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One of my favorite decks in Runeterra is noxus broadmane control. This deck is my attempt to capture some of the joy that deck brings me :D I hope you enjoy! (DISCLAIMER: This deck will absolutely demolish any and all board-based strategies but do keep in mind you dont have as much interaction with other types of strategies). Thank you for all the support of this deck! We got the #1 spot in competitive pauper :D if you liked this deck here are some others! Pauper Decks

I have a new alternate version of this deck: death by so many papercuts

Deck Tech:

Electrickery, Breath Weapon, Fang Dragon, and Cuombajj Witches all can ping enemy units for a little damage to get rid of the riff raff and set up our executes

Both You Are Already Dead and Mirrodin Avenged function exactly the same and let us finish off a large creature we pinged or chumped and draw a card. Super efficient!

No Questions Asked:

While our removal is all great, it can be a little finicky at times, potentially requiring another card. Terminate is the embodiment of this category, killing whatever you need, no questions asked. Chainer's Edict is great as our aoe's clear away the creatures our opponents dont mind sacrificing so we can get right to the juicy stuff, this also lets us get around hexproof(f*** boggles!). Finally, this deck lacks a great way to deal with non-creature threats or value engines so we run a full playset of Duress to get rid of pesky non-creature cards our opponent has and let us know what else is coming to spread out our removal better.

The Creatures:

we do also want some creatures so we can have blockers and eventually close out games. Guildsworn Prowler is obnoxious to attack into b/c of its deathtouch but if our opponent wants to remove it we get to draw a card. you can also attack with it if you want for either 2 chip damage or a card. Troll of Khazad-dum can be a monster threat later in the game but is also super helpful for mana fixing early in the game. Gurmag Angler lets us turn our gy garbage into tempo and can trade with obnoxious threats like Tolarian Terror. finally, Thorn of the Black Rose is another annoying card to attack into and it gives us recurring card advantage with the monarch.


Pyroblast is one of my favorite sb cards in the format and lets us stop those darn blue decks from messing with our stuff and is great into any deck running Tolarian Terror as a lot of our removal is 2 spells which sucks vs its ward ability. Nihil Spellbomb is an incredible tool vs any deck that uses its graveyard from reanimator to cycle storm. Cast into the Fire and Gorilla Shaman are fantanstic answers to any artifact deck like affinity or altar tron. Breath Weapon and Chainer's Edict fill out our playsets of those two cards as they are both fantastic but a little more matchup specific so we keep a few copies in the sb to start game 1.

As with all of my decks, i would love any suggestions you have for cards or ideas and if you like this list, consider checking out my other pauper decks i make -> jonjonhholt


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