“Look beyond, to the vascular awareness that all life is a map to greater knowledge."— Momir Vig

The goal of this deck is to control the board until Momir Vig successfully resolves, then the fun begins.
This deck is built around a one turn storm combo, involving infinite mana, and at least one green/blue creature. Momir Vig is the focal point of the combo, seeing as he can endlessly tutor green/blue creatures from your library with enough gas. Even without this he can be used to help tutor out things like answers and very impactful but less game-ending combos. In games where Momir Vig resolving isn't very likely, I've had this deck hold it's own very well, seeing as I have several undercover commanders hidden throughout. On its own this deck has even gone as far as a Laboratory Maniac,Tishana, Voice of Thunder and Deadeye Navigator one-turn self-mill combo.

Any suggestions on how to improve the deck are greatly appreciated.


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