A fairly strong modification of the Cabaretti Cacophony precon deck, optimized for token generation. Phabine is an underrated commander.


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55% Casual

45% Competitive

Date added 1 year
Last updated 1 week
Exclude colors UB
Splash colors WRG

This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

Rarity (main - side)

15 - 0 Mythic Rares

49 - 0 Rares

13 - 0 Uncommons

7 - 0 Commons

Cards 100
Avg. CMC 3.72
Tokens Ajani's Pridemate, Ashaya, the Awoken World, Beast 3/3 G, Beast 4/4 G, Cat Beast 2/2 W, Citizen 1/1 GW, Clue, Copy Clone, Dinosaur 3/1 R, Food, Forest Dryad 1/1 G, Goblin 1/1 R, Human 1/1 W, Human Soldier 1/1 W, Insect 1/1 G, Phyrexian Mite 1/1 C, Plant 0/1 G, Saproling 1/1 G, Soldier 1/1 RW, Soldier 1/1 W, Soldier 1/1 W w/ Lifelink, Spider 1/2 G, The Monarch, Treasure
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