"Well they often call me Speedo, but my real name is Mister Earl" : )

My "other" red green - loves the piper/pandemonium combo!

Other peoples Uril EDH decks seem to have a lot more enchantments and less creatures than I have here, so this might need quite a bit more tweaking, but well see how it plays and go from there. 13 creature enchantments to pump him up (his favorite would be Armadillo Cloak , most likely...), more than half of which cost less than 3 mana. Hopefully can get to fetch for specific creature at least once w/ Worldly Tutor , Eldritch Evolution and/or Woodland Bellower . There's 9 possible creatures the latter can bring out: Gnarlwood Dryad , Tinder Wall , Dawnstrider , Aura Gnarlid , Wall of Blossoms , Steward of Valeron , Skarrg Guildmage , Fleetfoot Panther , and Citadel Castellan . The other 2 will be used for a heavy hitter like maybe Moonveil Dragon and of course, everybodys favorite, Elvish Piper .


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