Cuombajj Witches

Cuombajj Witches

Creature — Human Wizard

: Cuombajj Witches deals 1 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker and 1 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker of an opponent's choice.

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Cuombajj Witches Discussion

Peoyogon on Black Deck Wins Black Burn

1 month ago

Wow, I love this idea! I don't know many Modern creatures but I think Highway Robber and Cuombajj Witches have newer printings which should make them legal! They are pretty fun but might be too expensive for the effect they provide.

If for what ever reason you make a Vintage version of this theme, Urborg Stalker, Rathi Fiend, Dakmor Ghoul, The Fallen, Choking Sands, Drain Life, and Famine are some of my favorite old-school direct damage cards :)

Talismancer on Mono-Black Control

5 months ago

A few more cards have been found wandering loose in my collection. So updates have been had.

+3 Pestilence

+4 Sign in Blood

-4 Crypt Rats

-2 Oubliette

-1 Cuombajj Witches

PirateCptAstera on Ladies (Coven) Night

11 months ago

If voodoo elements are an option and you want to up the slow damage increments, consider Stuffy Doll for a possible slow burn?

Synergizes with Cuombajj Witches, Corrupt, and funnily enough: Voodoo Doll, as well as being an excellent blocker

DemonDragonJ on Commander Legends Spoilers

11 months ago

I would like to see both Congregation at Dawn and Signal the Clans (preferably downgraded to an uncommon) reprinted in this set, since they are both quite useful cards that have never been reprinted.

Apex devastator is the first chimera hydra in this game, and I see that it is as powerful as one would expect from such a creature.

Cuombajj Witches is a most unexpected reprint, but the new artwork is very nice.

Coward_Token on Commander Legends Spoilers

11 months ago

Apex Devestator: Hah.

Wrong Turn: Extra Zedruu the Greathearted support; you can also make a deal with one opponent to let them use another opponent's big beater against them. Kinda weird that this is in the same set as Blim, Comedic Genius tho, seeing as he can't use it in his 99.

Court of Bounty: Are you kidding me? How is Court of Grace in the same cycle as this?

Cuombajj Witches: Ha!

griffstick on Deadshot

1 year ago

Nightblad3 I like what points you made about Cuombajj Witches and Changeling Outcast. The reason I have not been totally sold on Changeling Outcast is because I feel I will have the board clear of attackers. Therefore there will be no need for unblockable. But I'm still in the process of testing and buying for paper. I will make the switch you suggested. Because I dont see a point when I'm winning that they will not point Cuombajj Witches at my cmdr.

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