Twisted Image


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) None
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Uncommon

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Twisted Image


Switch target creature's power and toughness until end of turn. Draw a card.

Twisted Image Discussion

TheMillKid on The Cinder Wind

3 months ago

Lightning Bolt is strictly better than Shock , so that's an easy upgrade.

Although Zada, Hedron Grinder isn't a Wizard, I think she works well in supporting your overall goal. By targeting Zada with any of your cheap cantrips, you draw cards equal to the number of creatures you control. The copies aren't cast, but it could also work well with Eye of the Storm. An optimistic example:

You control Zada, Laboratory Maniac , and four creatures; Eye of the Storm has Leap and Expedite currently exiled. You cast Slip Through Space targeting Zada. Have Zada's trigger resolve first, so Slip targets LabMan and the four others (draw 5). Then, your eye trigger resolves. Target Zada with Leap, Expedite, and the newly exiled Slip. Zada copies those to each other creature you control as well, so you each of your three (3) cantrips would target your six (Zada +LabMan + 4 other) creatures, drawing you 18 cards (23 total, counting the first 5 you drew).

If you're looking for more cantrips, there are some functional reprints of cards you're currently playing, namely Cloak of Feathers and Crimson Wisps . Cards such as Renegade Tactics , Cerulean Wisps , and Twisted Image might also prove useful.

Happy brewing!

Darth_Savage on

4 months ago

To be honest, for Modern, this is low on one drops. I'd probably run Perimeter Captain Dragon's Eye Sentry or Stalwart Shield-Bearers to give you more options on turn 1. High Alert might be a better backup plan than Assault Formation but there isn't much in it, it's certainly worth testing. People do play Twisted Image which is more or less a kill spell against your deck. I think you need to fit a protection spell in Heroic Intervention or Simic Charm would work.

Fortunately no-one plays Mannichi, the Fevered Dream , as this is essentially a board wipe against your deck. On that note, I hope this comment was helpful, good luck brewing your deck.

Darth_Savage on Arcades' Wall

5 months ago

Nobody plays it but Mannichi, the Fevered Dream would wipe out your entire barricade. More seriously people do play Twisted Image which is more or less a kill spell against your deck. I think you need to fit a protection spell in Heroic Intervention or Simic Charm , I'd cut Wall of Mist, since its a vanilla wall. I would generally play more 1 drops than 2 drops, maybe Dragon's Eye Sentry instead of Wall of Tanglecord? Hope this helps, good luck brewing your deck.

BMHKain on I somehow need help again; ...

7 months ago

@Kederekt: o_0|||

Um... I really need to rename my deck completely if Tetsu-chan is actually Tetsu-kun... Is Tetsuko Umezawa really a Dude? I'll see to it to rename my deck as if my perception of the commander is false. I just want other proof first...

The rest of the comment? Quietus Spike looks like it won't just be for Gorm or Virtus anymore... I wonder what Twisted Image does... I'll edit the comment to find out...

Okay, it seems to be another target for Isochron Scepter. So I can reuse this w/o fail while I have Paradox Engine in play... Thanks. :)

DanteBeleren on Tetsuko Unblockable

7 months ago

And if you wanna be cheeky with Tetsuko and go for General damage consider Merfolk Thaumaturgist and/or Twisted Image (maybe under an Isochron Scepter?). But no problem!

Funkydiscogod on What's a worthy modern legal ...

11 months ago

Ravenous Bloodseeker is real close to what you need.

You'd have to use Inside Out or Twisted Image to make its ability give you -2/+2.

I'm not sure how reasonable this would be.

mrfab13 on Budget Infect

1 year ago

Yavimaya Coast is great and Botanical Sanctum is better (semi budge tho)

back to nature is only good against bogles or maby some weird prison deck, not worth running at all... 4x Nature's Claim is exactly what you need thogh (and possibly 1xViridian Corrupter). Twisted Image for spekkskite is also viable. Livewire Lash for if you need to grind possibly. Dismember for removal. Wild Defiance for if your opponent is using bolt for removal and crazy buff in genral.

Pact of Negation is less budget bus has dropped or your own spellskite to take some removal

and a couple of Spell Pierce and then ur sidebaord is done

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