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Pir & Toothy's Counters, Blinks, Copies and Draws!

Commander / EDH Counters G/U (Simic) Multiplayer



Everyone loves counters! Pir & Toothy bring a new way to manipulate +1 counters and gain tons of value off of them! Card draw is power and being able to recur Toothy as your Commander lets you do just that. Also Toothy can become out of control with the right kind of counter manipulation and multipliers to be able to swing in for large amounts of damage while being a value engine.

With help from several people on here, Pir & Toothy are beginning to shape up even more. With the addition of some flicker effects and copy abilities, I am looking forward to abusing both Pir & Toothy's abilities to multiply counters and draw cards as needed. I was hesitant at first when building these commanders because I was not sure if they would be able to stand up to the meta at my LGS. I have many seasoned players in our play group and that is why my decks tend to be more focused and aggressive. I am used to playing Atraxa, Borborygmos, Edgar Markov and even aggressive milling with Phenax. This deck is focused but it is not the same play every time. I am not tutoring for 3 specific cards that are going to end the game, or mana ramping into Torment of Hailfire like I do every time with Athreos, God of Passage.

This deck is fun to play, competitive enough to stay in almost any game and all of this under the $200 mark. I am glad to see a deck with a lot of synergy that doesn't cost $500. This deck gets the job done and can even surprise yourself when you draw a card, look at your board state and just think "this is going to be sweet!"


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Changed a few things around to try to bring the price down a bit. Since it's a 2 color deck I dont need to worry about the fast lands since 90% of the time they come out tapped anyway. Removed preordain and switched in a disallow for a little more control in case it is needed!


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