Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Lorwyn Common

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Tribal Instant — Treefolk

Destroy target noncreature permanent. If you control a Treefolk, draw a card.

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Rootgrapple Discussion

Cadois on The Ents Go Marching

1 month ago

Excellent deck, I played a lot against a friend with a Doran's deck. For flavour I would suggest Lignify, Reach of Branches, Rootgrapple and maybe Bramblecrush. :)

The7thBobba on

4 months ago

looks good so far dude :)off the top of my head, I'd add Dungrove Elder because of the massive ramp we've got going. Dauntless Dourbark because DAMN! Everbark Shaman because we ain't using the GY and DAT RAMP! Lignify for ultimate tribal trolling! Orchard Warden for insane lifegain. Rootgrapple for removal and drawpower in one spell. Treefolk Harbinger because TUTOR! and Ulvenwald Observer for more drawpower! Stay frosty dude!

Samuel-Frederick on What madness drove them in there?...

4 months ago

Okay The7thBobba, you asked for it lol! Here are some ideas for non-creatures spells. To start with, I'm going to run through the cards I think you'll feel fit the most for the theme (the most foresty ones).

Traverse the Ulvenwald, really solid draw for one mana, and some more delirium for the deck #ReconsiderIshkanah :D Here is a sideboard card (for your non-existent sideboard, so rubbish suggestion really...) Bower Passage, lets your walls command the field, make your opponents go through your forest, not over it! Another card for the sideboard, the control slayer, Eyes of the Wisent. Oh, by the way, you know how your forest is dark and cruel but protects those who are born and raised there, well, then show your love for that with Wrap in Vigor, I mean two mana, what a devastating response to a wrath or removal. Then we have Retreat to Kazandu, the fact that it does something every turn makes it feel like your forest is living and breathing, bring your forest to life.

Something that defines a forest of woods is the number of trees and the area etc, only a few trees is a garden, not a wood, so fix this issue! Here you go, Fungal Sprouting, not exactly trees, but with the help of the retreat, they will grow. Now a card I truly love (which came from a hatred of having to play against it as a control player), Asceticism, keeps those trees alive! Give yourself a little versatility, Primal Command does some of the things you need, some of the time, what more could you ask for. Back to talking about growing a forest, how about infinite trees! Reach of Branches, infinate, but one at a time. Then get those trees to work Rootgrapple, take this you stupid non-creature permanent! And how all my lands are alive Rude Awakening, nobody can keep up with this forest of pure destruction! A little mana greedy though... Okay, a break from the trees, lets get some elementals out there right, Zendikar's Roil, boom! And finally, Primeval Bounty, because sometimes you need everything!

anonymousperson184 on Bitch Slap by Branches

6 months ago

Awesome deck! I'd drop the Rootgrapple since it's pretty slow, and replace with something like Beast Within. I'd drop all your Lignify as well for Prey Upon or Vines of Vastwood. Can't wait to see where this goes!

orranis on Indestructible Treefolk

6 months ago

By adding in Spitting Image I have greatly increased my chances of getting two Timber Protector creatures to make each other indestructible (the one downside of just one on it's own is it stops one board wipe but dies in the process).
I have also doubled the value of each other creature that does useful stuff, especially Wickerbough Elder.
Also Temur Sabertooth becomes so incredibly versatile when combined with Bosk Banneret for taking a treefolk out of play then putting it back in for very few mana. That combo lets me repeatedly destroy artifacts or enchantments, repeatedly gain life (especially if something like Dungrove Elder is cycled in and out of play...3 mana to gain life equal to forests I control), repeatedly play Wood Elves late game when I am sitting on lots of mana with no cards to play, even repeatedly cycle Kalonian Twingrove for the x/x treefolk tokens (an indestructible 10/10 or bigger every turn? Who needs trample?).
With all the double/triple options on each card, I managed to do away with Rootgrapple and more than one of each high cost treefolk to reduce the deck size a bit.

Maxpphire on MW2016 Tribal Deck

7 months ago

Thoughts from Friends (Just to gather them in the Same Place):

Artiva - Asceticism and Privileged Position Seem like overkill
Path to Exile Should be in the Deck
Murmuring Bosk Should be Considered
Indomitable Ancients Works well with Doran
Unstoppable Ash is amusing
Rootgrapple will net a card and helps with lack of removal and combos nicely with Woodfall Primus
Get more 1 Drops, probably something that adds Green Mana

shinji16 - Arbor Elf might be a good one Drop and you really should have more lands like Overgrown Tomb

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