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Atraxa's Dicebag of Holding (Need all the dice)

Commander / EDH Battlecruiser Counters Four Color GWUB Multiplayer



So, what I found this deck lacked out of the box was enough ways to get the counters started. I added at least 20 cards that benefit from Proliferate. With these tweaks, you're gonna need all the dice.

This is the only 2016 commander deck that came with infinite comboes in it... Three or four cards: Hardened Scales and Enduring Scalelord or just Cathars' Crusade , plus Crystalline Crawler (which is bonkers in this deck!) and Ghave, Guru of Spores . Champion of Lambholt and Master Biomancer are amazing, you surely know. You may want to add all the storage lands--I do.

For proliferation based card draw, added Enclave Cryptologist , Mindless Automaton , Novijen Sages and Armorcraft Judge .

Primeval Protector is better here than in Saskia the Unyielding .

Altered Ego and now Spark Double combo with Enduring Scalelord for two infinitely large dragons and these are amazing clones for an Atraxa, Praetors' Voice deck.

I am thinking of adding Necroskitter into the mix.

June 2019 update, you can see the removed cards in the maybeboard. The Deepglow Skate I just moved to Aminatou and Elite Scaleguard to Daxos' Soldiers of Fortune.


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