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Ridiculously Threatening Auras [Bruna EDH]

Commander / EDH Angels Enchantment Voltron WU (Azorius)


A simple casual Voltron deck that focuses on pumping up Bruna, Light of Alabaster as fast as possible to deal 21 damage to an opponent.

Your main goal is to get Eldrazi Conscription, Battle Mastery and any sort of evasion to be left unblocked such as Spirit Mantle. There are 3 places where Bruna can get her enchantment:

A. The Battlefield, not only yours but theirs also. If you have any means to steal an Aura from somebody else, please do it!

B. Your Hand. Just by tutoring some card in your hand you can avoid paying the large cost by attacking with Bruna.

C. Your Graveyard. They have enchantment hate, no problem, just get it from your graveyard. Mirror-Mad Phantasm is there just to make sure you can have a chance to get what you want into your graveyard.

Several cards are there only to fasten your quest for Ridiculously Threatening Aura; Sovereigns of Lost Alara, Academy Rector, Idyllic Tutor, Three Dreams and Enlightened Tutor.

While White and Blue give you some good protection for your card and some extra evasion she lacks the Red that gives you the needed haste to make sure you can hit someone hard without them having the time to retaliate. There is some colourless option for making her haste that has been added to the deck; Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves, Helm of Kaldra and Sword of Vengeance with the added benefit of making her even scarier.

Now, if somehow you're not able to get Bruna out, there is another way to win this game:

Take control of their Commander to deal 21 Commander damage. No better humiliation. You may even pump their general so it deals more damage, careful though if they have enchantment hate.


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