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Purphoros, Forger of Goblins [[Primer]]

Commander / EDH Aggro Competitive Goblins Mono-Red Primer Tokens




Fire, sparks, wars. Purphoros is fond and familiar with these, and he does not hesitate to send out his massive battalions. This is a very fast and very aggro deck, focused on killing your opponent(s) through hordes of goblins and Purphoros's rage.

You'll be playing the blues for your opponents after how badly Purphoros treats them...

The Primer


I am always looking for suggestions, feedback, comments, anything. Keep in mind that this is competitive, so suggest only the best if you think I missed anything.

If you love or hate this deck, let me know! I always appreciate a +1!

This deck will ensure that you do not have too many friends...

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Commander / EDH* thegigibeast

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Top 3 Purphoros decks on Tapped Out!

Praise be to Purphoros!

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I have been wanting to keep everything updated—reply to comments, update primers, update deck lists and/or art—for some time now, but life has always come first and I haven't had the time that I once had to dedicate solely to Tapped Out and to Magic.

For awhile now all of this has become more tedious, mostly because of my lack of time and prioritization of other things. I still play, and I will continue to update my decks and add new ones, but I am writing this to let everyone know that I will be doing all of that at my own pace and on my own time. That may be months later, but it will happen...if I feel the desire to do so.

I am sure I will continue deck cycling as I always have, mainly because I have been doing that routinely for years now. So you'll still see me around from time to time, sort of. Long and the short of it, thank you all for the support and inquiries over the years. Feel free to still comment and whatever else, I do see it, but I am not able to communicate as I once did. I hope you all understand.

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