Smash to Smithereens

Smash to Smithereens


Destroy target artifact. Smash to Smithereens deals 3 damage to that artifact's controller.

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Smash to Smithereens Discussion

wallisface on Forged Execution (Gruul Land-Hate)

1 month ago

I think there will be matchups where Splinter has its place, but i think the majority of the time it won’t be the case - though your meta may vary (i’m from a very competitive background, so the games usually close-to-already- decided by the time someone has the mana to cast this). Having as a sideboard option seems like a better decision, as it means you can bring it in for the games it matters, instead of being stuck with it the games it doesn’t.

I think Smash to Smithereens is a fine card, and good in this deck. I’d only thought of dropping a single copy to make room for the other mentioned spells.

As for the lands, the scry-lands are always better than the lifegain lands. 1 life seldom matters but being able to fix your draw often will. But if you’re looking to invest in a better land i’d suggest Copperline Gorge - it is a little pricier, but it’s much more useful and’ll generally go up in price over time, so’ll be a better use of your money.

As for the original question, imo Rust Scarab is better than Sunder Shaman (though i wouldn’t run more than 2). Your mana base isn’t tuned enough to cater for the stupid requirements of the Shaman.

MortisAngelus on Forged Execution (Gruul Land-Hate)

1 month ago


Hey! Thank you so much for the extensive feedback! You make a lot of good points!

However, I think you underestimate the power Splinter brings. Being able to remove all win cons from a combo deck or removing all basic lands of one type is what really makes ppl hate it. But I have been considering bringing the count down to 3.

I am surprised about you also not liking Smash to Smithereens; I see your point with always having a destruction card, but ultimately, the end goal is to kill the opponent, not just control them. So killing a permanent and pinging them 3 seems like a win-win imho. Or?

Ancient Stirrings is definitely something I must try to insert here. I have played against it; how have I not realized how good it would be here?..

And Barrier Breach I have already considered for side board. :) Gotta deal with those pesky God-creatures.

Ultimately, 4x Rootbound Crag is what I want for this deck. I am considering switching the Kazandu Refuge cards for the scry-equivalent cards instead. But we'll see.

But we never solved the original question, if you left the deck as it is for now, and only thought about Sunder Shaman vs Rust Scarab , which one would you insert?

Anyway, thanks a lot for all the feedback! Have a lot to think about now.

wallisface on Forged Execution (Gruul Land-Hate)

1 month ago

Nice build! Very juicy!

Some thoughts from looking through the list:

  • As you already mentioned, Shenanigans looks really good here. But I wouldn't necessarily drop Ancient Grudge for it, as Grudge will almost always be a 2-for-1, where as Shenanigans will always be a 1-for-1 (it's just you can have it in hand whenever you want it). Shenanigans is better than all of Destructive Revelry, Smash to Smithereens, and Splinter, so I'd suggest ditching one of them (if it were me, it'd be Splinter.

  • Your land count is really low. A bunch of your cards need for you to be at 3 mana, which you're going to only reach unreliably at 20 lands. I'd suggest going to 22 personally. This will also help you actually get Rust Scarab out too (which I personally think works good as a 1-or-2-of)

  • I'm really unconvinced by Splinter. If you're hosing your opponents boardstate, it usually won't matter whether they have more copies of a particular card in-deck. More often than not, it'll be the instants/sorceries giving you grief rather than the permanents (and Splinter can't hit those). This'd be the card i'd be ditching for Shenanigans as mentioned above. Splinter is a sideboard card at-best.

  • You mentioned on the forum-thread potentially using Voltaic Key, but I don't think this is necessary, as once the engine is going, the untap of the Key is just overkill. Something like Ancient Stirrings might be better suited though, as it gives you a turn 1 play, and lets you grab either additional lands, or grab additional Liquimetal cards (I would suggest staying at 20 lands if you added a playset of Ancient Stirrings).

  • Barrier Breach feels really strong here, though probably just as a 2-of. The cycling is nice if you're in a bad spot, but it's also going to end the game on-the-spot if you have multiple Liquimetal cards in play.

  • I reeaallly don't rate taplands (Kazandu Refuge). They're going to trip you up more often than they're going to help you colour-fix. Personally I'd sooner be running all your lands as basics, than include the Refuge. Only running 2 colours, and nothing needing multiple of a particular-pip you're very likely to be fine just running all basics anyway.

If it were me, I'd be ditching 4x Splinter, 4x Tin Street Hooligan, and 1x Smash to Smithereens, for 3x Shenanigans, 4x Ancient Stirrings, 2x Barrier Breach - but that's just me. You'll have a better idea of whether this sounds viable or nonsense.

Katzmania on Boros Burn

3 months ago

Hey Icbrgr I like your suggestion, but Smash to Smithereens seems like better artifact hate, so where would I sub it into sideboard?

SprkySprkyBoomMan on Adventures in Legacy Burn

4 months ago

So I thought I'd to return the favor. Suggestions incoming.. Ok before I start. I am a very casual player,so take what I say with a grain of salt.

While I can say goblin guide is very useful in my goblin deck. I don't know if it's worth the price lol. I paid like $55 for my set of four.

As far as weaknesses goes, maybe artifacts. I like the inclusion of Smash to Smithereens but I would to see x4 the sideboard. I would also think about a more permanent solution to destroying pesky artifacts.

Also in my experience when I play with my goblin deck. I find my burn cards can empty my entire hand. Then I would be forced to be playing one card per turn. With that being said I'm not sure that you would run into this problem with your deck but just something to think about. I was thinking maybe some draw cards to keep your hand from being dead and to keep your fire blazing high lol.

Last potential weakness I see is your creature size. I would definitely include a 4x creature switch in on your sideboard. I highly recommend Vexing Devils.I run it. It's useful to burn them early and if you get it late you'll get a sturdy body to defend with because people usually take the damage early and late they will let you keep the monster instead of taking the damage. In my experience.

Last suggestion, I think for your land situation you could run x4 Evolving Wilds and x4 Terramorphic Expanse It would help thin out your deck from all of your land so you can just burn all day all night lol. I think you could get away with running them both because your average mana cost is 2.

I've never played with a burn deck like yours before so like I said earlier take everything that I say lightly.

TriusMalarky on Budget Mono Green Agro for FNM

5 months ago

If you're playing fetches, Landfall Zoo is strictly better than general green stompy. The price difference is in the lands.

Wild Nacatl starts you off as a 1 mana 3/3, then add Steppe Lynx and Akoum Hellhound for some insane beaters. Narnam Renegade gives you a fourth great one drop, and Brushfire Elemental and Plated Geopede put in plenty of work. Add Burning-Tree Emissary and Hidden Herbalists for some better 2 drops. Myr Superion takes advantage of the mana off Emissary and Herbalists.

Top it off with Scale Up and Become Immense for some big boi energy.

It's a bit cheaper than this solution as Arid Mesa and Windswept Heath are a lot cheaper than other fetches. Also, you get Path to Exile and Prismatic Ending for removal, as well as other fun tools like Lightning Helix , Lightning Bolt , Light Up the Stage , Ancient Grudge , Smash to Smithereens , etc.

Of course, it's an entirely different deck, so it's completely up to you -- I might have some other stuff in my back pocket.

K0rt on Fire & Lightning it burns, oh my!

5 months ago

For sideboard options Blood Moon , Shattering Spree , Roiling Vortex and Molten Rain are good. Blood Moon and Molten Rain against greedy mana bases and Tron, although Blood Moon is much better against Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle decks like Scapeshift and Amulet Titan. Shattering Spree is better than Smash to Smithereens against mass-artefact decks like AsmoFood while Smash to Smithereens is better against Chalice of the Void so you might want to run a couple of both. Roiling Vortex is something I'm a big fan of as a meta pick, it hits the cascade cards and Mishra's Bauble hard, is lifegain hate against cards like Batterskull while also giving some damage over a longer game. You can use Alpine Moon for a budget option for Blood Moon, although it is worst in general.

As for the maindeck, I second the recommendation for Light Up the Stage , probably cutting the Searing Blaze as 16 lands + no fetches means that it is often going to be dead without landfall, even if it is really good against creature decks early. I would also give a look at Grim Lavamancer as a source of repeated burn.

BrassLord on Fear the Night - Werewolf eldrich horror

8 months ago

Possible sideboard includes that are budget Back to Nature for Boggles, Sorcerous Spyglass for a catch all, Ancient Grudge and Smash to Smithereens for Affinity, Tormod's Crypt for graveyard shenanigans, Ghost Quarter for Tron, and Thragtusk or my favorite Bottle Gnomes for any Aggro!

But sideboards are always dependent on what you play against! Hope that gives some ideas!

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