Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered Common
Vintage Masters Common
Exodus Common

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Creature — Zombie

At the beginning of your upkeep, tap Carnophage unless you pay 1 life.

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Carnophage Discussion

RoarMaster on Pattern Recognition #24 - Ninjutsu

1 week ago

I gotta agree with most of what you had to say. Ive waited forever for them to see some support, and Im afraid the weak attempt in planechase may be all we get.

I feel like you could have mentioned the cool interaction between First Strike/Double Strike and Ninjutsu. If you give a creature First Strike, that critter can deal damage and then be returned for ninjutsuing in a ninja to deal damage during the regular damage phase.

Oh, and although blue is not known for its 'smash face' approach, neither are ninjas. Black is pretty smashy, Grinning Demon, Carnophage, ect. BUT, what both Blue, Black, and Ninjas have in common is being evasive. So I really dont think that ninjas are taking U/B out of their combat zones. No other colors do Flying, Fear, Shadow, and Unblockable like U/B.

This is what I have been running. Surprisingly fun, fast, and complex. Ornithopter Insertion - Ninja Human Tribal($30)

DaJudge12 on Thrill-Kill Blitz! (Pauper Rakdos Aggro )

3 weeks ago

Depends if you want a play set of Spike Jester in the deck or not. I'd suggest removing one or two of either Carnophage and/or Vampire Lacerator. The one drop for 2/2 is nice but if you really want to smash your opponents face in, you gotta be quick and haste does that trick. Also, I'm not a huge fan of losing life via my own card effects, that's another reason why I would remove them.

Firebones675 on Lyzolda, the Blood Witch

1 month ago

Ok for 2 platers you can afford to get a bit more aggressive. This may sound obvious but you are going to want to unload the 20 damage you need to win as quickly as possible. To that end there are 2 things to keep in mind:

1) keep cmc low: cards like Grave Betrayal are nice but at 7 mana your opponents life total should be relatively low and you would rather have direct damage or more creatures to finish them off. Cards like Vile Requiem that arent useful into late game are also iffy

2) your life total is irrelavent. The longer the game goes on the less likely aggressive decks will win. As such don't fell bad about paying some life.

On that note you will want cards like Bitterblossom to provide a stream of creatures to beat down with and cards like Phyrexian Arena can keep your hand full.

here are cheap creatures to beat face with: Carnophage, Diregraf Ghoul, Firedrinker Satyr, Goblin Guide, Jackal Pup, Vampire Lacerator, Rakdos Cackler, Ash Zealot, Bloodghast, Blood Scrivener, Crimson Muckwader, Dark Confidant, Dauthi Slayer, Hellspark Elemental, Keldon Marauders, Rakdos Shred-Freak,Spike Jester, Young Pyromancer, Shambling Remains, Hell's Thunder, Anathemancer. I'm not saying you need to include all those cards but cards like that are nice. I's worth noting that they are efficient for their mana cost which is where aggressive decks want to be. The game plan can be attacking with cheap creatures and finishing them off with burn.

This means you want your lands to be able to come in untapped. assuming you don't want to buy a Badlands, there are still other lands that can tap for both colors and come in utapped like Blood Crypt, Dragonskull Summit, Blackcleave Cliffs, Sulfurous Springs. If you have in your deck the fetchlands (Bloodstained Mire/Polluted Delta/Wooded Foothills/Verdant Catacombs/Marsh Flats/Arid Mesa/Scalding Tarn) you can always fetch for your one-of blood crypt.

You can throw in hand disruption like Duress, Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, Hymn to Tourach, Blightning but i'd keep the amount relatively low.

Sign in Blood/Night's Whisper can also refill your hand

Price of Progress/Smash to Smithereens are also ways of dealing damage

Burst Lightning is a strictly better shock.

Sorry if this was long but I hope this helped. I think your deck is a good start but just needs to be a bit faster.

Hexcimal on Modern Suicide Bomber

2 months ago

I, too, have a very similar deck and can give you my insights on how it plays as well. Take what you would like from my comment, but by all means don't feel like I'm trying to impose on your deck.

It's a good choice to run Nantuko Husk over Bloodthrone Vampire. I used to run the vampire back when I played a budget version that ran Reassembling Skeleton and I can confirm, with Gravecrawler you want all the synergy you can get. Husk is a slower card, but well worth it.

As for Phyrexian Arena, have you considered replacement cards? I used to run that card as well, but found that I've always received more value (and net card-drawing ability) from Grim Haruspex. Interesting things I've seen happen while running the creature over the enchantment is that I've had opponents spend removal on it instead of my Artists/Cutthroats/Husks, and it synergizes well with Artist/Cutthroat triggers if an opponent wants to remove it.

I would also perhaps consider bringing some removal to the mainboard. Whether it's additional Geth's Verdict or any combination of cheap cards like Bone Splinters, Tragic Slip (a personal favorite of mine), or the shiny new Fatal Push (which has synergy with sacrifice decks), I've found I need some stability in setting up the deck until I can effectively use a Grave Pact.

On a side note, I like using Diregraf Colossus in place of Genesis Chamber for a creature generator as it provides synergy for my Gravecrawler and is another trigger for Artists/Cutthroats should it die, but Chamber is superior in terms of efficiency.

Also, how well does this deck play with so few lands? Mine runs 22 and sometimes I feel like it's barely enough with as many times as I want to cast Gravecrawler or activate Vampiric Rites per turn.

Regardless, it appears to be a very fun build and I'm sure it causes much annoyance to anyone that plays against it and isn't prepared. :)

(On another tangent, I believe this deck may be tagged as "Suicide Black" erroneously through common misconception. Though it does sound like it fits the bill--and I've been here too, trust me--the term "Suicide Black" is traditionally reserved for hyper-aggressive black decks that play cheap, high-drawback creatures that attempt to win as quickly as possible before the drawbacks affect the outcome of the game. Examples include Phyrexian Negator, Carnophage, and Flesh Reaver among others. Just thought I'd clarify, unless the archetype has changed since last I was aware. :) My humblest apologies if it has.)

burferking on Gravedwellers

4 months ago

Personally I don't like Accursed Centaur (no synergy to sac another creature), Carnophage and Embalmed Brawler make you lose life (you only have 3 spells that make you gain 2 life each) and Ghoulcaller's Accomplice isn't a zombie. Gangrenous Zombies could be useful if you control a Snow-Covered Swamp, but you only have one. Also, assuming you control your snow swamp it would be an almost guaranteed boardwipe unless you have zombies with higher toughness than 2. Shepherd of Rot is a bit dangerous if you don't have lifegain. Twisted Abominations are coslty and you already have 24 lands, so are you sure that they are useful? In my opinion, Clutch of Undeath is too colstly for its effect, but I reckon it can be versatile. For Zombie Infestation, you don't have many choices of cards to discard, unless you discard lands (if you are mana flood), or maybe the abominations. You have only 2 cards with madness ( Gisa's Bidding). You really don't need Ghoulcaller's Bell because you don't mill the opponent with any other spell in the deck. I'd also remove Vault of Whispers. Keep that card for an artifact deck.

Samuel-Frederick on My Only Zombie

5 months ago

Hey there. For me, the first thing to look at is tightening the deck up. Any deck that has all 1 and 2 ofs is a deck that doesn't have a great deal of focus. Do you want a deck that is fast off the ground and applies pressure, and then makes a load of tokens in the mid-late game? Or did you want something slower? At the moment the deck is fighting against itself. It runs Diregraf Ghoul which is an aggressive one drop, but also runs Grave Betrayal for seven mana, which is loads.

If you want to play more aggressively and make tokens, there are some really nice and very cheap zombie cards out there, I'll send some suggestions your way and see what you think.

Quest for the Gravelord is a nice one drop, pop it down, let your deck do what it does, and it won't be long before you get your 5/5. In very aggressive builds I like Carnophage, but as this build may be a bit slower, he might just cost you too much life. Another one drop you can run is Slitherhead. He isn't great, but he is one mana and boosts a guy after he dies. and if you run 4x Endless Ranks of the Dead then you want to have a whole bunch of zombies down if you can.

Because you want zombies on the field, your deck can be vulnerable to removal, so it's nice to have some creatures that have some sort of protection. For two mana there is Butcher Ghoul who comes back, Spiteful Returned who enters when the creature he bestows dies, and Sultai Emissary who manifests when he dies. All super cheap cards, as well as being fun and interesting as well.

For three mana Unbreathing Horde is awesome, so I'd run more than one if you can. Another guy that packs a hell of a punch is Diregraf Colossus and Liliana's Elite. Or if you want to get rid of them from your graveyard, then Corpseweft lets you keep getting zombies back.

If you want to take to the skies, then Stitched Drake is really strong. A 3/4 flyer for 3 is amazing value. If you want to go even more bold, then you can run Skaab Ruinator. If you are playing a graveyard sort of feel, then Undead Servant can be really good value, and gives you guys for your Endless Ranks as well.

A big guy with protection is Relentless Skaabs. I love this guy, he's huge, and he comes back! Awesome!

If you want things in the graveyard then make sure you have cards that will do it. Cards such as Screeching Skaab, Thought Scour, and Geralf's Mindcrusher are only a few suggestions for you.

Anyway, there are just a few ideas to have a look at.

CrystallineFlask on Ripper

6 months ago

i think a better card than Carnophage is Vampire Lacerator

Epicfuzz45 on

7 months ago

Carnophage seems mediocre since he doesn't do anything same w/ Diregraf Ghoul. Firedrinker Satyr can really back fire on you and is too mana intensive in a deck that already has a mana intensive ability on the commander. Rakdos Cackler is another low drop that doesn't do much in commander. You don't have enough cards to trigger heroic on Tormented Hero for it to be worth it to have him in the deck. Vampire Lacerator does nothing. Spike Jester does nothing. Sarcomancy seems mediocre, actually probably just hurts you more than anything. I think you shoul add more Act of Treason cards to the deck as a cheeky way to deal w/ your opponents creatures. This is commander, where is Sol Ring? I know Tymaret doesn't have any colorless mana in his cmc, but you still need to run it, probably Rakdos Signet too, this deck needs as much mana as it can get.

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