"We need to re-evaluate our use of the word 'Legendary.' We used to say it of the person that pulled the sword from the stone. Now we say it about whoever can find the Doritos."

I've been in love with the "Swords of X & X" cycle since it came out and I finally got ahold of the last of the full art cards that I was missing. This is my attempt at making an interesting equipment deck for commander that isn't Blue, Boros or Knights because; I don't like really like blue, I think Boros equipment would be boring, and I already have a Mardu Knight deck to play. I figured that Monarch would give me the chance to have some fun interactions at the table and theme up my swords deck plus I've been wanting to try out Queen Marchesa.

"The Swordfish has no natural predators to fear...

... except the Penfish, which is supposed to be even mightier."

I usually play pretty combat forward decks and I don't usually win at the table but I have a lot of fun and hopefully the other players do too so if you have any suggestions that would make it more consistent or fun then I'd love to hear it. If you have any experience with playing or going up against Mardu Equipment and have some advice or insight it would be greatly appreciated.

"Does anyone know any good sword-fighting puns? I'm trying to think of words that have...

... a duel meaning."

Will likely add Invasion of Fiora   and Sword of Once and Future from the set March of the Machine.


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