Festering Mummy


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common

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Festering Mummy

Creature — Zombie

When Festering Mummy dies, you may put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.

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Festering Mummy Discussion

Pieguy396 on dark forest2

1 day ago

Hey there! This looks like a great start to your first Magic deck! Welcome to the game, and to tappedout.net!

First of all, I would recommend reducing your deck size to the minimum - 60 cards. For every card you add over the minimum, it reduces your chances of drawing your best cards. I get that this might be hard to understand - if I add more cards, wouldn't my deck get better? However, let's say that Oracle's Vault is the best card in your deck. (This is just an example, your best card could very well be something else.) With a 105-card deck, you have a 1/105 chance (0.95%) of drawing Oracle's Vault. With a 60-card deck, however, your chances of drawing Oracle's Vault rise to 1/60 (1.7%), almost doubling your chances of drawing your most powerful cards. In any case, I'd take out the following cards:

This should make your deck a little more consistent, and hopefully a little more fun as well. In any case, I hope you have an excellent time playing Magic!

cesario- on Reoccurring Nightmare

2 weeks ago

Have you considered Nest of Scarabs, Exemplar of Strength, or Defiant Greatmaw? Plague Belcher also synergizes a well with Ammit and Festering Mummy.

Molochos on Jund -1/-1 Counter deck *Competitive*

2 weeks ago

I also build a Hapatra deck if you want to have a look

Hapatra's Creature Circus Agressive Control V3

as you said, Baleful Ammit is not really viable in a competitive setting.i also don't like Exemplar of Strength very much, it was fun to play it with a Festering Mummy on the field, but if you have to play it by itself it wasn't very good a 1/1 blocker or 2/2 attacker doesn't really work in my local standard at the moment.

now to the big thing Nest of Scarabs, this card is awesome,.. but ..... a 3 mana spell which wont impact the board in the same turn.... in my opinion to slow against decks like zombies and mono red. in the other match-ups it also wast rally viable because of either a lot of boardwhipes or because you don't have a spell like Overrun

but all in all a really nice deckkeep up the hapatra Love

sebtuch on

3 weeks ago

This deck lacks consistency. Is it about +1/+1 counters? Is it about zombies? What's your strategy?I think you should think about it how you would like to destroy your enemy. I am sorry to say that but now it looks like bunch of random cards. You need to look for consistency. Try to find 6-7 creatures, get 3-4 copies of each and try to make a deck with these. Then throw some spells to support these creatures or to destroy your opponents creatures.

Since you got Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet maybe you might want to focus on Vampires and Zombies? Festering Mummy would work really well with it and it just zombie version of Fourth Bridge Prowler. You might want to look for creatures with eternalize or embalm ability so regular creature will come back to battlefield as a zombie, that could work really well with Embalmer's Tools. You should look for more synergies. It's really hard to have any more suggestions for you at this point.

You need to do some research on your own.

Jaytotheareokay on Amonkhet God of Zombies

3 weeks ago

Dread Wanderer and especially Festering Mummy might not be a bad way to protect ya neck early on. Maybe Nimble Obstructionist for the control aspect and possibly a scarab god target that would give you 4 power up top. If you are running scarab god and Lilly and admittedly arent getting in the start of a win con until turn 8, you gotta run at least a few other creatures. Id say 4 festering, 4 obstructionist and 2 or 3 scarab gods. Take out some extra control that you know wont be as good (Fatal Push) and put in some bodies, imo.

NobleGhost117 on Bontu the Tiny Glorified Zombie God

3 weeks ago

If you're worried about not having a low enough mana curve, I found the following zombies: Festering Mummy, Black Cat, Blood Scrivener, Boneknitter, Null Champion, Plaguebearer

Zondarian on Hour of Hapatra

4 weeks ago

The only other 1 drop I was considering was Festering Mummy but I don't think that's better than Ruthless Sniper because in this deck I have removed all the cards that enter with -1/-1 counters. The slight advantage I do have is that Key to the City is available to use every turn so while I am limited on discard outlets the few I do have aren't a one and done source.

With that I considered Geier Reach Sanitarium and I really want to make space for it but the mana base is looking stretched enough already.

I'm taking the instant removal out more to see what happens rather than to definitely get rid of it permenantly. I suspect the most likely outcome will be at a minimum dropping Nest of Scarabs to the sideboard to make space for the removal.

NinjaShank56 on Glory to the Scorpion King

1 month ago

Cool random update, I was able to turn 5 flip a Westvale Abbey  Flip last night. Turn sequence went: T1: Land, Festering Mummy, pass T2: Land, pass, removal spell on their turn T3: Land, Nest of Scarabs, pass T4: Land, Channeler Initiate, make 3 insects T5: Play Westvale Abbey  Flip, tap everybody, sacrifice everybody, flip Abbey, make another insect from the Festering Mummy -1/-1 counter trigger, they scoop.

It was a very uninterrupted sequence of turns, but it can happen. I'm pretty hyped.

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