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Duel Commander Competitive Control Mono-Black Pox Primer Stax


"In addition to killing peasants, punishing subordinates, and raising an army of nightmares, Braids somehow found time for her favorite hobby: petty extortion"

[Braids, Cabal Minion - Primer]


Lately i've been arguing quite a lot about the banlist of multiplayer, after the (at the time) recent bannings of Iona, Shield of Emeria and Paradox Engine .

At that point, i again started discussing the creation of own banlists and took a deeper look at why certain cards are banned in multiplayer.

One got stuck in my head though, guessed right... Braids, Cabal Minion .

Thing is, i was amazed by the artwork, the brutal effect and ways to build around it. Her lore is also super fun and got me into buying the books, as i wanted to know more 'bout this mad, nightmare summoning waifu.

Since i've been frustrated to a certain degree by multiplayer, this was a welcome project. As i don't have to rely on politics, groupdynamic, false threat assessement or the "social contract". Duell's banlist(the french one) follows a straight line and that's a welcome twist.

Utilizing the ludicrous banlist multiplayer provides, yeah she's super busted. But if you take the thing towards Duell Commander, she makes a solid let's say tier 3 deck, at tournaments a rogue deck and a super fun one too. Without the whole Crypts and Vaults, Moxen and whatever, just 20 lifepoints, you gotta put some work in it to win a game with her as commander.

Since this is STAX deck, the gameplan is all about breaking parity. Turning Braids's effect or a Smallpox to the point you don't care about it anymore, or even get an advantage out of it.

This deck is absolutely dependant on it's commander to work properly. If you can get her out by turn 2 with certain setup good. But it's crucial that she's out by Turn 3.

Turn 1 and 2 are mainly for disruption or setup to have something to sacrifice to Braids.

From there on it's about keeping your enemy low, low on lands, low on creatures and low artifacts. While you're advancing your board and keeping control.

Also protecting Braids is important as she's your main wincondition and gameplan with this deck.

Usually games are won on turn 9-14,though games are decided by turn 3-4 most of the time ;)











★ REST ★


Upkeeptrigger and the Stack

Here's something to keep in mind. In each turn's upkeep you get to chose the order in which your "beginning of upkeep" effects hit the stack.

Best example would be Tangle Wire and Braids herself, as it's your opponent's turn, you're almost always better off putting Tangle Wire s ability first and then Braids.

Resolving in your opponent having to sacrifice something to Braids first and then tapping for Tangle Wire . Making sure he can't sac something already rendered useless by Tangle Wire .

Hope you enjoyed reading! Am i missing something? Open for feedback/ suggestions/ help


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