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Hallar, kicking @ss | Commander

Commander / EDH Counters RG (Gruul)


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Updates Add

Cards removed:

  • Dictate of the Twin Gods : Can backfire and has a large cmc. I felt it was underwhelming and too narrow early/midgame.

  • Hunting Wilds : For balancing reasons I wanted to cut one kicker card. And I felt this was the most lacing one. High kicker curve and the extra ability can backfire as lands can be removed easier. Not something I prefer happening.

Cards added:

  • Basilisk Collar : Trample + deathtouch on Hallar is a really deadly combination and offers a great alternative wincon. The lifegain is just added value.

  • Inspiring Call : An extra protection card that also has card advantage for this kind of deck is good value.


48% Casual

52% Competitive