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Thanks Duck_Fayden! This deck has done VERY WELL against slower decks which is a majority of my meta. It has also shown good results against aggressive decks. I have yet to see how it performs against the likes of faster combo decks like storm, paradox academy or eggs. Archangel of tithes just wasn't impressive in my meta and I needed additional ways to attack the graveyard aside from ooze and Scavenger so angel of finality filled that roll with an easier mana cost so I swapped it out. Oketra has been hit and miss, very bad against karakas and doesn't have a huge immediate impact on the board but can close a game very fast and makes late game dorks relevant by adding a 4/4 body onto them, I'd like to see her a bit more before I make the call though.

August 4, 2019 10:19 p.m.


Selesnya Midrange (GW Ramp/Creature Toolbox)

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