Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

A Morph Tribal EDH deck!

Trying to find some ways to use Sidar (for more Sidar goodness, check my Sidar Kondo Infects the Weak deck!), I came across Morph creatures! This is not some high-quality deck, but I guess it might be fun and interactive (also it's cheap). And I always wanted to make something with Morph creatures, so here goes nothing.

The premise:

The basic idea is that you use Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa and his unique ability to get through with your face-down 2/2 morph creatures, then in the damage phase you switch them up, best together with an enhancing ability and hit for some good damage. The dream is hitting with double-damaged Krosan Cloudscraper. It has basically all the morph creatures inside that seemed good for the colors, and additionally some more creatures with power <= 2, which you can then pump up with abilities. In general, once creatures get through you want to pump them up with abilities, artifacts or spells. Instants like Strength of Cedars can serve as one-time pumps, while artifacts like Dragon Mask (which also puts the creature back to your hand, so you can play the morph game again) and abilities like Ursapine serve as continous pumps.Other ways are to use Dictate of the Twin Gods, Furnace of Rath, Gisela, Blade of Goldnight and Gratuitous Violence to give you a pseudo double-strike, the great thing is that it stacks with double-strike, so you can actually deal 4 amounts the damage! Even with only the morphed down 2/2's, you are already dealing a whopping 8 damage per creature. Now imagine a morphed up creature that got pumped too, or just hitting for 52 damage with Krosan Cloudscraper!

There are a few methods to fall back upon, Rogue's Passage, Chandra's Ignition, or Quietus Spike together with doublestrike quickly diminishing a players life. You could also always include Insurrection and hope for the best.

If needed, there could be an alt wincon build with Angel's Grace/Fortune Thief and Near-Death Experience I stumbled upon.

Besides that, other ways the deck could be changed would be with a beast or dragon subtheme, going with a more aggressive style with Anger and using Isochron Scepter to make your instants renewable, or using some method to flip the creatures back to your hand, with either Crystal Shard, Erratic Portal or Dust Elemental. Definitely some things one could change here.

Anyways, the deck is just straightforward and flavourful as such, don't expect much, but with a bit luck it might steal a win. And it is pretty fun to play, as no one knows what to expect and it feels very good using Sidar to get a creature through, pump it up to 20 attack and then finish the player with Chandra's Ignition.

What needs work:

Landbase should be playable, but could obviously take some work, but I still refuse paying 20$ for a mere fetchland. Ramping could be an issue, morphing is expensive and I kind of have to play the long game there. Other issues might be removal, be it spot removal or mass removal, and maybe adding something so people can't counter our pumps. And with all decks that rely on boardstate, something against removal is always sought after. We have two spells, but getting back from a boardsweep seems hard. Great would be something that ensures that our creature stay alive till they get flipped, best would be something that makes all creatures <=2 power indestructible? Hook me up with ideas!

Switching out Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder for Tana, the Bloodsower:

Bruse Tarl was the main idea I built the deck with (After Sidar), but I used also Tana, the Bloodsower for two games because I didn't have Sidar there yet. Tana works differently, she has the advantage to give you a lot of blockers and other ways to deal damage without morphing creatures up, and is in general even without Sidar of use. When running Tana, I used Thelonite Hermit instead Erratic Portal, which is to get Bruse back to my hand should he get blocked and I can recast him for his ETB ability. The Hermit obviously functions well with saproling tokens.

Other stuff:

Things I may put in: Path to Exile or Order / Chaos I need some spotremoval for enemeis going cray cray. Solar Tide for more boardclear. And maybe more mana amplification that benefits all so I can cast my stuff earlier. The new samut planeswalker might also find a place, just as a double damage source.

Also one of the best moments I had was when I had Sidar, Bruse, Brion Stoutarm and a morphed down Primal Whisperer on the board. Funnily, another player had a Whisperwood Elemental on the board and had already 5 manifested creatures. So I attacked someone with the Whisperer, gave him double strike with Bruse, made him unblockable with Sidar, then flipped him up in the damage phase so he was a 12/12 with doublestrike and lifelink. Then I shot him away with Brion. I killed a player in one shot and got 48 life. I also still lost, but that moment was so worth it.

Notes: My playgroup has Sol Ring banned, so don't forget to put it in if you try the deck! The A is only for me to check which cards I still am missing in my collection.



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