Nezumi Bone-Reader

Nezumi Bone-Reader

Creature — Rat Shaman

(Black), Sacrifice a creature: Target player discards a card. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery.

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Nezumi Bone-Reader Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Should I Keep Angrath in …

1 month ago

After deliberating my above list of sacrifice outlets, I have removed several creatures; I removed Gnawing Zombie because Lampad of Death's Vigil is strictly better than it; I removed Gutless Ghoul because Disciple of Griselbrand is better than it in the majority of situations; I removed Skullport Merchant because it cannot sacrifice itself;, and I removed Soulreaper of Mogis and Spark Reaper because their abilities are to expensive to activate; thus, here is my new list of potential sacrifice outlets for my deck:

Which creature is the most appealing of these?

DemonDragonJ on Should I Keep Angrath in …

1 month ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi, that is an excellent card, but it requires that the stolen creature be sacrificed immediately, and it is also a one-time effect, and I am seeking a repeatable effect.

I think that I shall replace Angrath with Captivating Crew in my red/white/black deck, as that deck already has two sacrifice outlets in the form of Butcher of the Horde and Immersturm Predator, but, as for my red/green/black deck, I have actually found several cards that would work for it, which I shall compile into a list.

That is an impressive list of creatures that sacrifice other creatures, so I now need to decide which of them I shall put into my deck; does anyone here have any suggestions?

HalbrechtHalbrecht on Ellie's Rats

1 year ago

I agree on the black counterspells — so much fun to surprise people with! I also use Withering Boon in non-Modern decks. I do think Imp's Mischief is best for this deck, but unfortunately it's both a little pricey plus from that same Time Spiral era that gives you trouble. :\

Speaking of budget, I'd honestly just wait for Fiend Artisan to rotate out, as it's biggest demand seems to be in Standard (and Pioneer). I've only seen Modern and Legacy toying with it a little, so hopefully it'll drop a bit.

Siiiiiiiigh..... Yeah, I know Marrow-Gnawer is too slow. That's just a case for me where it's a pet card that I don't want to cut, even though I know I should. Honestly, the phrase "it's too slow for modern" is one of the reasons I backed off of Modern in the first place. I got tired of all the things I liked being increasingly too slow. I tried EDH for its promise of "play with the cards you love", and it's alright I guess, but it just doesn't quite scratch the same itch for me as 60-card constructed (I know, I know, heresy in today's Commander-centric world!). So I've been relegated to kitchen table Magic. LoL. But anyways, I agree that Marrow-Gnawer shouldn't be in this deck. It definitely works better in a deck with 4x Cabal Coffers and other ways to accelerate rats out.

That all said, I actually dislike the Nezumi, too (same with Orochi, Kitsune, etc.). Marrow-Gnawer just happens to be so good with rats that he got a pass from me. Same with my other rat deck, that's focused on discard — Nezumi Bone-Reader synergizes so well with everything else in the deck that I couldn't not include him! Still ugly, though. LoL. I just pretend they're the rats from The Secret of NIMH.

Here's my "last hurrah" for Call to the Netherworld — I agree, Unearth is better, but only because of the cycling. I would play Call over Claim any day, and here's why: Claim is reliable, sure, but it can only ever do that one thing (recur a creature), at the same mana rate (1 mana), in the same way (by casting it). The thing is, worst case Call can do that too, just a little less efficiently (1 mana to cast, 1-2 mana to cast the returned creature). But considering the most common time I'll want to use recursion is when I'm discarding creatures to Pack Rat, I'm fine with trading that efficiency in the other parts of the game with the large benefit Call gives me with Pack Rat online. Because then it's doing the thing (recur a creature), at a comparable mana rate (1-2 mana depending on creature), in a superior way (by discarding it for value). You can never discard Claim to fuel Pack Rat if you want to also use it to recur a creature.

That all said, I want to reiterate that I agree about Unearth being much better. After your reply, I realized that my bias towards Call is because it's in a mass discard deck (I also run a couple Dark Withering in that deck in addition to Tragic Slip). I'm also always fine casting Call for in that deck if I need to, so it's never a dead card for me. But yeah, in your deck, Unearth is far superior.

That's so interesting! I wonder why that specific era of cards were affected? I'm not familiar with South American history. Was there any sort of political or economic issues or something like that which would have affected trade/import at the time (2006-2007 was the US release)?

Apollo_Paladin on Rat Attack!

1 year ago

For mono-black, Castle Locthwain is a fairly common one to toss a couple copies of. There's not much in the way of mono-black card draw, and at a glance that's what I see being the biggest constraint. Getting things out quickly can be nice, but against a control deck your creatures won't last long and then you'll be stuck Topdecking.

You might look at some early 1-mana Discard options to further play into your strategy/theme. Thoughtseize is by far the most common (and best) choice for this, but it can also be quite expensive to purchase singles of.

Other less costly options (albeit with more restrictions/conditions) for 1-mana discard spells are Duress or Specter's Shriek.

The newly released Mind Drain is vastly superior to Mind Rot, and is literally identical in its casting cost and card type; just an upgraded version.

I have a mono-black Hand Hate deck which I play regularly on MTGA online, and I've found Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage to be an excellent card to include. He serves beautifully as guaranteed damage per turn in longer games once the hands are cleared out, and he also provides a mana-free discard option for multiple turns while he's in play early so that you can keep the pressure on the opponent.

I have won numerous games on the back of Davriel, just by having enough creatures in play to act as stalemate blockers and then just keeping the opponent's hand empty and letting him tick each turn. Stalemate blockers can be amazing, and he's only a few cents to order singles of.

Drainpipe Vermin can be a useful 1-drop which would play into both your Rat and Discard mechanics, and it pairs very well when sacrificed to Nezumi Bone-Reader.

Ravenous Rats is an identical card functionally to Burglar Rat, in case you find this a useful card and wish to rebuild to include more than 4 of them by including both types.

Other neat suggestions you might want to try (depending on how this playtests) are Rancid Rats, Ratcatcher and/or Marrow-Gnawer

Beyond that, you mentioned Instants - I'd suggest control options even if they're cheap ones like Murder or Unmake (in case Indestructible is a thing you run into frequently) to handle things your Rats can't take care of straight away. There's also other permanents like Basilisk Collar which could make your weakling rats a real blocking threat, and it has a cheap enough Equip cost that you can attack with it on a creature, and typically afford to move it to an untapped Blocker immediately after. If the collar is too expensive or you don't like the Equip cost on it, you could go an Instant route with things like Deadly Allure, Lash of Thorns, Virulent Swipe, or Touch of Moonglove.

Even if none of these suggestions help, I like your build! +1

king-saproling on Athreos God of rat Passage (budget deck)

1 year ago

You might like these: Species Specialist, Heirloom Blade, Remembrance, Deathrender, Nezumi Bone-Reader, Circle of Despair, Fanatical Devotion, Etchings of the Chosen, Second Sunrise, Immortal Servitude, Return to the Ranks, Rally the Ancestors, Pitiless Plunderer, Custodi Soulcaller, True Conviction, Cauldron of Souls (this one might seem odd with Athreos, but it actually makes opponents more likely to pay the 3 life. if they don't, the rats will return with a -1 counter, die again, and the opponent will have to pay 3 life again for each rat)

Epicurus on Hit’Em in the Sac!

1 year ago

+1 for mono-black EDH!

Card suggestions:

Also, Razaketh, the Foulblooded is sick, but I feel like Syr Konrad, the Grim would be a great commander for this deck. Just a thought.

Amazing design. I really love it!

Epicurus on Rat attack

1 year ago

Good theme. A few suggestions...

  • You're not utilizing Rat Colony's capability to have more than 4 in the deck. Since you're foregoing extra copies of it, I'd say you should use Pack Rat instead.

  • Rotting Rats is exactly the same card as Burglar Rat, but with Unearth. Yes it makes you discard as well, but still I think worth it.

  • Nezumi Bone-Reader gives you a reusable, activated effect that turns all of your rats into Drainpipe Vermin; much easier to control.

  • I don't see how Gnat Miser is doing you much good in this deck, unless you're playing it on turn one. Even then, it loses potency quickly. I'd replace it with either Ravenous Rats or Rancid Rats, or maybe 2 of each.

I certainly do believe that you have a fully functional deck here. Essentially it's a tribal rat aggro discard deck. Low mana curve, plenty of discard. Play around with my suggestions and see how it feels.

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Let's see what kind of trouble we can get into

1 year ago

Personally I think the logistics of the deck should always come down to playtesting and the local meta. That being said, here's what I'd change out from a glance. Also I avoided most of the discard to make room for card draw.

Remove - 15

Add - 15

  • 4 Swamp - Bringing the land count to 22 because a lot of cards in your deck still require mana for abilites. (Pack Rat, Bone-reader, Piper, Ink-Eyes)
  • 3 Ayara, First of Locthwain - Not 4 to avoid dead draws because it is legendary.
  • 4 Piper of the Swarm - Not legendary, earliest token generator, and works with pretty much everything in the deck/fuels Ayara and Marrow-Gnawler.
  • 2 Morbid Curiosity - To fill up your hand mid to late game.
  • 2 Read the Bones - More card draw


You'll still have 20 rats in the deck, which should keep Marrow-Gnawler happy. Read the Bones and Morbid Curiosity are probably the easiest thing to change here for sideboard. I'd probably replace it with Throat Slitter and/or Okiba-Gang Shinobi (or two of the bonus cards) depending on the meta. Hope this helps and I wish you luck with you FNM =).

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