Rogue Refiner


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Uncommon

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Rogue Refiner

Creature — Human Rogue

When Rogue Refiner enters the battlefield, draw a card and you get (two energy counters).

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Rogue Refiner Discussion

MosaicDryhop on Muldrotha - Ain't nobody got time for permanents

2 weeks ago

Read Primal Surge again. You will put all permanents in your library on the battlefield. If you have a Lab Maniac and like a Rogue Refiner in your library, you win the game

plusARGON on Animate Pummler: A Mediocrity

6 months ago

I would take a look at some infect decks and use some of their pump tech. Pendelhaven, Might of Old Krosa, Vines of Vastwood and Become Immense are all great options. You may also consider running more card draw and selection to get Pummeler faster. Ancient Stirrings is a free include with green and Serum Visions is always good. Rogue Refiner also helps to this end. Ways to protect or recur the Pummeler would also be good. Welding Jar has gained popularity recently and you could play with the colors some and look at Ojutai's Command or Kolaghan's Command.

You don't have a sideboard, yet. But I would look Krosan Grip or other hate for the likes of Stony Silence that just turns this deck off. You may also consider some counter spells, since you're in blue.

Agusdakilla on Golari Energy (using the new challenger deck)

8 months ago

In my opinion, it would be much better for you if you just stuck with the original B/G build and upgraded it. Adding blue is just going to slow you down and increase the chances of you getting mana screwed, and it is no longer feasible without Rogue Refiner and Attune with Aether (especially if you dont want to spend a bunch of money on 3 kinds of expensive dual lands). You could search for B/G Constrictor decks online and start adding stuff from there. My recommendation would be to add Jadelight Rangers, and some black removal like Fatal Push and Vraska's Contempt. Good luck and have fun!

cdkime on Do experienced players generally follow ...

8 months ago


You are incorrect.

Standard has a very specific definition--only cards from a limited timeframe are allowed. Those cards are not "banned" from the format--they are ineligible by the basic rules. Standard is designed to ONLY be cards from the most recent sets in order to foster a certain type of fluid competitive environment.

You were probably using cards that were ineligible for the format. That's your mistake for not understanding the rules of the format you were working with.

As of today, the only cards that are banned in standard are:

  • Aetherworks Marvel - banned because energy decks were dominating the meta, and this made them obscenely powerful. It basically allowed you to draw and cast one of your best cards for limited investment.

  • Smuggler's Copter - banned because its mana and crew costs are far too low for the card's power. It's a 3/3 with evasion that loots you a card--that's obscenely great for 2 mana and not attacking with one of your 1/1s.

  • Felidar Guardian - enabled an infinite combo with Saheeli Rai that Wizards found somewhat problematic in the meta.

  • Attune with Aether - banned to limit the dominance of energy decks. This is ramp and a significant amount of energy for 1 mana.

  • Rogue Refiner - also banned to limit the dominance of energy decks.

  • Rampaging Ferocidon and Ramunap Ruins - both banned because Ramunap decks were taking over the meta, so these two staple cards were removed.

That's the totality of the cards banned in Standard.

Edit: If you want to find Standard-legal cards, it's really simple: On your Gatherer search, place "Standard" in the "Format" box. This will limit only to the cards available in Standard.

Faradin on Gold Creature Value Train

8 months ago

The Rogue Refiner is there because it replaces itself. it's a 3/2 body, so it can trade quite nicely, and it's something you're not worried about losing, as it already did what it needed to do - drew you a card. it's like, slam it, turn it sideways if amicable. it's even better if you havea saber or The Lady out, as it turns into a 5/2 or 5/4 respectively, and at 3 mana, drawing you a card, that's a damn good value.

still trying out the spirit, but it's hard to decide what to get rid of.

neosapien on Gold Creature Value Train

8 months ago

I don't understand the Rogue Refiner. I'd say more Spell Queller, I'm no expert tho.

Wood_Elemental on Sultai Constrictor

9 months ago

Not very budget but still good. I'll point out that Attune with Aether has recently got banned. So has Rogue Refiner.

bumcheeks on energy

9 months ago

Attune with Aether and Rogue Refiner got banned

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