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Murders and Acquisitions (Marchesa Superiority)

Commander / EDH Control Multiplayer Tempo UBR (Grixis)




Slay Queen

Marchesa is hard to define as no Commander really operates on the same lines. Sometimes I feel like Marchesa is too good for casual but not good enough for competitive. She's really fun and interactive, with a lot of neat and unusual card interactions. Because her trigger is a delayed trigger she makes your wraths one-sided and your opponents' wraths don't set you back at all. The mana constraints can be difficult, which is why I run a lot of artifact and land fixing. The deck performs drastically different when you resolve Sneak Attack, becoming a lot more reactionary and controlling,

There is a small Wizards subtheme to the deck, so cards like Sage of Fables and Metallic Mimic can help you get immediate and constant value out of your Wizards, which Marchesa conveniently happens to be. Glen Elandra gives you reusable counterspells. Puppeteer Clique can go infinite with a sac outlet and Sage or Mimic in play, but requires your opponents to have something in their yard to complete the win. This is the only deck I actually like Disciple of Bolas in, and here he is a CHAMP. Because of the nature of Marchesas Dethrone trigger, you want to be able to keep yourself at a low life total. Disciple is one of the only ways to gain life, but he can pull you right back from the brink. The raw draw power is incredible too.

This deck is very weak to any sort of constant 'Yard hate. Cards like Anafenza, Scooze or even Deathrite can shut us down. One shot 'Yard removal can be played around by trying to force their hand without going all in. Another weakness to the deck is the small pieces are so synergistic that it requires things to be working for it to really work well. Late game top decking can be very hard to catch back up. Another issue with the deck is it can be so grindy and irritating to opponents that they will see you as a bigger threat than you potentially are, and the table will work together to try to take you out.


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After lots of tweaking and changes, it's time to take this deck out for battle


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