Consume Spirit

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Consume Spirit


Spend only black mana on X.

Consume Spirit deals X damage to any target (creature, player, planeswalker or battle) and you gain X life.

SilencedDax on Phylactery lich: a Rule 0 …

7 months ago


I bring you the title's idea 'cause I talked with my playgroup to see if they would be fine with Phylactery Lich as a commander.

The advice I ask for is: What would you think it would be a great topic for this deck?

I have some ideas that I would like to shere with you:

What do you think? any other idea or card?

I'll do a public deck with this ideas and the ideas you give me so it could be a deck made by everyone!

Thank you!

All the ideas that we have share until now:

nlidmaster on Mono-black zomboys

8 months ago

This deck looks really solid! One of my close friends has been running a blue and black zombie deck for a while. I think your deck would benefit a lot from Cryptbreaker. Can generate zombies and card draw. Foulmire Knight is also a solid option.

As much as I love Grave Titan, depending on how fast/competitive you want this deck to be, he is going to slow you down a lot. I think Diregraf Colossus could be a strong replacement.

Lord of the Accursed can also be a game winning zombie lord. Although Consume Spirit adds to the lifegain idea, you still need at least three mana to cast it, and even then its not doing much work for you. Murderous Rider can not only serve as removal, but is alternatively a zombie with lifelink.

Cards I'd take out to replace with the ones I receommended would be Consume Spirit, Grave Titan, Graf Harvest, Headless Rider, and Shambling Ghast.

These of course are personal suggestions, you do what makes you happy!

CamraMaan on Nashi, Moon Sage's Scion and …

1 year ago

We can use Death Denied as a simple example.

Also, would I be able to cast Consume Spirit with it and pay life for X...? Or am I strictly limited to paying X with black mana?

ClockworkSwordfish on Creature Donation Ideas

1 year ago

If you want to think outside the box, try Phyrexian Negator. Every time it's blocked, its controller is losing a bushel of hard-earned permanents. Of course, you can always help the process along by pointing a Consume Spirit or Essence Extraction at the Negator!

Other good options include Gutwrencher Oni, Grinning Demon, Scourge of Numai, Pitiless Horde, Steel Golem, Grid Monitor, Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore, Evil Eye of Urborg, Archdemon of Greed  Flip, Abyssal Persecutor, Ebonblade Reaper, Thrashing Mudspawn, Wretched Anurid, Ebon Drake, Moroii, Rotting Regisaur, Flesh Reaver, Asmodeus the Archfiend and the truly deplorable Infernal Denizen.

drwombat on Vito, Lifesucker

1 year ago

Thank you Sir! I like the Exsanguinate idea, that's a good one. If I take out Consume Spirit I only really have like 2 "x" spells left. Maybe then Bubbling Muck will be a good idea.

I'll check out some of the other suggestions, too!

DeckResource on Vito, Lifesucker

1 year ago

Hey, figured I would return the favor and drop a comment on your Vito deck here, I also see a couple of cards that I had in my initial list that I took out that I thought I'd share my thinking on in case it's helpful!

I was initially running both Corrupt and Consume Spirit in my Vito build but ended up taking them out because they seemed to be taking up room without having the ability to put a lot of pressure on the entire board or close out the game in a pass. On the one hand they are attractive options because they allow you to potentially kill off a single player who might have a problematic board state but they would have to have low life or you would have to have a lot of mana to pull it off. I chose to run Exsanguinate instead as it has huge synergy off Vito by hitting every player, playing it for x = 5 returns 15 life to you and deals a total of 30 damage to group, with 20 focused on a single player. It is, admittedly, like $7 right now so if that's a barrier you could consider Blood Tithe, it won't win you the game but 4 mana for 9 life and 18 damage to the board is a decent trade or Smitten Swordmaster might be workable for big value if you fancy taking a knight tribal bend to your creature list, I think they're like $0.25 each.

If the X cost, single targets are appealing to you a bigger ramp package might be helpful which can be tough since Crypt Ghast is apparently $10 these days. For one shot mana Bubbling Muck can be helpful and is maybe $2, Crypt of Agadeem could work after a board wipe for like $4. Maybe...Phyrexian Reclamation x Burnished Hart and/or Wild-Field Scarecrow, has some synergy with other cards too. Ramp in Mono Black is tough on a budget!

Other thought was you have a lot of targeted removal in sorceries, there are always a million options for creature removal in black but you are limited in ability to leverage them if you can't cast at instant speed to respond to an attacker or to remove a combo from the board on another player's turn. Maybe consider Doomblade, Victim of Night, or Tragic Slip as low cost alternatives!

Good luck with the build!

metalrayn on Morbid Opportunist PDH

2 years ago

this looks like fun! why no Consume Spirit ? is Songs of the Damned just for Death Denied ?

now that black has Biblioplex Assistant you can infinite loop Songs of the Damned as long as you have Spark Reaper , Stinkweed Imp and Tortured Existence which is really sick we used to need red or blue. its a lot of cards but if you get imp and tortured you should just be able to combo off.

rb701 on We need more fuel to keep the machine running!!!

2 years ago

the Blinkmoth Urn doesn't serve a purpose here. there's nothing in this deck that requires, or would dump, copious amounts of mana.. at this time. if you plan on sideboarding it, i would highly insist on funneling it to something useful; Gemstone Array gives you a 2:1 of whatever color you may need, then something like Consume Spirit would be good. or, if you want to be more aggressive with milling, you could throw in Whetwheel or Sands of Delirium; gives you something to do with leftover mana before opponent's turn end

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