilis, Unshackled and 1 more Needlebite Trap.

Hope this helps!

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