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Sisay has the answers...

Welcome aboard the Skyship Weatherlight, where the leadership of Captain Sisay forged the finest crew.

This competitive commander deck emerged as a result of the countless hours of piloting this deck in my local meta followed by a continuous process of finetuning together with several dedicated users of T/O.

Her crew knew many forms before it became the crew that we know of today. There are many different crews out there doing what they like most, but I'm confident that this crew will please you most when you want to be the dominant force in your local playgroup: Combo to the win or stax them when the combo route fails. Beware though;

you will eventually be hunted for playing a cEDH Captain Sisay deck!


The Primer


Updates Add

Hello beloved (c)EDH players, Sisay admirers and loyal followers!

It has been a serious while since I have been on the Weatherlight, sailing this competitive ship to glory. Many sets have passed without any updates on this vessel. Time was a factor, together with some other EDH projects that were running along. But the wait is finally over....

I took control over Captain Sisay again and plan to Board the Weatherlight once again for many great competitive adventures that lay ahead. I made some serious changes to her crew and her tools. Basically her whole cargohull has been checked and upgraded with nifty new goods. I might have to set sail for several great adventures to fully understand the effects of all the changes. Ofcource I am also looking at you, as you might have some great ideas and experiences as well!

While her setup has totally changed, so did I rewrite the primer to reflect all these changes. It may still carry some outdated sections or missing interactions. If you spot any, please inform this captain! I will change them accordingy. Aye!

Last but never least, I would like to thank all devoted people who guided me along this long journey. A journey that is still taking place and will carry on in the future. To all members that posted here during the last year; thank you for your contributions! I have seen them all and took them into consideration.

Keep up the good work lBahamutZeRO, enpc, keen_the_crazy, Worx, Gleeock, Jafjaf5, Calebthelion, Daedalus19876, Jmax13, chadsansing, Seal2007, Chiberia, OptimalGreen, Patolea, ItsRuben, CrimsonWings3689, arvarnargul and KR4N1X ..... and all the ones I didn't mention!

Let's set sail to unexplored new competitive territory!

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