Court of Ire

Court of Ire


When Court of Ire enters the battlefield, you become the monarch.

At the beginning of your upkeep, Court of Ire deals 2 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker. If you're the monarch, it deals 7 damage to that target instead.

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Court of Ire Discussion

CaptainToll on Green Marchesa, True Hair

5 months ago

Vessiliana: thanks for appreciating the play of words :D Court of Ire seems like it does so little for 5 mana and therefore I chose to not include it. Does it perform better than expected?

Vessiliana on Green Marchesa, True Hair

5 months ago

Upvoted for the name at least!

Have you considered Court of Ire?

1empyrean on Ragavan, Boatswain of the Dragon's Smile

7 months ago

I'm testing some additions to replace some of the cards above.

I'll make actual changes to the list after testing for a while.

NicodaPico on Gisela, Queen of the One Shot

8 months ago

crazy idea but hear me out. So Gisela doubles all damage to your opponents but halves it for you. why not instead go the route of ping everything all the time. cards like Sulfuric Vortex , Pyrohemia , Roiling Vortex , Rampaging Ferocidon , Tectonic Giant gives you draw or damage, Court of Ire to name a few really start to add up with gisela. also dont forget Mana Geyser for some huge ramp on some turns, that cards never let me down. just look up some group slug decklists for more ideas on this subject

Ravenrose on Courtly Affairs

8 months ago

I do think you should add Court of Ire and Court of Ambition to this deck. It suits Marchesa very well, I think. Oubliette may also be prudent to consider. All in all, I like your deck a lot.

SpammyV on Win Con for Gruul Enchantress?

8 months ago

On-topic for what you're planning, you can use Ancestral Mask and Nylea's Colossus to get something really big before you rumble in. There's also passive damage you can stack up with Overabundance , Mana Barbs, Sulfuric Vortex , Court of Ire , et cetera to whittle people down. Sandwurm Convergence makes a lot of beef. It's mana intensive but Pyrohemia and Rite of Passage means you can have a thing that lives while you keep pinging everything. There's also the aforementioned Helix Pinnacle if you're looking at having a lot of mana.

Of course, if you think some thing demand a more personal touch, you could slam a Form of the Dragon and off someone yourself.

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