A serving of Marath, Will of the Wild in +1/+1 counters sauce, on a bed of + mana with a side of tokens.

Nutrional Facts Show

This deck ramps in order to cast Marath, Will of the Wild and make use of his +1/+1 counters tricks as much as possible. In between MARATH-castings, play big creatures (or growing creatures) and end up with +1/+1 counters everywhere. Cards like Abzan Falconer and Crowned Ceratok squeeze extra value out of your counters. Meanwhile, cards like Hardened Scales and Cathars' Crusade give you extra counters.
  1. Green (): Green is the primary color in this deck, as seems to like putting out multiple +1/+1 counters most. gets you access to things like Hardened Scales and Kalonian Hydra.
  2. Red (): Originally tertiary, red (my favorite color) has finally started to pull its own weight in this deck. At first dedicating to giving my guys haste (Fervor, Swiftfoot Boots), now is doing a decent job abusing +1/+1 counters (Slumbering Dragon), and still helps speed up the deck (Mana Echoes).
  3. White (): White has always been helpful when it comes to +1/+1 counters, offering things like Twilight Drover and Mikaeus, the Lunarch. Additionally, adds great support, in the form of Wrath of God, among other things.
  • This deck can typically hit its colors early on, allowing early casting of its 3-drop Commander.
  • This deck can also ramp well enough to successively re-cast the Commander several times or more per game.
  • Between the versatility of the Commander's abilities and the variety of responses allowed by being in Naya-colors, this deck has shown resiliency and resourcefulness--as well as the ability to recuperate--after suffering devastating blows.
  • Beyond MARATH, this deck has several bombs it can rely on if it has to (like, for instance, if MARATH gets Pithing Needled), such as Liege of the Tangle and Akroma's Memorial.
  • Hate. A steady stream of hate against MARATH can outpace his need for mana, and the deck's ability to produce it (currently--I'd like to improve this).
  • Gas. Sometimes, especially when getting bad draws, MARATH and his built-in tricks are your only option. This kills MARATH, but that's okay, because each time he comes back bigger, until you realize you only have 18 mana, and not 19, and now you can't recast MARATH for the ninth time. So ramp, but that leads me to my next point...
  • Draw. Drawing is not really the strong suit of these three colors, and the whole looting/rummaging thing that I'm used to in seems like it would require distracting with some recursion, which hasn't been necessary otherwise, yet.
  • RAMP: Firstly, a good chunk of this deck is dedicated solely to ramping into other, bigger, better things early. Not much else to say here, except playing 7-drops on turn 5 is pretty much "strictly better" than playing 7-drops on turn 7.
  • FIELD: These creatures are not your only battlefield presence, but they are in this deck solely to attack and block reliably. There are other creatures and battlefield-effecting cards in other categories that will be useful during combat, but their main reason for being in the deck is not strictly combat-related. Cards like Charging Badger, Falkenrath Exterminator and Rubblebelt Raiders are thematic and effective. Meanwhile, other cards like Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Liege of the Tangle and Meglonoth are just goodstuff that is always nice to have around.
  • FIELD SUPPORT: These cards increase the effectiveness of your creatures, but many of them are creatures themselves, increasing your board presence. I've included cards like Angelic Skirmisher, Nylea, God of the Hunt and Phyrexian Revoker, all for pretty obvious reasons.
  • HASTE: Counted seperately from the bulk of this deck's field support, haste is here because otherwise I felt having red in the deck didn't serve much purposeI kept finding myself wanting to switch it out for blue. Since that doesn't work with Marath, whom I really like, I had to give the red portion of this deck a job and we agreed that job should be haste. Like ramp, making a deck function faster than normal is just better.
  • COUNTER GENERATION: In addition to the Commander himself, this deck contains cards that generate +1/+1 counters, because, well... it's the theme I'm going for, lol.
  • COUNTER SUPPORT This. This is the central theme of this deck. Card like Abzan Falconer and Battlefront Krushok give bonuses to all my creatures with bonuses, and cards like Falkenrath Exterminator and Ooze Flux take those bonuses and turn them into more bonuses.
  • TOKEN GENERATION This deck is the Wild, meaning it is the Will of Marath. Marath, Will of the Wild can put out tokens, therefore this deck can too. Mainly to be used as chumps, or to swarm (if you're getting lucky, or focusing on that from T1), putting out creatures when you have no creature cards is basically this deck's contingency plan.
  • DRAW While not yet a true necessity, I just plain like having draw-power, so I've included some in this deck, I will eventually weed out extraneous cards from other categories, and make room for more cards in this section, but for now, this is what I came up with.
  • COMMANDER Marath, Will of the Wild gets a category all by himself because he does something the rest of this deck doesn't do so well. Because using his ability does not require him to tap, he can be used as quite an efficient removal tool as well. When used in conjunction with Opal Palace and or Hardened Scales, he can become quite the board-controller.
Early-game is playing creatures and spells for the first several turns, at which point you want to cast your Commander for the first time, relatively early. It is probably unwise to attack or block with him, instead use his modal ability (as many times as you can, to increase effectiveness, in most circumstances, but always play to your situation, and not a scripted gameplan) early and get him back into the Command Zone so that he costs 5 CMC now.
Mid-game is where you start playing some heavy hitting creatures and spells. By now you should have a general strategy figured out for your opponent (slow and steady versus control, straight aggro versus goodstuff, etc.). Next, cast your Commander again, and use him to compliment your strategy, again. Use him up, throw him away, and get ready to cast him again soon.
Your late-game consists of wrapping up the loose ends on the way to victory. By now you've cast some seriously threatening cards, and are to use Marath, Will of the Wild once, maybe twice more to seal the deal. Don't be afraid to switch it up if your opponent adapts, and starts throwing down tokens instead of burn, or vice versaversatility is only effective in a deck when the pilot takes advantage of it.
As mentioned above, token generation is the contingency plan, basically ensuring your battlefield is never empty, and you can always block and attack.
I recommend having a Red, Green AND a White mana source in your starting hand, but sometimes that's a lot to ask.
Coming eventually!
This deck was built by modifying the 2013 Edition Naya-colored Commander Deck, "Nature of the Beast." I have another, Modern deck, called deck:bolster-a-corpsejack-menace-to-society which is very similar to this one, so I had a lot of decent Green and White "cast-offs from my other deck that I still wanted to use. Then I saw Marath, Will of the Wild and it was then that I knew what I had to do.
The suggestions I am looking for would of course be for fancy lands, creatures, enchantments, artifacts or planeswalkers that fit the theme and premise of this deck. Instants and sorceries are cool, but cards that can be used more than once are much cooler.

The feedback I am looking for would be for experiences with specific cards, or with certain combos that you think would benefit this deck.

"Come not within the measure of MARATH."
The Two Gentlemen of Verona
I was angry with my friend;
I told MARATH, MARATH did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, MARATH did grow.

And I waterd it in fears,
Night & morning with my tears:
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night.
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine.

And into my garden stole,
When the night had veild the pole;
In the morning glad I see;
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.
The Poison Tree

"Now tell me... for what purpose did you choose to slaughter all of my people? Depending on your answer, I'll send you to join God! NO... You don't deserve to stand by God alongside my fallen brothers! YOUR ONLY SOLACE FROM MARATH SHALL BE DAMNATION!"
Scar, Ishvalan Warrior Monk

The coding for this primer was developed by Epochalyptik here and modified by Gattison.


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