You flex slots in this deck are:

Perilous Research Snapcaster Mage Voltaic Key Dark Confidant Negate Spell Pierce

Everything else is effectively core, and should never be replaced unless you are transitioning back to traditional Shimmer Zur or Doomsday Zur.

There are already detailed writeups for this deck that you can find here:

user:bolsheviktory's original shimmer zur primer: Shimmer Zur Storm

Alexdagreat's brief writeup on tainted zur: Shimmering Tainting Controlling Zur

As for me, I'm more concerned with testing out fringe cards and trying new strategies. I'll continue updating this with various strategies I'm trying out, and my opinions on them.

Doomsday is 50/50. I don't hate it in the tainted builds, but I don't love it either. Since you don't really want Gush or LED in this deck, I believe that Unearth is the best Doomsday pile you can build, since Unearth still functions as a cycler during your Shimmer lines, and allows you the sweet sweet line of using Quicken to reanimate a Lab Man in response to Necropotence's Exile trigger. Perilous Research and Frantic Search are your go to draw-2 effects for the Doomsday pile, with Thought Scour and Predict being very very weak 3rd and 4th options that I don't think are worth it.
Win-more card for sure. Sometimes it's good because in our deck it's often just a better time spiral. But generally, when you have that much mana you only really want to be Necro-ing or casting Ad Nauseam. A cute card when it resolves, but not really necessary.
This feels like a very meta call. Shuts down Protean Hulk, and buys some turns against Bomberman and Isochron Scepter lines. If you time it well, can interrupt Paradox Engine lines as well, and also delay CVT lines. I might test it since my meta is mostly Hulk and Paradox decks, but I think you're better off playing just Counterspell here.
A decent Grim tutor impersonator. However, we don't even really want Grim Tutor, and the only advantage this has over Grim Tutor is the potentially to cheese someone out of the game by taking their win conditions. Overall, not really worth the cost as there are better things for you to be doing. Sorcery Speed really hurts this.
I believe this deserves it's own panel because of how impressed I've been with it. being able to draw two for 2 mana at instant speed is definitely work sacrificing a permanent, and this helps you to streamline your shimmer lines. I believe this is close to core in the deck, even more so if you like to jam Doomsday in the deck as well.
This is too slow for our deck, which is arguably the fastest Zur variant there is. Looting is not really what we want to be doing, and the flashback is too slow in my opinion. This deck wants to be able to operate at instant speed as much as possible, so I believe Snapcaster should get the nod over this if the recursion effect is what you're looking for. Spending 2 mana on a looter that needs a couple of turns to even generate an advantage is suicide in a Flash Hulk world.
I'm still a fan of bob in slower, stax heavy metas as a way of grinding through when Necro isn't that reliable sometimes. A strict meta call, and one that I don't think is necessary in my meta since Necro tends to stick.


Updates Add

Since we don't really need windfall lines with the redundancy of Labman/Reservoir as dual win cons, just thought might test out something spicy in it's place.

Windfall is probably still the better card for now, but 2016 gave us Reservoir and Dramatic, the latter which allows us to play Isochron in the deck. If WotC gives us a couple more artifact synergies for the deck, I can see the argument for Memory Jar and Etherium Sculptor to become mainstays in the deck.

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