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For millennia untold, people have been afraid of the forest and what dangers it holds... Here's why.

Ashaya is the new commander, stepping out of Nissa's Shadow

The goal of this deck is to ramp and develop a board state of Enchantments and Dorks. Enchantments here either help you out through Ramp ( Wild Growth et al, Carpet of Flowers , etc). They also discourage your opponents from attacking you or trying to kill you in other ways. Finally, we run a lot of Staxxy pieces that just generally mess with the meta and slow the game down to something more our pace. All our enchantments combo with every mono-green Enchantress card, giving you a phenomenal draw engine, so be sure to prioritize getting an Enchantress down asap!

Once you have established a board presence of dorks and hatebears, and lots of mana ( Earthcraft , Cryptolith Rite ), the endgame is to either win through beatdown with critters or, more commonly, wiping out the board through Walking Ballista . If all else fails, Helix Pinnacle is highly achievable due to how much mana we can produce, and nothing feels better than winning that way!

Ultimately, what you want to do is survive and fly under the radar until you can pull off your win, all while suppressing your opponents' ability to execute their gameplans.

This deck is a blast to pilot, and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something outside of the ordinary.


This deck was originally inspired by: Mono Green Control: Nissa Vastwood Seer
Shoutout to aslidsiksoraksi


Special thanks to Mordamen for his CSS Skills!
CSS styling also by Wihito through Accurate Card Styles (for anyone to use!)


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This has evolved and morphed quite a bit. Notably, I am trying the removal of the traditional Hurricane effects, instead looking to a Walking Ballista

I feel like this is so very close to being primer worthy. Is anyone interested in helping me put one together?

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