Rogue Refiner


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Uncommon

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Rogue Refiner

Creature — Human Rogue

When Rogue Refiner enters the battlefield, draw a card and you get (two energy counters).

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Rogue Refiner Discussion

djnewellmit on All Things Pummeler

1 day ago

I've been thinking about the transformative idea. I had done something similar last year, where my deck would go to pure RG aggro by dropping the Pummelers and a few pump spells for Lathnu Hellion.

I don't think going straight RG aggro with a transform would confuse our opponent or allow us to really dodge any of their sideboard. I think going Temur with the Pummeler, and then transforming into a quasi-Temur Energy can give us a better chance of disrupting their game plan by giving us access to Negate and Essence Scatter. This also opens the possibility of throwing in some Trophy Mage into the mainboard to act as additional copies of Pummeler. I'm a little torn on Rogue Refiner at the moment, but I put a playset in the main for now; I may consider more copies of Trophy Mage, or going back up to 4x Voltaic Brawler.

I've updated my list and added the new sideboard if anyone cares to play around with it.

Decepticon Pummeler (XLN)

Cragon18 on Nissa's Bounty

4 days ago

Catching up on comments. Thanks for the feedback usurphling. I have actually been considering using the ramp in this deck for another big finisher (outside of Nissa). Your suggestions are all good ones. I feel that Carnage Tyrant is strictly a sideboard card for control now. It is not good against Temur as it can be easily blocked by a couple of Rogue Refiners. I have always liked Aetherwind Basker but never had a good deck for it, but perhaps this is the deck. I will do some testing with it and Aethersquall Ancient to see if those work as good finishers. Thanks again!

Thanks for the comment and for playtesting kiegan! If I may ask, what did you playtest against? Weaver of Currents is an interesting suggestion. I always thought this deck could use more creatures and I had completely forgotten about that card. I'll definitely try that out. I have been looking to tweak the deck for some time now. It can do decently well on MTGO, but as you said it can also be a bit slow. It really struggles against God-Pharaoh decks (I can't stand that deck). If I get my sideboard cards it can have an OK matchup against red, but often it is too slow. It often timesout against Abzan Tokens because that deck just floods the board and then does nothing. It actually does best against control I would say.

Vizier is an interesting card. He has a solid body and is VERY strong with an active Nissa. If I don't like the top card, I can plus Nissa, if its a creature, I can just 0 her and put it out. I could certainly see your argument though. I'll be rethinking the deck here a bit in the coming days so it will likely not include the Vizier, but we shall see. The core of Attune with Aether, Servant of the Conduit, Rogue Refiner, Nissa, Steward of Elements and Bounty of the Luxa would most likely remain intact. I could see cutting Nissa and Bounty to 3 copies perhaps, but that would be about it. Thanks again and let me know what you think!


MonochromeDisco on UG Pummeler

1 week ago

Ended up putting 2 of the Spell Pierce in for protection and disrupting UW Approach decks.

I'd replace One With the Wind if there was anything that gave me a better clock with any of the backup creatures. The fact of it is, my local meta is pretty grounded except for Glorybringer so if I can get ahead, a couple of flying Longtusk Cub/Rogue Refiner just puts me in the position to win without Electrostatic Pummeler.

The only other pump I could use is Highspire Infusion instead of those, but then I'm staring down the potential for being walled out.

Generally not a fan of Puzzleknots though. I'm not convinced they're the best thing for the deck.

Hakira on UGh, it's Pummeler again...

1 week ago

Rogue Refiner over Empyreal Voyager, card draw is king. plus the energy etb is stronger than the energy on player damage as It's likely Empyreal Voyager will be shot down and unlike Longtusk Cub has no way to be buffed.

This is a bit of a weird one but maybe One With the Wind over Crash the Ramparts. Mainly for the mana cost and of course Flying>Trample. This may not be ideal with the Temur energy builds and their thropters but I reckon it's a solid include. Also great for missed turn 4 mana and lets you keep a green open for Blossoming Defense.

Pieguy396 on I Drink Your Milkshake

1 week ago

None of the games had all of those on the field at once; I'm not that bad. All of the games I played were without sideboard, as I'm nowhere near experienced enough with either deck to make good sideboard choices. Once, Tezz died to a Glorybringer off the top with just a Rogue Refiner in play, and the other time it was a Longtusk Cub with 2 counters, and then I played a Bristling Hydra and Aether Hub to get the energy kill him. I tried to play as I would have if I didn't have perfect knowledge of my "opponent", although I may have overcorrected. I assume you generally wait until you have counter/removal protection before playing Tezz?

Argy on I Drink Your Milkshake

1 week ago

Pieguy396 if you just did a playtest where you ended up with Glorybringer, Longtusk Cub, Bristling Hydra, AND Rogue Refiner on the field at the same time then you are either having an extremely bad draw, or there is something wrong with how you are playing this deck.

You should have been able to dispatch those Creatures one at a time, and you should also have gotten advanced warning that the Opponent had Glorybringer in hand, and/or have been able to dispatch it with Essence Scatter, either hard cast or flashed back with Torrential Gearhulk, or ripped it from hand with Harsh Scrutiny.

If you WEREN'T able to do that on Game 1, then you should have Sided more Creature removal in for Game 2.

I can't speak for other formats but, in Standard, you need an intimate knowledge of the meta to know which cards to play when, if you're piloting a Control deck.

Pieguy396 on I Drink Your Milkshake

1 week ago

Ah, yes, I did miss that. Even still, I feel like just the Etherium Cell tokens plus your Torrential Gearhulks aren't enough to make reliable use of his -2, and his +1 seems a little weak, although I guess his ultimate is excellent at ending games. I just ran a couple playtest games against 4C Energy, and both times I played a Tezzeret, he just died to some combination of Glorybringer, Longtusk Cub, Bristling Hydra, and Rogue Refiner. It's very possible that I simply misplayed and played Tezzeret when I should have held up mana to bluff a counter or cast a Glimmer of Genius, but whatever. You obviously know a lot more about this deck (and Standard) than I do, and from your description it looks like you don't have a lot of 4C Energy in your meta, so I'll assume you, unlike me, actually know what the heck you're doing lol.

heyitsaking on U/G Control Aggro, anti control

1 week ago

I like the changes you made, but I feel like you have too many three costs in your deck now. What if you take out a Empyreal Voyagers and a Rogue Refiner, and add two Servant of the Conduit?

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