Give / Take

Give / Take



Put three +1/+1 counters on target creature.


Remove all +1/+1 counters from target creature you control. Draw that many cards.

Fuse (You may cast one or both halves of this card from your hand.)

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze (DGM) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Block Constructed Legal
Vintage Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Casual Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Highlander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal

Give / Take occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%

Give / Take Discussion

cadstar369 on Pir//Toothy

4 weeks ago

Here's some cards you may want to add to the mana base: Temple of the False God 'cause extra mana. Forge of Heroes + Opal Palace for the easy +1/+1 counter on Pir/Toothy. Novijen, Heart of Progress to give any creatures a +1/+1 counter on entry. Bonders' Enclave + Karn's Bastion for card draw & proliferate on demand. Nesting Grounds to shift any of your counters around. Castle Garenbrig + Castle Vantress for extra mana to activate abilities and some scry on demand. Mosswort Bridge's Hideaway is very easily fulfilled by Toothy. Blast Zone should help if you find a horde of tokens blocking the way. Misty Rainforest if you want a fetch land. Fabled Passage + Terramorphic Expanse to increase the basic fetching.

Additionally, since it seems you are mainly aiming to put lots of counters everywhere, here's some cards that may be useful towards that end (in no particular order): Crystalline Giant + Nesting Grounds + Vivien, Monsters' Advocate lets you start moving various keyword counters around your creatures. Hornbash Mentor + Wingspan Mentor give other creatures a flying or trample counter respectively, then start handing out +1/+1 counters to any creatures with those keywords. Avian Oddity + Titanoth Rex give the same keyword counters as the above pair when cycled. Skatewing Spy + Trollbred Guardian give everyone that has +1/+1 counters flying and trample respectively. Additionally, Longshot Squad gives reach to creatures with +1/+1 counters, Herald of Secret Streams gives unblockable, and Crowned Ceratok + Pridemalkin + Tuskguard Captain give trample as well. Ominous Seas pumps out tokens twice as fast with Pir around. Primal Empathy either gives you card draw or an extra +1/+1 counter. Contagion Clasp + Contagion Engine for additional proliferate on demand. Sword of Truth and Justice also works when you really start pounding people. Primal Vigor is a second Doubling Season, but beware that it affects all players. Song of Freyalise is a time bomb finisher that also activates any of your passive buffs for creatures that have +1/+1 counters. Branching Evolution doubles any +1/+1 counters you generate. Inspiring Call makes all your creatures with +1/+1 counters indestructible, as well as drawing you a card for each one. Give / Take lets you draw at least three cards (four with Pir on board) if you need to dig for something quickly. Vivien of the Arkbow + Vivien, Arkbow Ranger + Vivien, Nature's Avenger are all great support Planeswalkers. The two arkbow Viviens have removal with their minus ability (note that Arkbow Ranger can hit planeswalkers!), and the avenger grabs the top creature in your deck with her minus. Nissa, Voice of Zendikar isn't as great at putting counters on your creatures as the Viviens, but the tokens should prove useful blockers, and her minus puts counters on everyone instead of just one creature. Additionally, since you'll probably be drawing lots of cards, Jace, Arcane Strategist will also be handing out counters with his passive. Kalonian Hydra doubles everyone's +1/+1 counters every time it attacks. Also, Rite of Passage is great if you find your creatures constantly taking nonlethal damage, as it gives them an extra counter for surviving.

Hope this helps finish your deck! :)

Kogarashi on How Would Sorceress Queen Interact ...

3 months ago

The Oracle text specifically says:

  • : Target creature other than Sorceress Queen has base power and toughness 0/2 until end of turn.

This means the power and toughness printed on the card are treated as being 0/2, regardless of counters on the creature.

Either way, though, cards like Sorceress Queen that modify power and toughness do not interact with counters unless they specifically say so. Just as Giant Growth doesn't put counters on a creature, only make its power and toughness bigger, so do cards like the Queen or Turn to Frog alter the printed numbers and ignore the counters. (The counters would continue to modify the changed power and toughness, so something changed by Sorceress Queen that had a +1/+1 counter on it would end up as a 1/3 until the Queen's effect wore off.)

A card that would add or remove counters would say as much, like both halves of Give / Take.

Xica on Please help upgrading my Golgari ...

4 months ago

Don't play cards, when something that is very close to "strictly better" is available. Winding Constrictor is leagues better than Corpsejack Menace.
The likely comes down the turn after you explored, thus not doing much, while the former comes before, and as such gains you value when you play your explore creatures.

In general i would urge you to make the deck "do more" than "only" being a +1/+1 counter deck, as the hardened scales will likely be a better +1/+1 counter deck. Or if you wanna stick to it, while being midrange-ish, then play some good payoff like Give / Take

In general i would advise staying away from mana dorks, or building around them in general - unless you have some game winning thing on turn 3.
In GB you will be far better of by playing 6-10 targetd discard spells in your deck, so that you have a t1 discard followed up by explore to either ramp, or "scry".
And since you are "ramping" with the explore mechanic anyways, i would advise you to get some sort of good mana sink that either creates a large card advantage, is extremely resilient, or wins on resolution (preferrably all 3).

And as far as creatures featuring the mechanic go i would strongly advise playing at least 2x Deadeye Tracker as the "dumbed down Deathrite Shaman" is still pretty decent.
Stealing cards out from under snapcaster mage is very relevant, so is graveyard hate, and scrying/drawing for 2 mana is great - especially on a permanent that costs as muc or less than the removal that is needed unmake it.

iNinjy on GOOD beans

5 months ago

If you want big counters, Biogenic Upgrade (good for Animar and up to 2 hydras if you want) is pretty good though admittedly high cmc, or there’s Give / Take which is a smaller counter boost, but can be massive card draw if you’re struggling with that. Hadana's Climb  Flip is also really good at temporarily doubling a creature’s power/toughness with bonus flying.

I have an Ezuri deck (Ezuri, Claw of Progress) which runs on counters so if you want to take a look, it’s a budget simic counters/trample/unblockable creatures stuff.

mickalopagus on Union of the Snake

5 months ago

I like the proliferation with managorger. I think you dont have enough planeswalkers to make Bioessence Hydra really worth it. Kalonian Hydra is the MVP for any counters deck IMO, and he costs the same mana. I get if youre trying to do something different, but that would be a suggesstion.

Other great proliferate creatures you might like:

Evolution Sage, partnered with Cultivate can be pretty cool, turns Broken Bond into a proliferate card also

Fathom Mage is completely underrated and great card draw

Herald of Secret Streams is a wincon card that can surprise opponents especially if youve got a beefy managorger

Give / Take for card draw and of course

Bioshift to respond to kill cards targeting gorger, suddenly the creature they didnt kill/block is a 20/20.

DragonChampions on Do multiple +1/+1 counters trigger ...

11 months ago

Does each +1/+1 counter from something like Give / Take (only Give) trigger Fathom Mage multiple times, allowing you to draw 3 cards?

create812 on Pir and Toothy

1 year ago

I see! I missed that obvious ETB interaction.

Also, how does the Pir, Imaginative Rascal / Hardened Scales + Give / Take work? I assume it's only with Toothy, Imaginary Friend :

  • If Toothy is at no counters, Give + Pir (or Scales) puts 4 counters on Toothy. Then Take removes those 4 counters and you draw 4. Each draw adds 2 counters, so Toothy is left with 8 counters, right?
  • If Toothy starts with 3 counters, Give + Pir (or Scales) add 4 more counters. Then Take removes 7 and you draw 7. Toothy is left with 14 counters.
  • If both Pir AND Scales are out, and Toothy starts with no counters: Give + Pir + Scales add 5 counters (right?). Take removes 5 and you draw 5. Each draw adds 3 counters to Toothy, who ends up with 15 counters!?

Also, What do you think about Reliquary Tower and Thought Vessel in here?

beardumbra on Pir and Toothy's Simic Adventure

1 year ago

Klazen: As Foretold is now on my radar for sure. While it does take some time to get going, this represents an interactive instant with, say, just 2 counters, during other players turns, let alone casting free things with more counters. This is probably among the best 3-CMC mana sources for this kind of strategy and might actually be better than Astral Cornucopia.

Give / Take is another card I have looked at but am not totally sold on. Take is the obviously exciting side, which would be used with Toothy most of the time, triggering Toothy with the draws to replace all the counters almost immediately. However, Give (or fusing Give with Take) is a little underwhelming for three extra mana, however, as there are better spells for distributing counters. Crucially, the effect of Take on Toothy can be replicated (for instance with Repudiate / Replicate itself) simply by cloning Toothy. If this were another Simic +1/+1 counters deck, I could justify including Give / Take, but this particular interaction between Toothy and clones means that I would rather have the flexibility of a clone instead of a narrower card such as this.

TheNocholas: Yes! War of the Spark (with proliferate and loyalty counters abound) could be even better for this particular deck than Ravnica Allegiance was. Already I want to play with Merfolk Skydiver , Neoform , Karn's Bastion , and the Landfall -- Proliferate elf, and some other cards, including the planeswalkers, are good candidates as well. Looking forward to seeing what else is announced for this set.

channelfireball12345: I do notice this card whenever I am looking for a cut. Bond Beetle is a good suggestion, and as I was looking into getting one, WAR is already providing a strictly better Ironshell in "Pollenbright Druid" (and the even spicier Merfolk Skydiver at the same CMC). Another alternative is Elvish Visionary or the new Fblthp, the Lost if I'm finding the main purpose of the beetle is to put the counter on Toothy. The reason I included this card is because Ironshell Beetle's original printing was in the first magic deck I ever owned, given to me as a gift, and I happened to collect the card in this deck at a GRN draft. The beetle will definitely be cut for something from WAR once it drops.

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