Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Weatherlight Common
Portal Uncommon

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Each player discards any number of cards, then draws that many cards.

Draw a card.

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Flux Discussion

uargaroth on Lorescale Coatl (Pauper EDH)

1 month ago

Flux and Whirlpool Rider can pump your commander a ton. I don't like Invisibility at all. Rush of Knowledge is a notable exclusion, along with Compulsive Research Sea Gate Oracle and some big creature threats, say Ulamog's Crusher or Oakgnarl Warrior. I also like Petals of Insight. You're playing Archaeomancer, but not its Wall friend? Ranger's Path is a nice 2-for-1 ramp spell.

ohmless on The Echo of Silence

2 months ago

mind over matter is one of my favorite cards. I think it would help to have some mass card draw from Alhammarret's Archive + draw card spells like Jace's Archivist, Stroke of Genius, Tolarian Winds, Prosperity, Windfall, and/or Flux. Looks like a strong deck. +1'ed

Lilbrudder on Phelddagrif and Phriends

7 months ago

I am partial to Arcane Denial as a "nice" hard counterspell

Flux is also something that people appreciate and can help you refresh your hand if your mana flooded.

Sylvan Offering: Gives you blockers while also giving your "friends" free creatures.

SturWulf on The Queen's Egg

8 months ago

Flux for more draw fun.

Aethos on Hold on, I thought card draw was a GOOD thing.

8 months ago

For Spikey:
Kami of the Crescent Moon/Howling Mine are very similar to Temple Bell, everyone draws one additional card per turn. But with a Temple Bell you can decide when everyone has to draw. The problem with all of these is, that as long as your opponents don't die, you give them a tremendous card advantage. If they play a combo deck, they will get their pieces faster, a control deck will have more answers, everyone will be more likely to draw into their enchantment removal and so on. If you got Howling Mine and Underworld Dreams out and they kill your Underworld Dreams, you just let them draw cards without cost, which is huge for them. That's why most Nekusar, the Mindrazer decks are ramp into wheels to finish of the whole table at once or control into wheels to finish of the table at once.

For fun:
A fine tuned Nekusar, the Mindrazer deck can be quite quick in killing everyone at the table, i would say it's probably a tier 2 (maybe 3) multiplayer deck. But commander isn't all about winning, it's about having fun with the people you are playing with. In that sense the group hugging aspect of Howling Mine is great. Everyone get's to see more of their deck and play more stuff and with some politics you might still be the last man standing. Spikey's Nekusar, the Mindrazer deck on the other hand is way less fun to play against. Btw Flux goes in the same direction, your opponents can sculpt a nice hand for a few points of damage.

Notion Thief doesn't ruin your deck. In a 4 player game you draw 28 cards and they discard their hands with a single wheel. You will have a full grip of everything you need to win the game and they got nothing. I am a blue mage through and through and this turns me on so much. It's also just a two piece combo and one half is like a fifth of the deck. Also, they have to kill Notion Thief to refill their hands, so he won't stay for long.

The nice part about Breathstealer's Crypt is the knowledge of their hands you gain. But that cuts both ways, they see your hand as well. The damage it does is very dependant on the decks you play against, which I don't like that much. And you cannot kill anyone with it. It's a bit better in the group hugging deck, since you are incrementally killing them and it becomes quite good against bad players.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor isn't good board control in commander. It only bounces one target and it has to be a creature.

BalianIronguard on How can you hug someone ...

9 months ago

Another option I've seen our meta's "Group hug hippo" use is Laboratory Maniac and a lot of drawing out ( Prosperity, Flux, etc) and winning by decking themselves in the process of decking others.

MrIzzetMage on The Niv-Machine Gun

10 months ago


I haven't heard of Flux but I like the card. Seems like a sweet effect for this deck. As for Library of Leng, I've been considering adding it in for a while now because it does seem that I am struggling to kill the last player in 4-6 player games a majority of the time. At this point I'm just looking for what to take out to tech it in.


I have thought about infinite mana combos but haven't found any that I really like for this deck. Can you be more specific about the Infinite Blue Mana combo? I don't know what those letters stand for. I know Deadeye Navigator (DEN) but I'm lost on the others. I have been considering cutting some creatures but it's mainly been a problem of which ones should go.

Thank you guys for the suggestions.

Deckologist on The Niv-Machine Gun

10 months ago

It's so....shiny.

Looks like a pretty solid deck to me. A piece of secret tech I used to fun in my Niv deck was Flux. It was even greater with Consecrated Sphinx out because there was always some doofus that would drop his hand to draw like 9 cards and would end up getting domed for all the card drawing he was allowing me to do haha. At worst it lets you drop a huge hand for big damage. At best you oops I killed the table.

Something else that goes great with wheels and Mind over matter is Library of Leng many games Id have about 70 cards in hand and really needed to kill that last player. flux with library of leng basically says drop your hand then draw it again and its beautiful. With mind over matter it says discard and draw the same card over and over to machine gun everyone down with niv mizzet.

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