Brain Maggot

Brain Maggot

Enchantment Creature — Insect

When Brain Maggot enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals his or her hand and you choose a nonland card from it. Exile that card until Brain Maggot leaves the battlefield.

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Brain Maggot Discussion

libraryjoy on Touch me, IF YOU DARE!

3 months ago

If you want it to be Modern Legal, able to play at a Modern event, then yes, replace the Bubbling Muck with 3x Dark Ritual . But if it's just to play in your play group, then it shouldn't matter. I would go with 2-3x Garys, because he is going to do WORK for you lol. I went ahead and made an adjusted list that I would recommend, but feel free to adjust as you see fit. I ended up leaving off Fog of Gnats because it's a buck each and I don't see it doing a ton for you. I actually put in Brain Maggot - don't underestimate the benefits of knowing your opponent's hand! Blightbeetle could also fit in that slot. I could see Erebos if you play against a lifegain deck regularly (might be a sideboard card, too). I added Retreat to Hagra instead of Torment of Scarabs , but your mileage may vary. It's definitely a smoother mana curve. I ended up dropping Stab Wound after I realized how many permanents you were making the opponent sacrifice. In the maybe board, I added 2 cards for card draw. If you want to put $$ down toward something, I'd recommend Phyrexian Arena . It's going to be useful in pretty much every deck running black. So at long last, here's my list: Boi! Keep Your Hands to Yourself!

libraryjoy on Touch me, IF YOU DARE!

3 months ago

Bubbling Muck is from the Urza's Saga expansion and therefore not Modern Legal. I don't feel like Cruel Reality is that great here because of the high mana value. Twilight Mire is not a good choice, because in order to get the you have to pay , or in this case 1 black, or 1 swamp. You can also get the same thing with swamp, swamp. When you say you have the good majority - does that include the 4 Phyrexian Obliterator ? Which ones don't you have?

Options for midrange cards - Wall of Bone , Burglar Rat , Brain Maggot , Blight Beetle, Dune Beetle , Fog of Gnats .

Here's a good card you may want to include: Gray Merchant of Asphodel (also called Gary). In this deck, I think it would be good. In your meta, I wonder about Archetype of Finality , although the high CMC makes it questionable. A friend was talking about this deck, and was wondering if Revenge of Ravens might be something you were interested in? Or maybe Stab Wound to make a creature less powerful and cause a constant drain?

zapyourtumor on Better bring bugspray for this one 2.0

4 months ago

Grist do be carrying tho. I don't know how I've never heard of Skylasher before, it looks like Cloudthresher 's little brother.

I know it might change the direction of the deck a lot, but have you considered turning this into a more Sultai control-type list with Delver  Flip and Thiccy Delver  Flip (and dropping CoCo)?

Also, some other cool insects are Brain Maggot (this thing is OP in my pioneer eldrazi processors), and maybe Foundry Hornet for a sweeper (4 cmc though so only if you decide to drop CoCo, and I guess if you drop coco you will probably also drop a lot of the +1/+1 counter cards so maybe not). Hornet Nest is hella funny but idk if it'll work here. Kraul Harpooner might be worth testing?

My all-time favorite insect is Vorapede , hands down, so it's a shame it probably won't work well in this deck.

Yeti_Confetti on Eldrazi Exile

8 months ago

Some cards I've found that you may want to consider: Seal Away is low CMC and has flash for a surprise when they swing, Cast Out comes with cycling to help you draw if you really need it, Brain Maggot has a small body but can grab anything nonland from their hand, Baffling End may be better than silkwrap depending on what creatures you're up against normally. Dire Tactics / Anguished Unmaking are unconditional creature removal, at the cost of some life. Maybe even Bane of Bala Ged for fun. Finally Warping Wail has some flexibility that you may find useful.

I personally would drop Grip of Desolation . For 6 mana you'll want to be doing more than what it offers, could play two or three spells instead even. Maybe add more copies of Utter End in its place, or Vraska's Contempt can hit 'walkers and creatures, and the two life is a nice touch.

I hope you find this helpful, neat deck and best of luck with it!

philosopher on BW Eldrazi

1 year ago

I built a displacer deck around Skyclave Apparition, so you may want to try it instead of your Brain Maggot or Kitesail Freebooter because when Skyclave Apparition dies, your opponent only gets an X/X token and does not get their card back, whereas when Brain Maggot or Kitesail Freebooter dies, your opponent does get their card back. You can also flicker your Skyclave Apparition for more value.

I would also suggest adding 1 more Fatal Push because aggro decks are common in pioneer, so having an answer in the early game is one of the keys to success and i would recommend removing 1 swamps for it because 24 lands is the recommended amount of lands for this type of mid-range eldrazi deck.

My deck for reference:

philosopher on Eldraxile

1 year ago

I built a displacer deck around Skyclave Apparition, so you may want to try it instead of your Brain Maggot because when Skyclave Apparition dies, your opponent only gets an X/X token does not get their card back, whereas when Brain Maggot dies, your opponent does get their card back.

I would also suggest adding 2 more Concealed Courtyard and 4 Brightclimb Pathway  Flip and removing 3 plains and 3 swamps because starting the game with the right type mana will allow you to play the right card at the rigtht time, which will help you win the game.

Also Blight Herder is a really cool processor card that i didn't know existed, so I may have to play test it to see it's value in my processor deck.

My deck for reference:

BRG24 on Pioneer Delirium

1 year ago

Ahh, this makes a lot more sense, I’d definitely been downplaying the information aspect of these cards. I’m definitely going to try testing Brain Maggot, although that might be the only one of these effects I run. Thanks for the help.

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