You cannot teach a crab to walk straight. It just does what it do.


My CRABtivating scrappy Charix Deck that's full of tricks! I've been having a SHELL of a time playing this deck!

I've tried to make this a voltron/polymorph deck. Both strategies rely on low creature counts and seem to work really well together. Since our Big Boy Crabbo can already become a huge powerful beater late game, the equipment also work nicely with our polymorph payoff cards! Since our Crab Daddy has a fat butt toughness and "almost but definitely not" Hexproof, our commander is relatively safe and can be an effective polymorph target. There are also a few non creature cards that can produce tokens or become creatures themselves that can serve as polymorph targets as well in case our crab is stolen, maimed, or steam fried by our opponents.

Some of the tricks include:

Proteus Staff / Vessel of Endless Rest + Tunnel Vision can try to mill out a single opponent (or ourselves)

Blightsteel Colossus + Hot Soup for a flavorful delivery of soup (goes good with Crab too!)

Twisted Image Can quickly pump up the Crab

Mirrodin Besieged a cheeky alternate win condition that also lets us cycle through our deck AND can give us another Polymorph target. Another card that synergizes well with Tunnel Vision to take out a single opponent

Reins of Power really punishing against go wide decks (a particular weakness of this deck).

Want to play the Crab, but don't want to SHELL out an arm and a leg? Introducing Charix, the Penny Pincher ($40- $100)! Scuttle on over sideways and give the budget brew a SEA!

Suggestions are welcome! (This is my first time using tappedout, so apologies for any formatting issues!). Budget version here:

Charix, the Penny Pincher ($40- $100)

Commander / EDH BrassLord



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These past few expansions have smiled upon our shell! I've traded around and finally added in my first piece of big boy ramp!

Out: Chronatog Totem---> In: Mana Crypt

Mana crypt away! I'll be sad to see our friendly tog out of the deck, but it's hard to say no to a free two mana!

Out: Island ---> In: Inventors' Fair

Another utility land! Thanks for whoever suggested this! It searches for any of our artifacts!

Out: War Room ---> In: Urza's Saga

OH BOY this land is great! Makes a token for Polymorph? Check! Search for FRIGGIN Hot Soup?! DOUBLE CHECK! Like this card a lot! May slide in the War Room for an island, just worried about producing blue!

Out: Frantic Search ---> In: Solve the Equation

Tutors for any of our wincons! Just a solid include! Huzzah!

Out: Desertion ---> In: Fierce Guardianship

I only tend to want to counter spells when the big boy crab is out or to stop a game winning combo! I think I've only resolved Desertion once in all the games I've played so far. More often than not, I find myself tapped out. Fierce Guardianship just feels like a better include!


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