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Fly, Fly, My Pretties! [Locust God]

Commander / EDH Aggro Multiplayer Tokens UR (Izzet)



The Locust God

Props to darleen for the inspiration - I'd been wanting to build a Locust God EDH deck since I pulled it, but was missing a few cards to make it work. I built mine with fewer artifacts and more control.

The control is crucial for the early game, until the Locust God is out; after that, this thing takes off like a... well, like a swarm of locusts. The control and ramp usually also have card draw, e.g. Exclude and Hedron Archive . Win-con is straightforward - locust swarm!! Lots of card draw, obviously, but lots of combo play as well.

Most of the combos are off artifacts:

- Ashnod's Altar + Skullclamp - Infinite locusts or infinite mana.

- Alhammarret's Archive + Skullclamp - 3 locusts for every 1 mana.

- Library of Leng + Windfall (or any of the wheel effects) is hilarious because you can redraw your entire hand if you want, while making your opponents discard, and get a locust for each draw.

- Psychosis Crawler is a monster in this deck, though for offense all you really need is Favorable Winds + Mindwrack Liege (or either with Obelisk of Urd , which you can cast for free by tapping six locusts). With all three, you're generating a 6/6 flier with haste every time you draw.

Even with some control, this deck is a little vulnerable to board wipes and targeted removal, since it's so commander-dependent. But since Locust God goes to your hand, the recovery speed is usually just one turn.

I know I'm missing a few wheel cards, like Magus of the Wheel and Arjun, the Shifting Flame . Any other suggestions or comments are appreciated. Please upvote if you like the deck!


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