Seal of Fire


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra (DD2) Common
Dissension (DIS) Common
Nemesis (NMS) Common

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Seal of Fire


Sacrifice Seal of Fire: Seal of Fire deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

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Seal of Fire Discussion

TheRedGoat on Help with a Worldfire+Delay deck

3 weeks ago

Mizzix's Mastery is legacy legal btw. So you actually could curve out and win turn 3-4. Following this idea:

turn 1--> Faithless Looting, taking care to drop a Worldfire. Maybe run Simian Spirit Guide to use more than one in a turn? (also see Manamorphose)

turn 2--> Seal of Fire or some other hasty 1-drop creature. You keep it 1 cmc co that you can lay out more than one if need be.

turn 3--> Wait for opponent's turn (end step of course), play Release to the Wind on one of your win cons from the previous turn.

turn 4--> With Worldfire in the grave, hit it with Mizzix's Mastery. After it resolves you free cast you game ender and take em out.

CaptainBlue7 on Magma Love

1 month ago

Yeah, Id suggest replacing Shock as its a really low tier burn spell. You could go with Incendiary Flow but Ill link some other options that you might find interesting.

Fiery Impulse

Galvanic Bombardment


Seal of Fire

Twin Bolt

Arc Trail

You might like these too. They arent burn spells but they may be useful: Grim Lavamancer, Satyr Firedancer, Koth of the Hammer.

LonelyTex on BurnLander

1 month ago

Update, 1/4/18, in preparation for the next Geek Fortress 1K.

Lightning Berserker -> Seal of Fire

Searing Blaze -> Tarfire

Fire Ambush -> Shock

Harsh Mentor -> Forked Bolt

My toughest matchups were against other aggro decks. Because of that, I'm upping the speed of this list. Rivals cards to be added when the set releases.

Chasmolinker on Jund Them All

1 month ago

Seal of Fire could be a helper if you go the delirium route.

AmbientCrepes on Zurgo Ding-a-linger 2.0

2 months ago



It has been a long while since my last update. Four cards were target banned at Zurgo since the last update, Sulfuric Vortex, Price of Progress, Fireblast and Eidolon of the Great Revel were all banned. I won't say too much on the justifications of the bans, other than some of the Rules Committee's reasons were very poorly stated, something about the singleton nature of the format and the inability to play around a few of the cards that were legitimately powerful in the deck. In general I think that the Zurgo deck is, or should I say say was very beatable with some deck building changes, "losing to Price too much?", play a less greedy deck, "can't beat Vortex?", play a catch all answer, "Fireblast killing you too often?" play some more lifegain, "Eidolon too painful?", play more removal. However the Rules Committee felt otherwise, and added some of Zurgo's most powerful tools to the ban list.

As far as personal changes are concerned, I have cut Brazen Scourge and Flame Rift for the time being. In their places, I have added Rampaging Ferocidon as an anti-lifegain card, as well as some hate for the twin style combo's, of which have recently become popular locally. Nest Robber, which is yet another 2/1 haste for 2, which is the exact type of card I look for. I have also added Lava Dart, Arc Trail and Seal of Fire as there are an uptick in tiny creature decks as well as dork decks. Finally Smuggler's Copter is back in as it is a fantastic card, it play around wraths and is some flood insurance, also it flies which is useful in a blocker heavy metagame. Copter was cut originially because it feels best when you use a summoning sick creature to crew it and effectively give a creature "haste" for the turn, seeing as most of my creatures already had haste, I decided to cut it, however that was a mistake because the cards is just too powerful to have sitting on the sidelines.

I don't really play this deck nearly as much as I used to, however I will try to keep up with it and maybe I will take it out for a spin when my meta has all but forgotten about it.

Snap157 on Swiftspear Stampede

2 months ago

Why Tarfire instead of another burn option? I know you're maxed out on lighting bolts, but if just burning the player isn't good enough (Bump in the Night, Lava Spike) and Rift Bolt is too slow, what about Forked Bolt? It allows you to do the same thing as Tarfire, but also offers the option of taking out a creature with one toughness and also hitting a player for one, or killing two 1/1 creatures at the cost of being a sorcery. Maybe take it out and add in another Seal of Fire because of the revolt trigger? Thoughts? +1

VraskaTheCursed on Swiftspear Stampede

2 months ago

sweet list that I might try in modern myself (if my wallet cooperates). just a question: are you running Seal of Fire and Tarfire to grow your goyfs? if I recall correctly, you previously had Grim Flayer to take advantage of delirium.


scorp9896 on Burn (Experiment)

3 months ago

Thanks for looking at the deck! I'm going to write up a league report on Reddit soon after going 5-0 yesterday with this deck (after multiple 4-1's!). Let me answer your questions about deck choices, though.

Flame Rift is one of the best cards in the deck for most Game 1's. All burn decks want to race, but this deck can chain together many one-drop instants before the kill turn as well. Conversely, it's one of the first cards to get sided out when I need more interaction and I'm on the draw for Game 2.

For creatures, I have had some combination of Thermo-Alchemist, Firebrand Archer, and Keldon Marauders in many iterations of the deck. IMO, if the opponent has any form of removal in their maindeck, your creature dies on the first turn it's out, so I wanted the card with the most upside if left unchecked. I won LOTS of games with a single attack from Firebrand Archer (along with 3-4 triggers) making the difference. Also, since I'm running Seal of Fire, I like the Archer over Thermo.

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