Sisay has the answers...

Welcome aboard the Skyship Weatherlight, where the leadership of Captain Sisay forged the finest crew.

This competitive commander deck emerged as a result of the countless hours of piloting this deck in my local meta followed by a continuous process of finetuning together with several dedicated users of T/O.

Her crew knew many forms before it became the crew that we know of today. There are many different crews out there doing what they like most, but I'm confident that this crew will please you most when you want to be the dominant force in your local playgroup. Beware though;

you will eventually be hunted for being THE main thread on the battlefield!

The Primer


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Hello people,

ever since Paradox Engine was spoiled I knew this was going to have a great impact on a competitive Captain Sisay deck like mine. Pretty quick after he was released I added him to the deck. But this was really all I did...

Would this card face a ban in the upcoming ban announcement for being too brutal in certain builds, well time went by and it didn't face the banhammer (yet). This lead to the moment that I finally stepped up the plate and gave this deck a great overhaul, where Paradox Engine became a true showstopper!

This also made me even more focussed to finally complete a first version of a decent Primer for this deck. There is so much going on, that it should all be well explained for anyone visiting the deck.

I am aware that this primer is just a first rough version, so If you spot any (spelling)errors or inconsistancies. then please let me know. I will keep working on it to make it more complete. Especially the 'Combo's and Synergies' section is very incomplete. If you spot great synergies and interactions which have not yet been posted, then please let me know and I will add them. It has to become a complete work of art for any Sisay player.

Finally I would like to thank all people and players who helped me to get to this point. Without the countless times people helped me by posting comments, starting chats or even called me, this wouldn't have been here at all. The 'Hall of Fame' section in this primer is dedicated to honour the exceptional ones....

Thanks for taking the time to read through all this.... and don't forget to come by and leave a comment. It is ALWAYS appreciated....

Best regards,

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