Hi! This is my second deck on Tapped Out. I've always enjoyed Boros, but it's a notoriously difficult color combination to build competitively in EDH. I've done my best to make a reasonably-strong red-white deck. Take a look!

Voltron Theme

Since these colors are really bad at tutoring, the deck is filled with the only thing they ARE good at searching for: equipment pieces! The deck has a pretty heavy Voltron theme, but note there are only 8 pieces of equipment. This works because we have 7 ways to tutor them up, adding consistency to colors that sorely need it.

Equipment Tutors

Enlightened Tutor, Open the Armory, Relic Seeker, Steelshaper's Gift, Stoneforge Mystic, Godo, Bandit Warlord and Stonehewer Giant. Bonus: Enlightened Tutor can get us any artifact/enchantment, and Open the Armory can also grab Prison Term in an emergency.

Land Ramp

For ramp, we have the staple Sol Ring, Ancient Tomb, and Temple of the False God. Solemn Simulacrum also helps ramp us forward. There's also Coalition Relic. Land Tax + Terrain Generator and Myriad Landscape can help ramp us too.

Land Smoothing

We have Land Tax, Oreskos Explorer, and Expedition Map.

Strionic Resonator

Strionic Resonator has nearly 30 relevant abilities in this deck to copy, from creatures with come into play effects, to getting extra triggers off equipment damage, to Aurelia and Godo's extra combat step triggers. Just glance through the creatures in the deck to get an idea of how useful this is!

Early Game Play

Essentially we're aiming to get early beats in while building our board position with equipment. I've had success by tutoring early for Sword of the Animist to keep up with the typical ramp of my opponents. We've got several swords to search for, which help protect our creatures and provide card advantage.

Ranger of Eos Package:

Ranger can tutor up 3 targets: Mother of Runes , Kytheon, Hero of Akros   , and Serra Ascendant . Note that Ascendant is the only vanilla beater the deck runs; every other creature brings some utility. However, Ascendant is chosen because not only can she come down turn 1 and soon start swinging hard with equipment, but she adds extra value in that she is one of the few creatures in the deck who can be tutored for. Other creatures I considered for the package are Kor Duelist and Goblin Welder . Duelist is powerful holding a Sword, and Welder is a way to situationally recur my equipment or disrupt my opponents' powerful artifacts, but I'm not convinced they're useful enough.

Card Draw/Advantage Engines

Since we're in Boros, we don't have much to choose from for decent draw spells. We do have the classic Land Tax + Scroll Rack combo to help us refresh our hand each upkeep. We also have Sword of Fire and Ice to draw cards and Sword of Light and Shadow to get our creatures back. Unfortunately, these are unreliable as our creatures must hit our opponents. Luckily, we do have Iroas, God of Victory to help ensure our creatures can swing safely. We also have Puresteel Paladin and Stone Haven Outfitter which do a really nice job of refilling our hand if they're on the board while we play equipment cards. Although we only have 8 equipment pieces in the deck, we see them frequently due to our many equipment tutors. We also have Wheel of Fortune and Reforge the Soul to refill our hand. Unfortunately, these also refill our opponents' hands, but what's nice about them is they can disrupt our opponents too. It's nice to cast a Wheel effect just after an opponent has tutored for something but not yet cast it.

Other Engines

Daretti, Scrap Savant can help us dig through our deck, and although it's a long shot, his ultimate will make our equipment resilient to removal. We also have Mimic Vat + Solemn Simulacrum as a draw and ramp engine. Even without Solemn, Mimic Vat can be quite powerful in a creature-heavy meta. Strip Mine + Sun Titan can be strong as well. Eldrazi Displacer can be used in tandem with any of our creatures' come into play abilities for added value.


We have Reveillark which can recur lots of targets, including Karmic Guide, who herself can recur other creatures. Once Emeria, The Sky Ruin is online it gives us nice recursion, but we only have Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight as bomb targets. Otherwise, Emeria will typically recur smaller utility creatures such as Stoneforge Mystic and Godo, Bandit Warlord to fetch us more equipment. We have Feldon of the Third Path, who provides additional value out of our dead creatures. Sun Titan can recur almost all our equipment from the graveyard, and he can also bring back many small creatures. Sword of Light and Shadow also brings creatures back to hand.

Graveyard Hate

We have Stonecloaker. He's decent, and he's reusable, or he can bounce another creature in an emergency situation. We also have Angel of Finality, who can be bounced with Eldrazi Displacer to exile multiple graveyards. I considered Rest in Peace but this hurts the deck as well, since it has many recursion effects.

Control-Hate Cards

We have some powerful hate against combo/control decks, including Stranglehold, Defense Grid, Grand Abolisher and Price of Glory . We also have Reverberate, Dualcaster Mage , and Wild Ricochet to help even the playing field if someone starts taking extra turns or playing huge instants/sorceries; hopefully we can get some benefit out of copying their stuff as a surprise! Karmic Justice really punishes any opponent who casts mass artifact destruction against us. Finally, we have Cavern of Souls to ensure Aurelia cannot be countered.

Ending the Game

Late game, our goal is to swing in with Aurelia, the Warleader and end it with General Damage in a turn or two by using our equipment with some combination of Godo, Bandit Warlord, Seize the Day, Waves of Aggression, and Strionic Resonator copying Aurelia's trigger to finish our opponents in multiple attack steps. We have Iroas, God of Victory to ensure our creatures can swing safely. If Gisela, Blade of Goldnight sticks to the board she makes things really easy. Alternately, if we can resolve Cataclysm with Aurelia in play, we have a strong chance of winning.


Refer to the Maybeboard for a list of cards I own, but am still considering. I really think this deck could use more draw spells, but white is TERRIBLE at drawing cards and the only good red draw spells are symmetrical Wheel of Fortune effects. The problem with Wheels is they provide cards to your opponents, which we want to avoid if possible. I also think the two Nahiri Planeswalkers may be decent. I tried a few games with Nahiri, the Lithomancer and I don't think a deck with only 8 equipment is enough to warrant using her. I haven't tested Nahiri, the Harbinger yet so she may be worth a try. I may add Rest in Peace or Relic of Progenitus as additional graveyard hate, but since my graveyard is a tool these will hurt me too.

Thanks For Your Feedback!

Take a look and let me know what you think. Upvote if you like what I've built! If you have suggestions, please don't be shy!


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