Skewer the Critics

Skewer the Critics


Spectacle (You may cast this spell for its spectacle cost rather than its mana cost if an opponent lost life this turn.)

Skewer the Critics deals 3 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker.

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) Common

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Format Legality
Pioneer Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Pre-release Legal
Legacy Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Brawl Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Historic Legal
Arena Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Pauper Legal
Standard Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal

Skewer the Critics occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.24%

Red: 5.13%

Rakdos: 2.94%


All decks: 0.47%

Red: 6.28%

Rakdos: 5.05%

Skewer the Critics Discussion

abbatromebone on Temur midrange ramp

3 days ago
  • That tutor is amazing run as many as you can. Not only does it find the creature it puts it on the battlefield. You can alos use creatures to help cast the spell (they don't have to be mana dorks).
  • Unless the indestructible part is happening a lot there are much better spells to run Lightning Bolt Lava Spike Searing Blaze Rift Bolt and Skewer the Critics all come to mind. Cindervines might be better than Destructive Revelry. And running one copy isnt that amazing.
  • I feel its important here to talk about sideboards (SB for short). You can 15 cards outside your normal deck to bring in against certain match ups (techinally after the first game in a round of 3, with friends i let them side board right away). That is where you want to put all of your situational cards for certain decks.
  • Cut Blasphemous Act. There 2 main reasons 1) it kills your big dudes you are ramping to as well as your mana dorks 2) if you are that far behind you've probably already lost.
  • As for the mana base you arfe running 11 red cards 3 of which are double red. They are cards you are playing later due to the cmc so getting that 2nd red isnt as bad. You have 16 red sources which is a lot for that many cards. Looks like 14 blue soruces for 4 cards. Green is clearly fine. ( I count Sylvan Caryatid, Utopia Sprawl, Gateway Plaza and the other lands as sources. I didn't count arbor elf being it has to hit a forest). You are only running 4 non-forest cards which is fine.

BRG24 on Gruul Prowess

1 month ago

Really cool deck. While Lightning Bolt and Wizard's Lightning aren’t possible, maybe Skewer the Critics might be ok? Spectacle seems pretty easy to trigger here, the only issue may be that it’s a sorcery but the extra damage might be more relevant. I’m not entirely sure whether it’s better than what you already have, but might be considering. Good luck with the deck.

TriusMalarky on Why Have There Been So ...

2 months ago

I think rather than "it just slows down the game" or "it's too complicated", it's actually because the only reason you'd want to run such an effect is if you want to make it so someone can't ever kill you.

Simply put, the cards suck unless you have all of the Circles in a pile and just sit around activating the abilities so that you don't die. And even then it's "did I draw the right color?", so it ends up being a binary effect.

In the end, they're so bad that the only way they can be good is if they become hyper oppressive.

Now, for damage prevention in general, like on Instants.... it's weird. It's also mostly because it's either 'OP' or useless. The effect just doesn't see play, and Wizards doesn't want to push it because suddenly White would be unstoppable. Same thing with lifegain -- Wizards has printed support cards, but it's never been tier 1 or 2 in anything but Standard, and that's only recently.

I'd call damage prevention, and 'pingers', an "edge mechanic" -- a mechanic that is absolute trash because if it was any better it would be unbeatable. It's actually a common phenomona: Sin Prodder, had it been , would have dominated Standard, Modern, and probably Legacy. As it is, it's a 3/2 that maybe draws cards. Had it been 2 mana, however, even if it was a 2/1, it would be a real threat. Coming down early in aggressive decks and turning Lightning Bolts on top into extra damage is fine, especially if you're running cards like Skewer the Critics and Wizard's Lightning.

SnakeByte77 on BR Menace Aggro

2 months ago

Skewer the Critics + Pestilent Spirit? Essentially a lightning bolt with deathtouch

Clashboy15 on RU Sprite Dragon?

2 months ago

Improbable Alliance is probably not very good for this deck, since this is an aggressive deck and alliance if for tempo decks, so definitely cut it. Cut Thrill of Possibility because it requires you to have at least two cards in hand and costs two mana, which is bad for a prowess deck. Also cut Flame Sweep and Keep Safe because first of all, 2/3 of your creatures don't have flying and secondly, this is an aggro deck and you should be killing your opponent before you need flame sweep. Keep safe is interesting, but again, it costs 2 mana and is not really an effective counterspell, since it is so situational. Also cut 2 Light Up the Stage and 4 Skewer the Critics because they often dont trigger prowess. You will usually be casting them after combat, which is pretty bad.

So, you cut around 11 cards, what should you replace them with? Well, to start off put two Dreadhorde Arcanist. It is a wizard and will let you recast spells, triggering prowess at the same time. Put in 1 Treasure Cruise. Although it doesn't synergize too well with dreadhorde arcanist, there's a reason why this card got banned in modern. Because you'll be casting so much cheap 1 mana instants/sorceries, this should easiley be a one mana Ancestral Recall . So now there's 8 more cards to replace. Add 4 Crash Through, as it will draw you a card for just 1 mana, triggers prowess and gives your big creatures trample. It's a must include in any pioneer prowess deck. Next, add 2 Warlord's Fury or 1 of that and one The Royal Scions. This depends on personal preference, if you want a late game play, the scions is fine. Personally, I would use just two Warlord's Fury. Finally, put in two Spell Pierce. It is basically keep safe but cheaper and less situational. For example, it can counter key noncreature spells in a combo deck, counter a big planeswalker, counter a board wipe, or just any non creature spell, all of which can not be done by keep safe.

Lastly, the sideboard needs some work. Take out all the cards in the current sideboard. Add two Pithing Needle. It can deal with pretty much any card in the format. 3 Grafdigger's Cage or Tormod's Crypt for some much needed graveyard hate. Remember, all these cards trigger prowess as well! Put 4 Abrade in the sideboard, as it can deal with creatures pretty effectively and can kill artifacts as well. 1 Disdainful Stroke for matchups with more beefy spells. 2 Mystical Dispute because of how overpowered simic and a lot of other blue decks is. 1 Aether Gust because again, simic is really powered (also deals with lots of other cards in pioneer by countering them or bouncing them). For the last 2 cards, add Searing Blood.

Kennsworth on Sac Collector

2 months ago

cut groundbreaker and splash black for Lightning Skelemental, its the only non single pip green card. Also feed the clan and gaea's blessing are definitely side board cards, they should definitely be more burn like Skewer the Critics or card advantage like Light Up the Stage You've also got 20 cards in your sideboard (28 if you count the 8 cards in the main that should be in the board) so you're gonna have the straighten that out. I'm not in your meta so I can't really help you there.

GoblinElectromancer on Burn on a Budget

3 months ago

Play 4X Shard Volley, Skewer the Critics, and Rift Bolt. These are all cheap impactful cards. I would play Thunderous Wrath as a 2 of in budget burn builds because it can be the BEST burn spell ever if you draw it and it's not in your opening hand. for five damage is pretty powerful. Even in a budget deck Lightning Bolt still needs to go in. It's not too much money and it's a stable card in several formats. Take out Storm Strike, Incendiary Flow, Thrill of Possibility, 2XLava Dart, 2XSearing Spear, and 2XTarfire. You can check out my budget burn deck here: Red = Burn Spells and More Burn Spells

GoblinElectromancer on Sobokai

4 months ago

4 Skewer the Critics seems good for a burn deck. Maybe one or two Grim Lavamancer if you want to control early game. I would take out main deck Pillage and possibly Incinerate.

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