Electrickery deals 1 damage to target creature you don't control.

Overload (You may cast this spell for its overload cost. If you do, change its text by replacing all instances of "target" with "each.")

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Electrickery Discussion

Profet93 on Killing Lands to go smack

1 week ago

Also, keep in mind that you cant target nimble mongoose with your muscle burst effects.

Vines of Vastwood > Rangers Guile IMO.

Electrickery = Sideboard

Neotrup on Chalice of the void vs …

1 month ago

There isn't really a difference. Chalice of the Void with 1 counter will trigger to counter Electrickery whether it's overloaded or not. A spell's mana value is determined by the cost written in the upper right hand corner (including X), not by the amount of mana actually spent (except in determining the value of X).

DrWaffles on Chalice of the void vs …

1 month ago

But why? If it says cast it for it’s dash cost? What is the difference between this and casting an overloaded Electrickery ?

plakjekaas on Looking for cards that have …

4 months ago

MagicMarc I'm afraid Electrickery isn't as broken with Dismiss into Dream as you believe, the Overload reminder text literally says you replace "target" with "each". That means an Overloaded spell doesn't target anymore, and won't destroy all illusions you don't control. Which makes sense, hexproof won't save your commander from an Overloaded Cyclonic Rift either, if Overload would mean to "target every possible target" instead of "replace 'target' with 'each'", hexproof would protect from it.

Electrickery is great with Pestilent Spirit though.

MagicMarc on Looking for cards that have …

4 months ago

Electrickery is probably one of the best cards you can play from hand to take advantage of Dismiss into Dream . It's overload would target every opponent's creatures.

You can also use Cowardice for a lower cost card than Dismiss into Dream .

wallisface on Less clutter?

4 months ago

The revamp is better but not by any notable margin - both decks have too much inconsistency to pick up on the differences from game-to-game.

I think you need to work towards getting playsets of your cards. The following list below just uses more copies of what you’re already running, and will play significantly stronger than what you’ve got now:

MrXilas on Advertise your deck!

7 months ago

Patty's Pretties: A Pauper Commander Deck

From My Reddit Post:

I've always wanted to do a Oops All Rats commander deck, but always found it to be a little bit tight on resources due to wanting to go three-color with it. I have wanted to make an Indulging Patrician PEDH deck ever since I saw it. Lifelink tribal felt a little cliche and felt too much like my Liesa deck, so I decided to combine these ideas instead.

The deck is pretty much wrapped up, but I have about six cuts I want to make. I'm trying to find room for Village Rites for draw, Spare from Evil for closing the game, Invoke the Divine for instant speed removal or a IP trigger if used on my turn, Raise the Draugr for recursion, Shields of Velis Vel to save my rats from Electrickery effects, and Angel of Dawn as another potential closer. Any thought on what should go? Anything from the other maybes I should put priority on?

gavriel1136 on Mana Burn 2.1

10 months ago

Remove-> Replace

Circle of Flame- Cindervines

Upwelling-Ruric Thar, the Unbowed

Guttersnipe-Setessan Champion

Frilled Deathspitter-Eidolon of Blossoms

Underworld Dreams-Read the Bones (3 black pips is a LOT)

Blazing Volley- Electrickery

These cards should help with your draw. Also, some of the cards i took out have little impact on the game.

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