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Sisay has the answers (Competitive Commander Deck)

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Captain Sisay has the answers...

My first Captain Sisay commander deck which has been tweaked and upgraded with cards from the latest sets. This MtG commander / EDH deck is supposed to be a competitive deck.

This Captain Sisay commander deck is all about ramp and getting big threats out as soon as possible...

The power of commander Captain Sisay lies in the toolbox style of play; search for answers in your deck based upon the threats that are presented on the battlefield; a deadly combination with the available ramp!

This is where I need your help, to find weak spots in this build. Perhaps you see potential powerfull cards which are still missing? I appreciatie your comment(s)!

Interesting combo's:



Hello dear friends,

it has been a hectic start of the year. I've been away alot of time untill now. Lots of time abroad, meaning that I had little to no time to deal with MtG. But............ I have read all the great comments that came by and believe me when I say that I truely admire your thoughts and still encourage all of you to post whatever you wish to share with all of us. You made this deck great and wonderful to play and even when I did not react on your comments, I still read them and use them for future considerations.

This brings me to the latest changes being made:

Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip has left the building. Slowly but surely she wasn't able to retain her position. The carddraw was solid, but other tools became more powerful. She recieved an honorable retirement.

Stoneforge Mystic was an one-trick pony that has been 'outtricked' by other more consistent options. No legendary on her dogtag, so I gave this Mystic lots of spare time.

Constant Mists was blown away and will be replaced by something that supports the gameplan. It was fun to play, but it's time for a next step....

****** _ C u r t a i n _ f a l l s _ ********

Inventors' Fair : This card was suggested earlier on, but in 'those' days I wasn't so artifact heavy as it is now. This land can tutor ANY artifact, which makes it more viable and this tutor can be found with Captain Sisay. It's time for action...

Talisman of Unity : An artifact which ramps, aids the new Fair and interacts with Paradox Engine, A good support card!

Reki, the History of Kamigawa : This can become pretty silly when Paradox Engine is out on the battlefield. Both of these cards can be found with the Captain and have great interaction with eachother. A storm of cards is the result. I can't wait to see this happening.

Special thanks goes to Worx and enpc for pointing out some great interactions that mainly led to this update.

Next project that is coming closer to completion: A proper primer for this deck.

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rob_shifflett says... #1

Well built +1. The only thing I can find that seems sub-optimal is Razorverge Thicket.

When I get my Atraxa build up, I will tag you.

November 2, 2016 8:32 p.m.

EternalEDH says... #2

Love the deck! Will definitely have to send this list to my buddy who plays Cpt.S

November 6, 2016 5:06 p.m.

FrostyHands says... #3

I'd suggest Recruiter of the Guard and Reveilark in your deck. Also Saffi, Eriksdotter provides some more recurrence combos.

November 9, 2016 1:29 p.m.

GoldenDiggle says... #4

Have you thought of using Instill Energy or Nature's Chosen? Tutoring 2x per turn (or 5x per rotation with Seedborn Muse) even if one of the tutors is for a land. Getting 2 for 1'd sucks, but it looks like you can protect Sisay well enough. Even if they blow it up the turn right after, the most you would be losing is , but you get another legend out of the deal.

Also, out of curiosity, why no Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx?

November 20, 2016 8:08 p.m.

Daedalus19876 says... #5

If you were going to cut anything, I feel like Voyaging Satyr is one of your weakest cards. Wouldn't basically any other ramp be better there?

Also, I love the new altered commander.

I'd give a +1, but I've already given my approval to the deck, haha.

November 20, 2016 10:37 p.m.

enpc says... #6

Daedalus19876: Voyaging Satyr gets disgusting when combined with Gaea's Cradle. It also forms an infinite mana outlet when you also add Umbral Mantle to the mix.

November 20, 2016 10:42 p.m.

Daedalus19876 says... #7

enpc: Welp, I forgot about that. I'm clearly getting rusty. Please ignore me, haha.

To be honest it's tricky to comment on this deck, because it's already so tuned.

November 20, 2016 11:05 p.m.

enpc says... #8

All good. Unfortunately a lot of decks at this kind of point in development run into the issue where unless you fundamentally change the deck, they are running the best cards possible (allowed by budget) and it's only really when new cards come out that big changes are made (not always true, but I see it happen a lot).

November 20, 2016 11:44 p.m.

Daedalus19876 says... #9

enpc: Yeah, I have a few decks where that happens. It actually annoys me, because once a deck's optimized, it's much less fun to tune :(

November 21, 2016 12:01 a.m.

brackcon says... #10

I actually have a similar deck. You should go look at. Maybe we could talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each other's deck. selesnya fun stuff is the best stuff!

November 21, 2016 3:21 p.m.

spackal says... #11

Would you consider running illusionist bracers? It's the same effect as rings but it's free every time you wanna use it. Not saying rings is bad just that it's a simulator effect in a different way

November 28, 2016 10:43 a.m.

R3ruN says... #12

+1 for the deck my friend! I like it. I love tool boxy decks. I play Abzan Company in modern!

November 28, 2016 4:14 p.m.

enpc says... #13

spackal: Bracers is an ok card, however the benefit of rings is that it sees things like fetch lands, planeswalker abilities, etc whereas bracers only gets you a second tutor. Also, rings forms an infinite combo with Deserted Temple and Gaea's Cradle.

November 28, 2016 5:43 p.m.

Jastorm says... #14

Looking at your ramp cards, and I'm wondering if Gyre Sage Might work well for a continuing to ramp card, especially in conjuction with Selvala.

November 29, 2016 5:42 p.m.

lucal13 says... #15

Hello, saw your deck on the Advertise your COMMANDER deck! Forum and thought I'd give you my two cents for what its worth.

I really only have one suggestion, which is Heroes' Podium just because you have all the legendary creatures. A True Conviction would go amiss either I think. Ok... I keep thinking of more cards you could put in so this paragraph sounds a little strange... sorry not that. Another card that might be fun to test out is Elvish Piper... Search for a card with Sisay and put it out immediately. I also think adding Scroll Rack back in would be good, especially if your stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I wish you luck with the deck. +1 definitely.


November 30, 2016 12:30 a.m.

Gleeock says... #16

Ok, my thoughts; coming from someone who plays competitive Sisay (love mon' Capitan!) in a group ranging 4-6 usually. My group is removal & counterspell happy BIGTIME so my build is a little different.

1) Selvala, Heart of the Wilds playtested by me and has been a sneaky buttkicker every time (if hasted even better). She is strong with Surrak, the Hunt Caller AND RIDICULOUS with Multani, Maro-Sorcerer --- Like 30some odd mana ridiculous

2) You already have him but Reki, the History of Kamigawa = another sneaky buttkicker

3) Going to agree to disagree on: Karametra, God of Harvests with my removal happy group this INDESTRUCTIBLE is usually a gift that keeps on giving, even when everything is countered or destroyed/exiled he typically has put you so far ahead of the competition mana-wise, also a double whammy of extra land+creature per turn. AND I have the 2 landfall angels... Which make him go completely out of control & vise-versa

4) Not sure if anyone mentioned Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip But a 1 mana tutorable (almost planeswalker) that can make you untap + indestruct a permanent....

5) Seedborn Muse then search Yeva, Nature's Herald This too is outrageous if I have 5 opponents with no IMMEDIATE answer.. Basically free search & play during opponent's turn

Those are all things that have been solid in my Sisay deck

December 8, 2016 4:39 p.m.

Viceroy1 says... #17

awesome win conditions

December 17, 2016 6:40 a.m.

POPER187 says... #18

Nice Deck man thank you asking how I think of it but I would personally switch out the mana artifacts Mana Crypt Mana Vault for something else you can check my karn commander deck for some really nice artifacts in replacement and I would also switch out Crucible of Worlds for Crawlspace. now I would like to ask why ask me how decent it is? also I don't have a fav format I just like building good decks and having fun.

December 18, 2016 9:11 a.m.

POPER187 says... #19

Another card you might want to look at is Rhys the Redeemed he is one of my favorite elves and fits your colors.

December 18, 2016 9:26 a.m.

enpc says... #20

POPER187: Mana Crypt is one of the most powerful ramp cards in the format. It allows you to play Captain Sisay on turn two. A turn two Sisay usually means the deck snowballs very quickly. The life loss from Mana Crypt is irrelevant as you have 40 starting life. That's 13 turns where you lost the flip each turn.

December 18, 2016 9:45 a.m.

POPER187 says... #21

I'm aware of what the card does and can do but getting her out really early is nice but she just puts the legendary cards in your hand you still have to pull the rest of the mana to play the rest. I'm not telling him to get rid of it I was saying that I would take them out and I gave him a place to find a lot of good artifacts. its his deck.

December 18, 2016 10:14 a.m.

Daedalus19876 says... #22

PartyJ: Thought you might be interested in hearing this - I'm in an EDH group on Facebook, and when someone asked for help on a Sisay deck, within ten seconds someone linked to this as the optimal example :)

December 20, 2016 2:13 a.m.

brackcon says... #23

What's the Facebook group?

December 20, 2016 6:04 a.m.

PartyJ says... #24

Hi guys,

I have been pretty busy, so I was unable to get all your interesting comments handled.

I promise I will get to all of them as soon as possible.

For now I want to make you all aware of the newest deck update which I have just posted. You can find it right under the deck's description.


December 20, 2016 4:52 p.m.

Gleeock says... #25

So any Sisay players jazzed up about those new sneak peak cards for Aether Revolt: I am more excited about the Planar Bridge than the Paradox Engine but they both have a lot of potential.

Hope the Planar Bridge is cheap since most players are probably not going to want 8 cost tutoring + battlefield placement.

January 1, 2017 10:30 a.m.

Emzed says... #26

A card that requires as much as 14 mana before it does anything at all is extremely niche, and probably rather bad. It's potentially better than Planar Portal or Ring of Three Wishes, but i don't think the effect will see play outside of EDH. And even in EDH, i expect it to be a casual card, not one for a deck like this one.

January 1, 2017 11:59 a.m.

Gleeock says... #27

I've pulled that kindof mana pretty quick in my Sisay deck, Ive had several games now where I pull Multani, Maro-Sorcerer & a hasted Selvala, Heart of the Wilds I know for me mana base hasn't been so much of a problem as finding a way to tutor & plop my non-legendary on to the battlefield... I could certainly afford to replace Yisan, the Wanderer Bard & it can be tutored out unlike Planar Portal or Ring of Three Wishes.... Same thing goes for Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx..Gaea's Cradle as far as ridiculous Sisay mana pooping engines go.

That card is going to be a fantastic way to tutor & play Seedborn Muse & really put a squeeze on the gonads

January 1, 2017 9:55 p.m.

Gleeock says... #28

Also excited to use Planar Bridge to make a viable planeswalker plopper in my Sisay deck (if I wanted to go in the Planeswalker direction some more)

January 2, 2017 4:18 p.m.

Daedalus19876 says... #29

If any deck can abuse Planar Portal and Paradox Engine it's Sisay.

My personal opinion: Paradox Engine 1000% deserves a slot here, but Planar Portal does not. Consider:

This deck's playing 12 nonlands that tap for mana - they essentially give free mana with Paradox Engine out. Since Sisay is a tutor that requires tapping, every time you cast a spell you can tutor a legendary. That means you have several combos, but most notably Captain Sisay+Gilded Lotus+Paradox Engine would allow you to cast every legendary permanent in your deck with CMC 3 or less.

It also fetches/casts Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, which is the second combo. With Selvala, Heart of the Wilds+Captain Sisay+Paradox Engine, you can literally cast every card in your deck (especially if you re-add Reki, the History of Kamigawa to the list) by "stepping" upwards in power. More notably...EVERY CARD IN THIS INFINITE COMBO IS TUTORABLE WITH YOUR COMMANDER.

Plus, you know, even if you don't combo, getting an extra tutor with Sisay for every spell you cast is absurd :D

However, I think Planar Bridge is less good here. Almost everything you want to cast is legendary and already tutorable with Sisay. And only two cards in your deck are above 8 mana (the activation cost) - if you want something, you can just find it and hardcast it.

If you face a lot of control I could see it I guess (since the PB targets can't be countered, and it grabs at instant speed) but I think that's enough of a corner case to be useless here.

January 2, 2017 4:52 p.m.

Gleeock says... #30

Yeah, I spose Planar Bridge makes more sense in mine, I play a small amount of non-legendary cards that are in there because they are very solid if I draw in to them. If I already have Avacyn out I like to plop down one of my many non-tutorable mass-hexproof cards like Archetype of Endurance or Privileged Position or the 2nd half of a busted combo like; Worldslayer for my Avacyn.... & as I mentioned Seedborn Muse Then I spend the next upkeep Sisay-searching Yeva, Nature's Herald -- Then you are running around with a mock prophet of Kruphix

January 2, 2017 6:05 p.m.

You'd be surprised at how powerful an Eye of Ugin backing those Eldrazi's would be. Just remember not to count it as a land!.

February 4, 2017 12:14 p.m.

Daedalus19876 and you can finish that combo by grabbing Azusa, Lost but Seeking + Inventors' Fair, cracking it for a Aetherflux Reservoir and with enough storm count win right there without any fuss. I find the relationship with the Fair and Crucible of Worlds clowny.

As someone's who began EDH with Sisay I think you're mad for not running Saffi Eriksdotter.

February 6, 2017 6:01 p.m.
February 7, 2017 5:48 p.m.

TheSisay says... #34

Check out Hua Tuo, Honored Physician if you want to have reliable graveyard manipulation.

February 16, 2017 5:14 a.m.

Daedalus19876 says... #35

You know what I just realized? You don't have Land Tax in this list. Has it ever been under consideration?

Because 1) your deck is somewhat mana-hungry, and 2) you're already playing Scroll Rack so why not put in the most broken draw combo in all of magic? :D

I do acknowledge that its power is somewhat lessened given that you only have 6 basics in the deck. But I still think it's worth considering.

Also! Many congratulations on reaching +300 upvotes - only the 10th EDH deck ever to do so!

February 16, 2017 4:11 p.m.

Daedalus19876 says... #36

(I misread, you have 10 basics. My point is the same, though.)

February 16, 2017 4:44 p.m.

clubfivesix says... #37

I have a Sisay deck that is about 75% similar to this. I run more spot removal in mine, but that is as much a meta decision as anything else. This is a great deck. The best Sisay deck I've ever seen. You do a beautiful job of taking the toolbox aspect that Sisay allows but still having a clear and preferred Plan A to victory. Leaving yourself Plan B and Plan C if it all goes to crap.

I would strongly urge you to run Illusionist's Bracers. It is absolutely nuts and is almost always my tutor target with Enlightened Tutor. Maybe a just a twinge more stax elements to slow the table down as you also ramp lightning fast into your endgame?

February 17, 2017 4:29 p.m.

Gleeock says... #38

I find that with Paradox Engine & the 2 Selvala out I can basically put down my entire library in 1 turn if I want. It is ridiculously powerful & not even all that slow to happen. Also if someone breaks up the combo Paradox Engine or one of the Selvala are still strong cards in their own rights

February 19, 2017 2:29 p.m.

I just can't believe he's choosing to skip the Land Tax while already running Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Stone-Seeder Hierophant ~which incidently is pretty good with a Terrain Generator~

Unrelated, but you probably should consider Thalia's Lancers.

February 20, 2017 12:35 p.m.

Wynh says... #40

One of your combos has Command Beacon but it's not on your decklist. and wouldn't Quicksilver Amulet be good in here or even Blightsteel colossus?

February 20, 2017 3:33 p.m.

Isn't running Honor-Worn Shaku. Insanity.

February 20, 2017 4:57 p.m.

enpc says... #42

the_earl_0f_grey: Land Tax isn't really that good here. Having green means that typically you'll be the ramp player. On top of that, you have very few ways to tutor into it and you don't want to waste things like Enlightened Tutor on Land Tax when you could use it to get Umbral Mantle which outright wins games. While it's cute playing parfait, most of the time you'd rather it be something else.

Honor-Worn Shaku falls into the same category as Land Tax. Occasionally it's ok, but most of the time it's just slow. A 3 cmc rock that only taps ofr colourless is too slow, and while you can potentially get some additional mana from it, cards like Talisman of Unity are better as they can help you ramp into Sisay.

Wynh: Quicksilver Amulet used to be in the deck but was cut in place of more ramp. Ultimately, having a solid ramp package is better off than relying on a few "cheat into play" cards as you will hit the ramp more conistently and ramp menas you have more mana for non-creature spells, or consecutive creature spells.

Blightsteel Colossus is ok in more relaxed metas, but here just runs into the issue that it's not tutorable and expensive to cast. While yes, it demands an answer, so do cards like Elesh Norn which have just as much impact on the game but come down 5 turns earlier and synergise better with the rest of the deck.

February 20, 2017 10:32 p.m.

bantrules12 says... #43

have you thought about Saffi Eriksdotter and Blasting Station with Sun Titan you can deal infinite damage

February 28, 2017 10:25 a.m.

PartyJ says... #44

I have just posted a new update at the top of this page.

Knowing that I was pretty absent many, many weeks I felt that an update would be the least I could do.

Have fun reading and I would like to thank anyone who took the time to write a comment in here. Keep up the good work!

March 3, 2017 5:13 p.m.

Gleeock says... #45

Haha, geez you read my mind with all the Sisay-whispering

1) I also threw in Talisman of Unity, I keep wondering why I didn't use it before2) I will have to re-examine Inventors' Fair, I can think of a few artifacts I'd like to tutor in... and you can't counter it like you can counter planar bridge, (however you can counter the actual casting of the artifact after... so sortof a tossup for me functionwise)

March 3, 2017 9:48 p.m.

Gleeock says... #46

Hmm, correction to an earlier comment I made about Planar Bridge in my deck. I played a round of emperor with Sisay and decided to do things different so I dropped the bridge on to the battlefield... I tutored Seedborn Muse with PB & now I recall that I did not need to tutor Yeva, Nature's Herald because I could just PB out all my permanents on everyone elses turn at instant speed with no color constraint; it probably will free up Yeva's slot for something else for me given that I do not need that particular redundancy.

Also Game Winning Combo for me was: Selvala, Explorer Returned, Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, Paradox Engine -- pretty much able to drop down any instant negation, lockdown, then haste everything and eat everyone's faces with hundreds of damage + lifelink

March 3, 2017 10:38 p.m.

nibsey says... #47

Great deck! +1

March 6, 2017 6:45 a.m.

Calebthelion says... #48

So I was playtesting your deck for a bit and realized that every time I could've combo-d off with Engine I was short a cheap card to cast after casting Engine. So what I'm getting at is that you need Mox Opal. It will make Engine wins so much more consistent.

March 7, 2017 10:21 a.m.

Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers might not be super-strong, but you can tutor for it and creates a small combat trick. It doesn't even enter tapped, which is great.

Others have suggested this card as well, and I concur; Saffi Eriksdotter needs to find a space in this decklist. She insures you against boardwipes, and can sometimes be used as a combo piece.

Heroes' Podium looks like it could be potentially powerful. A Coat of Arms just for you AND it lets you dig in a pinch (say Sisay gets Nevermore'd or commander tax too high)? Sounds incredible; there's no such thing as too much tutoring in EDH.

You could potentially run Karametra, God of Harvests, but you're not running very many basic lands, and Knight of the Reliquary fills this spot nicely. However, she is tutorable, and her giant indestructible body can be really difficult to remove.

Aura Shards is the one of the best repeatable removal tools your color combination has to offer. Since your deck is heavily creature-based, too, this card has high efficiency.

Mirari's Wake gives you the extra mana push you need to cast those giant game-finishing Eldrazi quicker, plus it has an Anthem effect stapled to it. Another card that's excellent in Selesnya colors.

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger is an incredible creature to have out in multiplayer; you will instantly become the target of attention at the table, but the resource difference you have with your opponents will be super crippling in the meantime.

Bow of Nylea is a toolbox legendary artifact that makes attackers more annoying, and comes with an ability that can do whatever you need it to do. The versatility is great; almost like a alternative/budget Umezawa's Jitte.

March 7, 2017 6:20 p.m.

Also, 38 lands alongside 20 ramp spells might be a little much; I could see cutting down to 36 lands, or swapping out Stone-Seeder Hierophant and Voyaging Satyr, or both. Do you often find yourself topdecking lands a lot or dead draws? You might consider a little more card advantage, even though your commander is a tutor on legs.

March 7, 2017 6:24 p.m.

Nomaddc1 says... #51

Thanks for the input on my deck!

This looks pretty awesome!

Green White has always been my favorite combo.The infinite life combos you can create for yourself are very easy to do, and help immensely!

If you're looking to go this route, consider adding Zuran Orb and Fastbondto the ranks to compliment that Crucible of Worlds you already have in there.

I'm also a fan of the Spike Feeder and Archangel of Thune combo if you want to go even further...

Anyway, Cheers!

March 7, 2017 11:41 p.m.

enpc says... #52

Nomaddc1: Fastbond is VERY banned in commander. Very. The issues with infinite life in commander is that unless you can do something with it, it doesn't really mean anything. There are a lot of decks which win from combo and infinite life isn't going to help you there, especailly when an opponent is making your draw your deck.

March 8, 2017 12:58 a.m.

Worx says... #53

You are most welcome Party.... mutual help to ensure we have best decks in our respective metas is ALWAYS the goal :)

I would suggest that you swap out Mistveil Plains for Bow of Nylea ... yes, drop to 37 lands... Think about it.... Bow is another legendary to get, can put back Inventors' Fair or other graveyarded card.... then again who cares when we will win.

I also highly suggest you swap Dust Bowl for Ancient Den and Sunpetal Grove for Tree of Tales (Sunpetal can not be fetched and is one of those you rely on just getting and maybe... maybe with KoR - which itself can't be tutored. Then I also HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you get Mox Opal as a ZERO drop legendary rock is ESSENTIAL to an easier win for Paradox Engine - seriously mate - a no brainer. In fact I would even drop a land to get in the Opal .. maybe Razorverge Thicket

Now you know my Sissay deck.... mine is more aggressive towards a reliable turn 3/4 Paradox Engine win, so I swapped out the Loyal Retainers, Sun Titan, Safekeeper and Titania for one drop legends, and Selvala, Explorer Returned is just GODLY with the mana and draw ability on EVERY Paradox Engine trigger..... but also maybe if you do go down that route, you may want to consider Concordant Crossroads for the one drop haste for all creatures - who cares if opponents creatures have haste when you are about to win..... another control option that is FAR cheaper than Dromoka is Dosan the Falling Leaf....

But anyway.... you know I respect and appreciate your deck.... I'll not say anymore at moment.... our decks should be mutually helping one another :)

March 11, 2017 5:39 a.m.

PartyJ says... #54

@ Gleeock : Thanks for your comments. Now that the Fair is in, I had to add the Talisman as well. Especially now we have this Paradox Beast. Gheez, I fear the banhammer. I did not see it very often yet in my playgroup. But I can imagine that many, many decks will abuse it. If it gets banned then I got some serious detox program ahead. I can't imagine it being stripped from this build already; It would feel paradoxal xD

March 11, 2017 6:10 p.m.

PartyJ says... #55

@ Calebthelion Thanks for the good suggestion. Since the change with Paradox Engine non-land ramp became far more impactful. Now that I was upping the rocks count already, I think I should try to squeeze this card in. Possibly by replacing it for Sakura Tribe-Elder.


March 11, 2017 6:17 p.m.

PartyJ says... #56

@ Austin_Smith_of_Cards : Thanks for your indepth comments. It's very appreciated. Let me walk though your suggestions.

I prefer not to play Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers as it does not do a whole lot extra. I need all the mana to keep my pace up for threats entering the battlefield. This land can only be found by Sisay most of the time and Sisay needs to grab threats. I also need cards which are plains and forest for tutors and Knight of the Reliquary.

Saffi Eriksdotter is a card that was once in this deck, but playing aggro I needed the spot for other dedicated cards which supported my build. Now that so much has changed since that call was made to remove him, I could possibly review this card. I will add this card to the maybeboard , as others mentioned as well. It never hurst to give it a look again.... Thanks for the good reminder!

Heroes' Podium feels like it's just a win-more card. I can see it come solid/threatening in certain situations. But those situations I tend to stay ahead of. As this is why is play so agressive.

Karametra, God of Harvests does not fit my ramp approach, as all ramp has been optimized to get Sisay on the battlefield asap. The indestructible is nice, but Avacyn, Angel of Hope covers this role already for the whole battlefield. It just doesn't fit in my aggro build well enough to justify a place.

Aura Shards is a card that is harder to find and with Enlightened Tutor I would not select this card. For consistency reasons it is not here and the few artifacts/enchantments that get pesky, I can answer with other means. The trouble in this build is that all cards should serve a role within the current tactic. If I would grab this card in my opening hand, then it would slow down the ramp suit to get Sisay out asap. More threatening options are then at hand. Basically it is just a great card, but not when you want to outpace your opponents like I try to accomplish. It would be a great sideboard card, if I would run a sideboard.

Mirari's Wake is mostly a card that I look at like my story above; it's great but not that needed atm for my build. For ramp I do have better options, which I can tutor with Sisay, like Selvala, Heart of the Wilds which really gets out of control soon after it lands.

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger played this card in the past and in a multilayer environment I instantly became the most hated guy at the table for shutting down everybodies game. Meaning that all hate came instantly towards me. Very unpolitical if you still have several opponents waiting to be slaughtered, each on thier given time. But this card gives me 3 red dots on my front head. I prefer not to draw the attention of the whole table all at once.

Bow of Nylea : It's versatile, but it's not game changing, so I never got to use it in a way that it gave me more edge in a game. Other options proved to be more valid at those times, so eventually it was removed a few months ago. Having Sisay means you have an array of threats at your disposal. This just isn't one that will stand out in this build. This card is great in more stax/toolbox style of play Sisay.

Stone-Seeder Hierophant and Voyaging Satyr both untap with Paradox Engine. My precious Gaea's Cradle loves both creatues for giving me so much mana. They are great mana dorks which fulfill an important role early- and midgame.

I know it is hard to suggest cards, as this build is pretty well tuned over the year it now excists. But I really appreciate your efforts in helping me. If you have solid points, then I will always try to answer them and playtest them if it feels promising.

Have a great day sir!

March 11, 2017 7:16 p.m.

PartyJ says... #57

@ Worx : Always glad to see you pop up again :)

The current landcounts feels pretty much optimal. So I am not hapy to tweak this total. But I do see your point about Plains vs. the bow. But I think I do not ever use Sisay for him, knowing I have so many other frightening options to choose from. While the mistveil plains I could fetch using other means if really nessesary. But again, you are the second to point me to this bow. As Austin_Smith_of_Cards recently also did. Let me overthink this futhermore...

The artifact lands are indeed a great addition, now that we know that Mox Opal will be here soon xD I know it's a no-brainer. But I just totally forgot about this mox since this build was relatively low on artifacts until the recent changes.

Sunpetal Grove - - > Tree of Tales

Dust Bowl - - > Ancient Den

I will remove Sakura-Tribe Elder for the Mox Opal as I feel the current ramp package is good and gets even faster now.

I have been testing with Reki as it's an ok card, so i was looking into upgrading his slot to a more powerful route. And it looks like great minds think alike, as I bought a foil Selvala a few days ago and was waiting to get it delivered. Today I got it and I am also going to enjoy the godly interactions you already had the pleasure to play with.

Thanks for yet another great review!

March 11, 2017 7:40 p.m.

enpc says... #58

I wouldn't recommend cutting Dromoka for Dosan. While Dosan is cheaper, you have to play him combo turn otherwise you can potentially set up an opponent. Dromoka can be played turns earlier and generates value as a lifelinking beater up until combo turn.

March 11, 2017 8:11 p.m.

Emzed says... #59

If you want more artifact ramp, Chrome Mox is another decent option. While it's card disadvantage (similar to Mox Diamond), it enables fast starts and your commander generates so much value that investing cards into landing it early seems very much worth it.

March 11, 2017 8:31 p.m.

Aph1d says... #60

Your commander is really cool!

March 31, 2017 4:33 p.m.

budlaorf says... #61

Hey, I love the deck! Have you considered adding in Defense of the Heart? In just one upkeep, you can play two of your combo creatures.

April 6, 2017 10:52 p.m.

Abhinav7354 says... #62

I think running Karakas might help protect your legendary creatures from spot removal. I would link the card but I don't know how to. Hope this helped.

April 16, 2017 3:45 p.m.

Emzed says... #63

Karakas is banned in EDH.

April 16, 2017 6:29 p.m.

Daedalus19876 says... #64

(Rightfully so, I may add.)

April 16, 2017 6:52 p.m.

Abhinav7354 says... #65

Oh, sorry, I didn't check the legality. My bad.

April 16, 2017 9:29 p.m.

Daedalus19876 says... #66

I think you do need to add Living Plane (or any of the several other enchantments that do the same). The combos with Linvala, Keeper of Silence and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite are just too perfect, and it gives redundancy for Kamahl, Fist of Krosa.

I know this was previously in the list, but I'd usually want Command Beacon over Winding Canyons, if you're not willing to cut a color-producing land.

Are you going to pick up the new Invocation Loyal Retainers? It's super pretty, I saw someone open one :)

I'm looking through the Amonkhet setlist to see if anything fits, and not much is coming to mind. Maybe Harvest Season to kickstart your ramp? With Avacyn's Pilgrim, Voyaging Satyr, etc it could easily ramp 3 lands on T3. Perhaps one of the monuments? Tutorable cost reduction is nice I guess. Scattered Groves is another dual-land for Knight of the Reliquary. If Oracle's Vault were legendary, it would be neat with Paradox Engine but unfortunately it's not :(

Now that Protean Hulk is unbanned you might find a slot. Can't be tutored, but when it dies you should be able to immediately win.

Hope this helps a bit!

April 25, 2017 4:30 p.m.

Kozilek, the Great Distortion refills the hand and turns Sisay into Tap: Counter Target Spell.

Implore you to reconsider Honor-Worn Shaku and Earthcraft. You're already running a Paradox Engine. Storm your heart out.

I haven't tested Throne of the God-Pharaoh but I'm sure it warrants consideration.

April 25, 2017 7:09 p.m.

Worx says... #68

G'day again mate

I've been tinkering with the new set and modifying my Competitive Captain Sisay deck. Thought I'd report my findings and offer suggestions.

There are four cards that leap to my attention; Prowling Serpopard for that nice protection against counters, plus cheap on a 4/3 body which is good for Selvala, Heart of the Wilds mana count.The cheap LEGENDARY artifacts that make our creatures cheaper AND give bonuses - including creating free creatures on cast of others (more later); Oketra's Monument and Rhonas's Monument. And lastly the other Legendary Wincon; Throne of the God-Pharaoh for that LOSS OF LIFE you give your opponents if they are tricky.... EASY to get all your creatures tapped....

Which brings me onto my next huge find that is just GOLD..... Earthcraft You know you have a lot of those creatures that you wished tapped for mana... well they do - sort of, by untapping your BASIC LANDS, you can potentially have infinite mana.... But yes you run just a few.

My Competitive Captain Sisay is ultra competitive even with disgustingly nasty top tier decks.

OHH.... I'm also loving the shenanigans I can get with Aetherflux Reservoir and Crovax, Ascendant Hero ;)

For your consideration buddy :)

May 7, 2017 2:47 p.m.

illumfolly says... #69

Dragonlord Dromoka >>> Prowling Serpopard in everything but cuteness for Sisay, I think.

May 8, 2017 7:17 p.m.

Worx says... #70

Don't forget the 6 drop CMC, as well as Dosan and Grand Abolisher to choose.... I think Prowling Serpopard is far superior

May 9, 2017 6:06 a.m.

Grahamatica says... #71

Dragonlord Dromoka is superior. The 6 CMC is nothing for this deck, just look at the ramp. Plus Dromoka can put in work on the battlefield while the others really cannot and Dromoka is easily searchable with Sisay. Dosan is not bad but prevents you from interacting on other peoples turns

May 9, 2017 1:36 p.m.

Gleeock says... #72

The strength of 2-3 CMC repetition of anti-counters & play on your own turn creatures reaches beyond CMC & beater strengths. Those other creatures can be played prior to Sisay... It's a pretty hard pill to swallow to wait for 6 Mana & Dromoka if all you really need is something to keep your linchpin creatures & tactics from getting broken up. Make no mistake; Dromoka rules, but a lot of your combos or winning tactics often should already be in the works before a 6drop Dromoka. Drawing a 2-3 cost counter negation & playing it early can make for some fantastically wasted hands for blue-heavy opponents.

May 9, 2017 9:33 p.m.

Worx says... #73

Agreed Gleeock

Grahamatica.... I respectfully disagree. When you are reliably winning on turn 3-5, Dromoka is indeed too expensive to be the kickstart to the win combo.

Dromoka or anything that allows you to have free reign on the next turn is usually destroyed or exiled before you can implement the win condition. And I know I rarely can get 10+ mana by turn 3 or so... therefore Dosan played and then Paradox/Umbral etc is a winner.

Dromoka is ok if you do not have an absolute brutal ultra-competitive meta and can expect the game to last 8 turns+.... but for an ultra-competitive Sisay against tier 1 decks... Dosan, Prowling Serpaprod and Grand abolisher just rule.

May 10, 2017 10:39 a.m.

Daedalus19876 says... #74

+420 upvotes, blaze it.

By which I mean, set your deck on fire and smoke it. Gotta use that cardboard crack.

May 31, 2017 4:47 p.m.

Delta-117 says... #75

Hey what do you think of the new card Hour of Promise? I know it's 5 mana and all, and that there exists cheaper such cards like Expedition Map and Sylvan Scrying, but it finds you afterall 2 of Any land and puts them onto the field.

I don't know if you would have a use for this here, as maybe it's not the best choice in this clearly finely tuned deck of yours with this being possibly too weak, but I just thought I would mention it anyways so that it was on your radar.

July 12, 2017 6:44 p.m.

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