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Casually Competitive mono blue artifact deck that aims to get out creatures quickly, crew and attack, and deal extra damage with Throne of the God-Pharaoh.

This deck has a lot of great synergy, and can put up a fight against more expensive decks while also being incredibly fun.

If you have spare cash, you can see my non-budget build


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Alright, i've been playing with this deck for a while now and it's time to make some improvements. I've been kind of neglecting this deck recently as im working on a much more competitive Murktide deck, but i'm revisiting this one as it's still the main deck I run with friends and my LGS. Running out of steam became a big problem, so I moved Thought Monitor from the maybeboard into the maindeck. I found that you guys are correct, the owls just took away from the artifact theme and didn't do much. I've completely cut them, a Lodestone Golem, a Subtlety (as I already have enough disruption, and it is an aggro deck after all) , and a Smuggler's Copter and a land to run a set of Thought Monitor. I also found that before I wasn't really taking the mana producing creatures to their max, so I now run Myr Superion. Thanks to everyone that gave me suggestions! It is much appreciated.



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