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Sandbagging with Hazezon

Commander / EDH Ramp RGW (Naya) Tokens



Hazezon wants to drop sandbags on your opponents' heads. LOTS of sandbags. This deck can help!

Because Hazezon Tamar has something for everyone! For the Johnnys and Jennys, he's got these completely bizarre and utterly abusable triggered and then delayed triggered abilities. Sweet! For the Timmys and Tammys, he generates tons of Naya tokens which can be turned sideways or used to fuel ridiculous amounts of direct damage. Boo-ya! For the Spikes? Well, nobody will ever mistake Haz' for a Tier 1 commander, but in the right deck (not saying this is it yet!) he's a solid Tier 3 who can hold his own in most metas. FTW! And for the Vorthos types, well, he's an original Dominaria Legend with three books worth of lore, ending with the downfall of the evil mage Darth Maul Johan. 'Nuf said.

  • Land-ramp like mad. Exploit Landfall triggers along the way.
  • Set up for and cast Haz'
  • Get as many ETB triggers out of Haz' as possible, then sac' him or return him to hand that same turn (so he can't accidentally exile all his dudes).
  • Get a bunch of Sand Warriors on the next turn.
  • In a perfect world, generate enough direct damage to kill everyone right then.
  • In a less-than-perfect world, beat on people with Sand Warriors and other tokens; sac' for value; bring Haz' back to generate more Sand Warriors; rinse-and-repeat.
  • Answer threats as needed.

I've listed cards by category (some are in more than one), and I think most of them are self-explanatory. But here's more info on a few:



ETB Abuse and Utilities

Sand Warrior Tokens

I'm aiming for a 75% build, with very heavy ETB and direct damage effects and very light token pump, compared to a typical Hazezon deck. And no tutors please, except for land-fetchers.

The deck is in a really weird place budget-wise. I had a few of the pricey cards already, and made a couple big trades to get Hazezon and the others. But from here on out, I'm back to my normal budget: Any card over $5 has to be really good, and $15 is my absolute max.

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions! I don't mind reexamining cards at all, but everything I've previously considered is at: Full Maybeboard (Sandbagging w/ Hazezon).

I'd also love your thoughts on what I should use for Sand Warrior tokens, over on this thread: Sand Warrior tokens ... help please!

The original inspiration for the deck came from a thread about building Haz' and some of the great Haz' decks here on TappedOut.

If you get a chance, please check out my other Naya deck sometime: Smashface Gardening with Rith. I'd appreciate your comments there too!

And please don't forget to +1 Upvote if you like it :-)

Thanks much!


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Thanks again enpc, Monsmtg, CosmicTurban, ardilly, Nightdragon779, Gladjolt, and Ricktus! Your previous suggestions are now all under the Comments button.

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