Lorthos, the Tidemaker


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 (C14) Mythic Rare
Zendikar (ZEN) Mythic Rare

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Lorthos, the Tidemaker

Legendary Creature — Octopus

Whenever Lorthos, the Tidemaker attacks, you may pay 8. If you do, tap up to eight target permanents. Those permanents don't untap during their controllers' next untap steps.

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Lorthos, the Tidemaker Discussion

Elopsm on Cascade, Cascade, Cascade...

4 days ago

Ironwright's Cleansing -> Disenchant More Efficient

Azorius Cluestone -> Azorius Signet More Efficient

Dimir Cluestone -> Dimir Signet More Efficient

Golgari Cluestone -> Golgari Signet More Efficient

Silumgar Monument -> Boros Signet More Efficient

Hanweir Garrison -> Golgari Signet More Efficient

Faith Unbroken -> Oblivion Ring More Efficient

Seek the Horizon -> Rampant Growth More Efficient

Cyclops of Eternal Fury -> Mass Hysteria More Efficient

Ulvenwald Observer -> Phyrexian Arena Cheap Carddraw

Chariot of Victory -> Llanowar Elves More Ramp

Banishing Light -> Swords to Plowshares More Efficient

Hanweir Battlements -> Spire of Industry Better Card

Wrecking Ball -> Terminate Land Destruction not relevant

Interpret the Signs -> Blue Sun's Zenith Doubles as finisher with infite mana

Negate -> Counterspell Better Card

Chromanticore -> Last Stand More Utility

Cromat -> Mayael's Aria Win Con

Midnight Banshee -> Angel of Despair More Trigger and Removal

Primal Surge -> Brilliant Ultimatum More Trigger + easy to cast with ramos

Lorthos, the Tidemaker -> Conflux More Trigger

Kinshali on kruphix list

1 month ago

If you want a Sheltered Aerie effect, run either Utopia Sprawl or Fertile Ground. None of your top end is green, so Genesis Wave may be better that Chord of Calling. Other top end ideas include Lorthos, the Tidemaker and Avenger of Zendikar, as neither are too expensive.

NayrSlayer on Jace, You Can't Just Counter All Your Problems

1 month ago

I would like to just toss in my opinion on the whole Planeswalker commander thing. Some of my friends do this just to mess around and do the same thing you are describing with having an alternate, legal commander to take its place. However, the idea that we have when playing these decks is that we all pick Planeswalkers that are fun, interesting, and usually silly (I once made a Tibalt deck). I know that for my friends at least, if one of us brought in a Liliana of the Veil, Sorin Markov, or Jace the Mind Sculptor deck, we would all be upset since they could crush us easily and that person would be immediately targeted. While I'm not necessarily trying to discourage you from running JTMS as your commander, I would recommend treading lightly on your first game or two playing with him and if your friend group doesn't seem to be having fun because of Jace, then maybe you should switch to one of the other Jaces in your deck as your commander.

Regardless, if your win-con is simply big blue creatures, then I recommend looking at Lorthos, the Tidemaker since he can lock down games if your opponents can't deal with him.

Hope this helps!

Chopwood on Release The Kraken

1 month ago

Not really a kraken, but Crush of Tentacles is pretty close. Some other nice biggies are Stormtide Leviathan, Lorthos, the Tidemaker, Kraken of the Straits, Inkwell Leviathan and Colossal Whale. Maybe you should throw in a couple of Harrow and maybe Arbor Elf to give you some ramp so you can play your big bigges.

A friend of mine has this mono-blue stompy deck, where he mana screws the opponent instead of ramping his own mana. He uses Spreading Seas and Boomerang or the mana screw, and Cyclonic Rift no deny the opponent any board presence. Boomerang imprinted om Isochron Scepter can be pretty devastating.

Sgtpopnfreash on The Scarab God, Grave Defiler

1 month ago

OK real talk for a second. Here is why I hate janky infinite combos like that Rooftop Storm-Gravecrawler or any 4 card infinite instant win combo in non CEDH decks like this one.

If your gonna try to infinite combo there is no reason to NOT use the best options available to you. The Rooftop Storm combo would be a little more viable if it didnt require 2 effects already in play. Requiring both a sac outlet and a zombie on the field is too much, and creatures are too easy to remove at instant speed. If it only needed 1 of these effects it would be a viable combo because you could overload the deck with that type of card either zombies or free sac outlets. If you want to play The instant win/tutor deck then play competitive EDH and use the best combos available to you. This doesnt mean you need to spend 40 dollars on a card like Food Chain. There are plenty of 3 card instant speed win combos in all colors that you can buy for under $20 total.

You can only play 4 card combos at super casual tables and then you end up ruining that game for everyone else trying to play the flashy huge spell style EDH that casual magic players like. Your gonna upset some people when you win instantly after they hard cast a Lorthos, the Tidemaker and that combo will never beat any half decent tier 3-4 sudo competitive deck. Rooftop Storm is a 6 drop as well which is just silly for that plan. If you want to play super grindy 1-2 hour games of EDH dont play instant combos. Its a dick move. Play the cards you wish were viable but just arn't, like Army of the Damned.

The Rooftop Storm combo would even be a little more viable if you had access to a zombie in the command zone but it would be really bad in this.

Sgtpopnfreash on Kruphix, God of the big and the dumb

3 months ago

If I had to pick cards other than land I think should go they would be Archetype of Imagination, Frost Titan, Hornet Queen&Hydra Broodmaster unless you added some token doublers like Doubling Season, Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur and maybe Lorthos, the Tidemaker but I can see him working ok. Rishkar, Peema Renegade can just become a cheaper mana dork however if you keep him I like Avenger of Zendikar. I would also take out Worldspine Wurm you dont need multiple things that stop milling and you have Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre already. Leyline of Anticipation is cute but Alchemist's Refuge is better so if you want that affect more often change leyline into Crop Rotation. Sandwurm Convergence should go for the same reason as Hornet Queen&Hydra Broodmaster. Clash of Wills should be Spell Pierce dissalow is cool but with all the 1 and 2 drop counter spells just use those... Swan Song is another I forgot. Id also rather have a Pongify or Rapid Hybridization over Plummet every time.

Drain Power seems awesome... Until you realize that your opponents can just tap all their land in response and you get nothing.

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