Coalition Victory


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" (TSB) Rare
Invasion (INV) Rare

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Coalition Victory


You win the game if you control a land of each basic land type and a creature of each color.

Coalition Victory Discussion

The_Epic_Dog on Breaking the Color Pie

2 weeks ago

Just checking that you know Coalition Victory is banned and that's why you'd have to convince your playgroup.

The_Epic_Dog on Breaking the Color Pie

2 weeks ago

If you convince your playgroup to allow it, Coalition Victory is a great win-con in any five color deck.

Scion_of_Darkness on Reaper King and the Scared Little Crows

3 months ago

You have a couple unique opportunities here.

Coalition Victory!

Color conditions can be met by Reaper King alone, or Scuttlemutt in a pinch.

For the Land condition, use Nylea's Presence on your Darksteel Citadel. It's cheap and its a cantrip as well. That also enables Landwalk abilities if you play it on your opponent, but that's a thought for a different day. If you were to have at least 1 of each basic land in your deck outside of what you need, than you could also play Wild-Field Scarecrow or something simple like Cultivate.

If you really wanted to be a dickhole, use Arcane Adaptation and play token generating spells like Raise the Alarm or Dragon Fodder which basically means pay , make two 2/2 "Scarecrow" tokens (remember the lord effect from the King) and blow up 2 permanents.

Winterblast on Let's Discuss: Why is Emrakul ...

3 months ago

I have to disagree on Emrakul being too strong as a commander. In fact, Emrakul and the other Eldrazi titans are rather bad commanders because they force you to go colorless and that comes along with multiple downsides: less consistency because colorless tutor effects are a lot rarer and more expensive than coloured ones, almost no instants and interaction, commanders that rely on combat to win (because searching for combos is incredibly clunky in colourless decks). That's not a secret and if you check on competitive decks you see that there is not a single colourless deck among the best ones.

Ramping into Emrakul...getting to 15 mana would win the game immediately with any reasonably good EDH deck. What happens when you cast Emrakul? An extra turn + fucking up ONE oponent with annihilator. Until you actually win you would have to attack 3 times at least (to make everyone sac to annihilator and hopefully remove their whole board - which isn't a sure thing though) and to actually kill everyone you need to attack 6 times. Compared to what commander decks can possibly do, this is rather weak and slow.

We do know though, that the EDH banlist doesn't care at all about objective strength of cards in the format (which is actually cool because the format lives off powerful and broken interactions) but only considers cards that ultra casual players have complained about too often and also cards that Sheldon personally dislikes it seems. It has nothing to do with how problematic the cards would be in the format. You just need to look at banned cards like Primeval Titan or Coalition Victory to see that...

legendofa on Card creation challenge

3 months ago

Lhurgyof When I was putting this challenge out, I was thinking mostly of cards like Maze's End or Coalition Victory, which drive you to build toward a specific goal. I wasn't thinking about quest counters, but those are a good interpretation of the challenge, too. I like it!

cdkime on The Wacky Deck Thread

5 months ago

My kitchen table is usually inhabited by somewhat janky, fun decks based around cards with unique abilities. Some notable ones include a Coalition Victory deck, a Spawnsire of Ulamog deck, a squirrel tribal (with infinite squirrels) deck, and an Undead Alchemist mill deck.

None of these decks are competitive in a traditional sense, but they tend to be pretty balanced against one another.

I also moved your thread over to the General Forum, which is for General MTG discussion not covered by other threads. Deck Help, where it was previously posted, is for asking advice on specific decks.

Boza on Unnamed Rainbow

5 months ago

Ok, so lets try to revise this. The goal is to be as five color as possible, while using colorless cards to ramp. Admirable goal. I think the best solution for this is to keep the 5 color threats, but change up the mana base.

Have you seen the land Golgari Guildgate? There are 9 more, one for each of the two-color combinations. Now, I would suggest to make your manabase as 2 of each of those plus 4 Maze's End + 2 Cascading Cataracts to fix the mana. Not only does it find you the right colors, it can win you the if you have all 10 guildgates!

Additionally, rolling right into 5 color theme we have:

Door to Nothingness, Urza, Academy Headmaster and any other 5 color thing you can imagine. But do make sure to include also Coalition Victory + Prismatic Omen + any 5-color creature for the win too.

Next you need cards like Exploration or Summer Bloom to play more lands per turn and more draw like Phyrexian Arena or simply Jace's Ingenuity to get more lands in your hand.

Finally, you will need to survive to do all that - You can play either mass bounce/tap like Sleep or River's Rebuke or Evacuation or you can play fog effects like Fog or Moment's Peace and/or counterspells and removal.

FancyTuesday on Kingdoms and alt. win cons

7 months ago

Reading the rules of the format I feel this is something that will need to be addressed with special rules either from the person "maintaining" the format or the people playing the game. But here's my take on it:

Alternate win conditions do what many cards in MTG do: what the rules do not. When you your opponent's life total is 0 you've won because the rules say they lost. There's no rule that says "you win when you cast Coalition Victory", the card says that you win and the rules tell you what it means to "win" as a game action. Looking at the rules as presented I don't see anything that stops alternate win conditions from working, though technically speaking I don't think they play nicely with the "teams" Kingdoms sets up.

For the Knight to win the Knight and King must be the only two players alive. If the King "wins" outright and a Bandit is still alive the King wins and the game is over, the Knight's special win condition isn't satisfied. If one Bandit "wins" without causing the king to lose the other doesn't benefit because the game ended with the King still alive.

To avoid this you'd have to craft an additional rule that said something to the effect of "If an effect other than a game rule would cause a player to win the game, that player doesn't win the game" or create a ban list for these type of effects.

Here's the operative rule:

104.1. A game ends immediately when a player wins, when the game is a draw, or when the game is restarted.

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