Scout's Warning

Scout's Warning


The next creature card you play this turn can be played as though it had flash.

Draw a card.

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Scout's Warning Discussion

legendofa on Pattern Recognition #195 - A …

4 months ago

Can I put in a thought for Scout for the tribe? Are you writing these as you develop in real time, or are you writing in the past?

Either way, Scouts have a similar position to Shamans at this point--lots of representation, little tribal cohesiveness beyond a vague ramp/lands matter idea. They're heavily in , but cards like Scout's Warning and Selvala, Explorer Returned give precedence for . They're working for the good of the community, finding safe places to settle and expand their influence. This fits into the Wild West idea--exploring and taming the frontierlands, or claiming the land through the idea of manifest destiny for a somewhat harsher presence.

Icbrgr on Godsiren

5 months ago

Yeah that's fair... I just like the general spirit of your deck...Also maybe Scout's Warning and you can become a psuedo Splinter Twin deck lol. Nevertheless like the brew good luck!

Zhesmeon on Don't touch my Throne

8 months ago

One of Jared's main weaknesses is that you cannot become monarch the turn he enters the battlefield. This means 1-3 opponents get the card advantage from monarch before it does anything for you. That's why I definitively would play Savage Summoning and Scout's Warning. Play Jared at the end step right before your turn. No disadvantage and you gain pseudo haste. Also Savage Summoning protects your spell and pumps Jared for his first attack and Scout's Warning is a cantrip.

The other thing you should be looking for is vigilance, because you want to attack as often as possible (it's a combat centered deck after all), but you also want to block in order to avoid losing the monarch and to pump Jared even further. Heliod, God of the Sun would be a nice addition.

Kevinmk760 on Tainted Shimmer Zur

10 months ago

Are these possible updates to the list?

-Aven Mindcensor +Opposition Agent

-Angel's Grace +Scout's Warning

-Drown in the Loch +Miscast

Where can we fit in Jeweled Lotus and Hullbreacher

enpc on Fixing White in EDH

1 year ago

mccabej140: White has pure card draw in the forms of Mentor of the Meek, Wall of Omens, Bygone Bishop, Alms Collector, Dawn of Hope, Mangara, the Diplomat, Thraben Inspector, Scout's Warning and To Arms! (from a quick gatherer search).

In addition, it has artifact and enchantment based draw/tutor in the form of Enlightened Tutor, Sram, Senior Edificer, Puresteel Paladin, Stoneforge Mystic, Stonehewer Giant, Open the Armory, Steelshaper's Gift, Kor Spiritdancer and Mesa Enchantress to name a few.

That seems like plenty of options for card draw/tutors in white. And while seom of these are limitied to artifacts/equipment, you can't just write these off becuase your specific deck isn't heavy in that area. It's like saying that green's tutoring is crap becuase you can't tutor instants despite thefact that green has some of the best creature tutors.

"Fun" is also not an argument here. Just becuase you haven't played with or against stax decks and just becuase you don't find them fun does not mean that that you can just write the entire acrhitype off. There are plenty of people who really enjoy playing those decks and now you're effectively telling those people how to play Magic.

Some players don't like counterspells - does that mean that we shouldn't play them? Now blue has a big void until late game. Blue needs more ramp! it has to rely on artifacts, that's not fair to blue!

But the above logic is flawed. Counterspells exist and giving blue ramp would make it more powerful. Just like giving white a crapload of unrestriced draw. Stax exists and you can't just pretend it doesn't becuase you don't like playing it/against it. White exists on a balance between having draw and having stax and that balance is important.

channelfireball12345: see above.

I would ask the question to everyone here - if white has such bad card draw, then what's stopping you from splashing a second colour to fix the deficit? Why is there such a push to build mono-white decks?

Monomanamaniac on Need help making room in …

1 year ago

enpc yeah I had considered Shimmer Myr but I went with orrery because I don't constantly have haste enablers for my commander. I alsojust happened to have a few of them sitting around in a binder collecting dust. I haven't seen Scout's Warning in a LONG time lol. I may consider those in time, after I pick me up a copy of Sword of Fire and Ice (aka my whole next month's budget).

DeinoStinkus always in need of a god cleaning lol

enpc on Need help making room in …

1 year ago

Vedalken Orrery is pretty cool. I personally run Shimmer Myr in my list, but Orrery seems really strong here. As a side note, you can also look at Scout's Warning if you want additional ways to flash in Balan (plus at worst it's a cantrip).

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