Activated abilities of creatures cost less to activate. This effect can't reduce the amount of mana an ability costs to activate to less than one mana.

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Heartstone Discussion

DeathCheese763 on UG Gilder Bairn Pauper EDH

1 month ago

not very budget but Heartstone could make this go infinite.

Mortlocke on I Hope You Like Slivers

1 month ago

Always happy to see a Sliver deck, HCO_Guitars. I do have a few suggstions:

  • I'd reconsider the inclusion of Heartstone as it can also benefit your opponents as well. This deck is tagged as being "competitive", so you generally don't want to play spells that are a net benefit for the table - only for you. I'd suggest replacing the previously mentioned with either: Urza's Incubator or Herald's Horn.

  • Virulent Sliver is a wasted slot. Why? Because for you to actually win you'd need to have 10 separate instances of your creatures assigning combat damage to a single opponent for them to actually lose to poison damage. I do see that your deck has a few creature copy effects, but in my personal opinion you need a lot more copy effects for this to be a viable alternate wincon - even in a casual deck. I suggest cutting the card altogether for another counterspell effect like Counterspell, Swan Song, Dovin's Veto or Delay.

I think you could potentially lean in more on the creature copy subtheme of the deck and just go all in on a unique vision for Sliver tribal aggro, but that's just me. +1 for Slivers and good luck in your adventures piloting this iconic tribe.

CommanderNeyo on Zombie Lazer | Varina, Lich Queen

1 month ago

Is it worth adding Heartstone to make Varina's ability only one mana?

carpecanum on Jenara Counters

2 months ago

You have about 5 creatures that would benefit from a Heartstone, including your boss.

My favorite card with a deck that can always spend mana on something is Azor's Gateway  Flip. Jenara or Shalai, Voice of Plenty would be game enders with that much mana to spend of counters.

Doombeard1984 on Overlord and his Comboing Court

5 months ago

The deck is looking really good man, +1 defo given from my hive to yours. Also, thank you for the mention. This is the first time I have been mentioned in a thank you I think. I am truly humbled.

So, have you thought about using Training Grounds instead of Heartstone ? its cheaper to play, and also gives cost reduction for your Overlord , not just ?

As I said, its looking really good. Take care Voodoo_Gremlin

Kwhill on Blind Seer ($50)

6 months ago

Not sure what rose in the last few days. Currently looking for swaps to make to bring it back under $50.

Easiest swap is Fabricate for Solve the Equation but I lose access to another tutor for Heartstone .

Kwhill on Blind Seer ($50)

6 months ago

aznb01777 oh yeah. It happened a few months ago I think. Pretty sad.

I am running Dismiss into Dream though for sure. I can still get the "1 mana, kill a creature" from Heartstone too. Cowardice is also similar. (I'm running both currently)

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