Lady of the Loch

This my first commander deck, and my first deck of any significance after a very long time away from Magic. My initial goal here was to revisit some of the affinity fun I remember from the Mirrodin block, and I used an EDHRec article ( as a starting point. That being said, I think it's lost some of the affinity focus as I've iterated on it, but maybe that's okay. The other goal here was to not spend a ton of money, which is part of why I hadn't seriously played Magic in so long.

With Emry, Lurker of the Loch, the main trick here is that your graveyard is just another place to keep your artifacts when you're not using them. There are opportunities to sacrifice things and reuse them, self-mill, and card draw spells with the "drawback" of discarding more artifacts. Mirran Spy and Chakram Retriever make this much, much better since you can untap Emry every time you use her.

Cards like Thopter Assembly and Sai, Master Thopterist help you get a ton of artifacts on the board, as do Foundry Inspector and friends that let you cast more of them for cheap or free. These fuel the affinity cards, and the major win conditions: Broodstar, Master of Etherium, and The Antiquities War, which can dish out a lot of damage as you struggle to fit everything on your playmat.

Oh, and if you get hit by a board wipe? Try to get out Mirrodin Besieged and win off the second option once your graveyard is full of artifacts. It's not super reliable, but it's great when it happens.


Like I said, this is my first commander deck, so I think it could use a lot of polish. I have a ton of stuff in the Maybeboard--even with 100 cards, it's hard to narrow it down! My major concerns right now are:

  1. Are my win conditions solid enough? It's easy to just get out a ton of artifacts, but turning that into a win sometimes requires pieces I don't have. Do I need more big creatures or ways to get them through, or stronger combos? Or more ways to find the things I need?
  2. Is the deck fast enough? I've seen similar decks with more 0- and 1-cost artifacts. I feel like this hasn't been a big problem so far, but it could get things moving quicker.
  3. It's easy to get artifacts out of the graveyard, but not everything else. It's sometimes hard to decide if I should self-mill with abandon for Emry's sake, or hold back lest I dump a Broodstar or Mirrodin Besieged that I really need. This may just be a matter of figuring out how to use what I have.
  4. Do I need more removal? More ramp? Irrespective of everything else, I'm still figuring out what makes a solid backbone for a commander deck.



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