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Purphoros, Forger of Goblins [[Primer]]

Commander / EDH Aggro Competitive Goblins Mono-Red Primer Tokens




Fire, sparks, wars. Purphoros is fond and familiar with these, and he does not hesitate to send out his massive battalions. This is a very fast and very aggro deck, focusing on killing your opponent(s) through hordes of goblins and Purphoros's rage.

You'll be playing the blues to your opponents after how Purphoros treats them...

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The Primer


I am always looking for suggestions, feedback, comments, anything. Keep in mind that this is competitive, so suggest only the best if you think I missed anything.

For more information about the power of generals in Commander / EDH, be sure to check out this deck that I am honored to be featured in:

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Commander / EDH* thegigibeast

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If you love or hate this deck, let me know! I always appreciate a +1!

This deck will ensure that you do not have too many friends...


Primer is fully functional (as thorough and grammatically correct as possible), and the deck is close to, if not, the most resilient and balanced. There are still some cards I am testing out to find places for as well as possibly lower the curve even more.

This deck is nearly retired, but even at that point, I will continue to update anytime a new set prints something that will push this deck into an even more competitive direction. Thank you to all who have supported this deck throughout its existence, and I hope to continue to keep this deck at its full potential!

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TemnoTsar says... #1

Thornbite Staff is good for infinite combos that need a sac outlet. I run it in my mono-black rat edh deck.

I feel it would be even better in your deck for you could use it with Krenko or Lightning Crafter.

March 22, 2017 8:39 p.m.

Abres_Tenelles says... #2

Loving this list.

It might be too slow but have you considered Chancellor of the Forge? Also Furnace of Rath played carefully is actually amazing for closing games and I use it in my non-themed Purphoros build.

Finally they are not on theme so are mentioned last, but Capricious Efreet and War Elemental. They are two passed over rares that live to party with Purphoros!

March 22, 2017 8:50 p.m.

freakingShane says... #3

TemnoTsar, Thornbite Staff is great with Krenko, but I've passed on it before for the sole fact that it does not do much on its own (without another combo piece). I try to have my combo pieces be strong cards on their own, but increasingly powerful in conjunction with other combo pieces.

Abres_Tenelles, thanks for the love, friend! I have stumbled across/been suggested both Chancellor of the Forge and Furnace of Rath before. The former is a great card, but by the time I get to play him I should be close to closing the game down already. The latter is fantastic. It works well for decks like mine; however, it isn't my personal taste. Nothing wrong with the card, just not my style!

I try to stray away from chaos cards, which makes Capricious Efreet a tough pick. And War Elemental was in my deck not too many revisions ago, but I decided to scrap him for more hoser cards (which was a tough cut...).

Thank you both for your comments and suggestions! I really appreciate it.

March 23, 2017 12:16 p.m.

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